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Emergency Candles are specially made for outdoor activities and emergencies. It is created from durable material that can burn for long hours and adapt to any weather condition. Candles have a long history, and their first documented use is around 200 BC in Han Dynasty in China. Since then, people have been using candles in their homes to light a room, especially when it's dark, cook food, and give warmth. Nowadays, there are various designs, colors, sizes, and materials used in making emergency candles. Thus, in this article, we will review the 10 Best Emergency Candles available on the market today. Check this out now!

CandleLife Emergency Survival Candle

Apart from the traditional wax candle, you can buy this CandleLife Emergency Survival Candle! This product is available in a single product or pack of 6, which can accommodate the needs of its users.

Features of the CandleLife Emergency Survival Candle

It burns a wick and liquid paraffin to produce light. It is stored in a plastic jar with a cap to prevent spills, especially when transporting. Each candle measures 3" wide and 4" high. In addition, liquid paraffin is odorless and smoke-free; and it can be used for up to 115 hours.

Cons of using the CandleLife Emergency Survival Candle

Meanwhile, some customers reveal that they experience liquid leakage with this product. There seems to be a problem with packaging, and some don't have labels on it. Moreover, the candle's light is small, and it might not be enough to cover an entire room. However, having a CandleLife Emergency Survival Candle is better than having no light at all. Thus check this product now!

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Coghlan's 36-Hour Survival Candle, 6-Ounce

Coghlan's Ltd. is an outdoor accessory company founded in 1959 in Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada. They have a wide range of gadgets, accessories, gears, and health and safety kits for their customers. One of its lighting products is the 36-Hour Survival Candle.

Features of the Coghlan's 36-Hour Survival Candle

This candle has three wicks, and each wick can work up to 36 hours. If you light the three wicks, then it can only work for 12 hours. It is stored in a tin container, and its cover can be used to put out the flame when needed. It can provide light and warmth, mainly when used outdoors. Finally, the product includes a box of matches that can light the candle in an instant.

Cons of the Coghlan's 36-Hour Survival Candle

This survival candle uses paraffin wax which can produce odor and black fumes. If you use it in a closed room, one might suffer allergies to this candle. Second, the light from one wick is small and might not be enough for an individual.

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Emergency Essentials 115 Hour Plus Emergency Candle Clear Mist

If you are looking for smokeless and odorless emergency candles, then the Emergency Essentials 115 Hour Plus Emergency Candle must be on top of your list! The Emergency Essentials LLC provides food, water, storage, MRE meals, emergency gear, and emergency kits that civilians can use when disaster strikes. Among their various products offered is the 115 Hour Emergency Candle.

Features of the 115 Hour Plus Emergency Candle

Each candle can be used for 115 hours straight, either indoors during power outages or when camping outdoors. It uses liquid paraffin, which is smokeless and odorless. It is available in a pack of 6, and each product has a plastic storage cap to prevent spills. The candle measures 4.5" high, 3" in diameter, and it weighs about 12.2 ounces. Finally, the product is in plastic jars, which are shatterproof.

Cons of using the 115 Hour Plus Emergency Candle

The flame of the candle is small and might not be enough to light the entire room. Second, since it uses liquid paraffin, one must use it in a well-ventilated area only. Nevertheless, this emergency candle is easy to use and it durable which is just perfect for survivalist!

Emergency Preparedness Lot of 2 - 120 Hour Emergency Survival Candle

Features of the 120-Hour Emergency Survival Candle

If you are looking for a big candle that will last for many days, then try this 120-Hour Emergency Survival Candle now! This product is proudly made in the United States, and it has 120 hours or about five days of burn time. It is made of wax, and it is stored in a thick glass jar. It measures 8 1/8" high and 2 3/8" in diameter. Furthermore, it is available in white color only, and it comes in two pieces of candles.

Cons of using the 120-Hour Emergency Survival Candle

The jars are very delicate since it is made of glass. Thus, you will have difficulty transporting it from one place to another because it might break and damage the candle.

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Emergency Ready (ER) by Quake Kare 6E Emergency Candles

The Emergency Ready (ER) Brand was created by Quake Kare, and they have been providing emergency supplies since 1982. Their ER Candles are usually bought by survivalists and outdoor enthusiasts.

Features of the ER 6E Emergency Candles

This product is available in a pack of 5. The candles are made of wax, and it is white. It measures 5" tall and 3/4" in diameter. Meanwhile, the product weight is 5.6 ounces. The candle can last for up to 5 hours. Unlike other brands, it has bigger flames that are enough to light a room.

Cons of using the ER 6E Emergency Candles

The ER 6E Emergency Candles can be a little expensive compared to other brands available in the market. However, this is better than having no candles in your emergency bag at all! Thus, try these 6E Emergency Candles now!

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Exotac candleTIN Emergency Beeswax Slow Burn Candle

Exotac Inc. is a company based in Buford, Georgia that concentrates on high-quality and unique outdoor gear. The company is family-owned, and it is mainly composed of Engineers and outdoor survivalists. One of their many products is the candle Emergency Beeswax Candle.

Features of the candle Emergency Beeswax Slow Burn Candle

This candle is made of 100% beeswax, and it is proudly made in the USA. Beeswax can produce a good smell indoors or outdoors, unlike plain wax. Furthermore, beeswax is biodegradable, clean-burning, versatile, and has a long shelf life. It also features a triple wick design which is efficient and flexible. It can be used for cooking, lighting, providing warmth, or drying out. If you light the three wicks, then the candle will work for 4 hours. But if you only light only one wick, then the candle will work for 1 hour only. The candle is stored in a durable and reusable tin container with a lid. In addition, it is also available in two sizes which are Small-2.75" x 0.9" and Large- 2.95" x 1.85".

Cons of using the candle Emergency Beeswax Slow Burn Candle

Beeswax candles can be expensive than any other brand. Some customers might not like the smell of beeswax; thus, it might be a problem when you use it, especially indoors or in a closed room. Finally, the burning hours of this product are short and limited.

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Luminessence Emergency Candles

Another must-have during outdoor activities and emergencies is the Luminessence Emergency Candles. The Luminessence Company is based in Margaret River, Western Australia however, they now offer their products in the United States. They specialize in creating eco-friendly soy candles, luxury reed diffusers, and hand and body wash products.

Features of the Luminessence Emergency Candles

This candle is made of wax which measures 3.75" tall, and its diameter is 0.7". It is available in white color, and it can be used in camping and even inside the house. It is available in a pack of 7 pieces which is just enough during a tragedy.

Cons of using the Luminessence Emergency Candles

The product is smaller than other emergency candles, and it only lasts for up to 2 1/2 hours maximum.

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SE OD-3WSC100 3-Wick 36-Hour Emergency Candle

The SE Company provides a wide range of products for the home. One of which is this 36-Hour Emergency Candle.

Features of SE OD-3WSC100 3-Wick 36-Hour Emergency Candle

This candle is made of palm and soy wax, and it is stored in an aluminum reusable tin packaging. Both the palm and the soy can burn clean, which means that you can use this candle even in rooms with minimal ventilation. It features three wicks which can work for 36 hours each wick. When users light the three wicks altogether, it can last for up to 12 hours only. The three wicks will allow the users to modify the light they will use based on their needs. Furthermore, the candle measures 2.75" x 3.13" x 2.75," weighs about 3.6 oz which is very lightweight.

Cons of using the SE OD-3WSC100 3-Wick 36-Hour Emergency Candle

The product is made of palm and soy wax which can cause allergies for some people. In addition, the light produced by the candle may not be enough to light the whole room. Thus you need to use all three wicks at the same time. Finally, the package does not include any matches on it, unlike other products.

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Stansport Survival Candle

Another must-have emergency candle is the Stansport Survival Candle. The Stansport Company is located in Los Angeles, California, and they have focused on creating outdoor emergency products for almost 65 years. They provide camping and outdoor recreation products such as lighting, emergency kits, rainwear, and first aid kits.

Features of Stansport Survival Candle

This candle has a three-wick feature. If you light only one wick, the candle can last up to 36 hours, but it can only last for 12 hours if you light three. Apart from the light, the product can also give you warmth, especially on cold nights. It is also stored in a metal case so the candle can be protected from damage. The candle weighs about 5.6 ounces only. There is also a box of wooden matches. Thus, you can use this candle in cases of disasters immediately.

Cons of using the Stansport Survival Candle

The Stansport Survival Candle is designed for outdoor use and should not be utilized inside because of the toxic output. However, the Stansport Survival Candle is a great emergency candle that you can include on your Bug-Out Bag content list, Boy Scout kit, and others!

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Sterno 30278 100-Hour Emergency Liquid Wax Candles

Sterno Products is one of the trusted brands in food heating and warming. Their catalogs have a wide range of products, including flameless candles, tabletop lighting, soft-light liquid candles, and others.

Features of the Sterno 30278 100-Hour Emergency Liquid Wax Candles

This product is available in 4 pieces. These are made of liquid paraffin wax candles, and it is suitable for outdoor activities and emergencies. It has a 100-hour burn time for each candle, and it burns safe and clean, unlike other candles. Its flame and light are enough to light a dark room. Furthermore, this liquid wax candle doesn't have any messy wax drippings, and its high-quality wick can prevent smoke. This product weighs about 13.6 fl oz or 403.6 mL. The liquid wax is in a glass jar with a long wick on it. Finally, you can use this both indoors and outdoors.

Cons of using the Sterno 30278 100-Hour Emergency Liquid Wax Candles

Since it is made of a glass jar, transportation can be challenging. Glass can break when proper handling is not observed, which might cause leakage of the liquid wax on your bags. Liquid paraffin candles' odor can cause allergies for some, so make sure that you use it in a well-ventilated room always.

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How Many Candles Does a Family Need?

For starters, determining how many emergency candles or lights to buy for the family can be overwhelming. Indeed, you will not just use candles during emergencies. Sometimes, you need to use headlamps, glow sticks, and flashlights. As such, here is a guide to help you figure out how many candles you will use.

Hours of Lighting per Day

The first rule is to know how many hours of lighting will you need each day. During winter, most power outages will likely occur. In addition, there are long hours of darkness since the sun sets earlier than the other seasons. Even if you open all your curtains, you will need a lot of lighting from 7 pm to 7 am. But since we get to bed around 10 pm, you won't need that much lighting for the whole night. You can have around 3 to 6 hours of lighting each day, and you can survive.

Number of Days to Prepare

When buying emergency lights, you should prepare for at least three days of lighting. Some emergencies or disasters do not last that long. You can have your power back after three days.

Calculate the Number of Hours of Lighting

You can use this simple math to determine how many hours of lighting you will need:
  • Number of hours of lighting needed each day X number of days to prepare= Hours of lighting you will need

Space to Illuminate

You can buy one candle with your choice of lighting hours, and you can survive. However, it will take more than one candle to produce enough lighting for your entire home. With this, you need to determine how many candles you will buy for your whole house. During emergencies and blackouts, you will probably not be using every room of your home. Your family will most likely gather in one area together, such as the living room or kitchen. One tapered candle can produce one foot-candle of lighting. To light a standard room, you will need to have around 10 to 20-foot candles. With this, you need to have 5 to 10 candles in each room. For bathrooms, you can have one to two candles. Typically, we don't put candles inside the comfort room, and we bring candles to such areas if we need to use them. But make sure you don't leave it unattended inside the bathroom. To test your candles, light them to see how many you will need to light your space. It is smart to use various devices during emergencies. Have some lamps, flashlights, and headlamps around the house too.

Types of Candles to Use

Many of us receive candles as gifts from friends. Sometimes, you can have the whole shelf filled with candles from the past holiday season. These candles can provide lighting, but they are not appropriate to use during emergencies. Moreover, the smell of all scented candles lit at once can be horrible. As such, here are the guidelines on what to look for when buying emergency candles:

Burn Time

Each candle's burn time varies due to the amount of wax utilized. Per ounce of wax, you can have around 7 to 9 hours of candle burn time.


It is excellent to opt for candles with multiple wicks. With this, you can adjust the brightness of the candle by lighting or extinguishing the wicks. However, be conscious that candles with multiple wicks calculate the burn time with one wick. As such, candles with three wicks can have a burn time of 36 hours. But if all three wicks are lit simultaneously, then the burn time can be reduced to 12 hours only.

Scented Candles

As much as possible, try to avoid using scented candles, especially during emergencies. The smell of this type of candle can be harmful to some members of the family. Imagine how will the room smell like if all your scented candles are lit together? This will be a headache.


Choose candles that are stable and won't topple over you. Tapered candles are fine but make sure that you buy a candle holder for this.

Wax Type

One of the best candles during emergencies is soy wax. This type burns slowly and can last for long hours. Paraffin is another type that is common nowadays. However, it can be toxic. Paraffin can create smoky residue once lit. Also, it can be harder to reuse it. Meanwhile, another alternative for paraffin is beeswax.

Tricks in using the Emergency Lights

In using the emergency candles, it is best to place them in front of the mirrors or glass. With this, you can be able to produce more lights. If you are walking around your house during emergencies, use the headlamps instead. Avoid using emergency lights. The tea lights can get hot when used. As such, you must be careful about what you put near it. Moreover, you must put something under the candles because melted wax is hard to clean. You can put it inside the glass or jar. Keep the candles away from children or even your pets. With this, you can avoid untoward accidents that might happen with the candles. Use it whenever necessary, and don't keep the candles unattended to prevent fires.

How to Reuse the Emergency Candles

One of the many benefits of emergency candles is you can use them again. With the taper candles, you can save the wax from the candles as it drips off. Meanwhile, it can be a little challenging with the tea and jar candles since you have to get the wax out of the holder. When you get the wax out, melt it using the double boiler. The double boiler will help you prevent catching fire. After that, pour the wax into the candle molds plus the wick. You can also use the toilet paper rolls as molds and cotton string for the wick. Congrats, you now have your new candle! Make sure that you will not mix just any type of waxes. These waxes can burn differently.


In sum, various candles are available today, and it varies depending on your need. In buying the best one, make sure that it is made of high-quality materials. You can buy candles made of beeswax, palm wax, or soy wax since these materials can burn for long hours. Check as well the wick of the candle. You can have candles with wicks that are made of cotton and paper filament. Or perhaps you can try a zinc wick so it can burn longer. In any way, don't forget to put a candle and some matches in your emergency kit because this can save your life anywhere you go! According to experts, the average household can experience more than two blackouts each year. Each outage can last 200 minutes or more. As such, you will need to have emergency lighting inside your home whenever the power goes out. One of these is the emergency candles. But apart from the candles, make sure to get the headlamps, flashlights, LED lamps, glow sticks, and others. It is best to have various lighting options during disasters. With this, you can get enough lighting for your whole house, and each family member can use it. Candles can be a fire hazard. It must not be used after earthquakes, especially if there is a main gas break. Even though the use of candles has risks, still many people use it since it is affordable. It produces heat which is an excellent alternative if you don't have a heating option. Moreover, candle wax can be reused, and you can make your candles too. To make the most out of your emergency candles, be sure to choose the product with the right features. Check out the products mentioned above and share them with your friends.
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