Fish Antibiotics: Are they Safe for Humans?
Fish Antibiotics have been creating some positive reactions across the globe. It has been said that fish antibiotics are now being used as a remedy for health problems. Despite the main fact that it is solely used for fish healing purposes. Now, it is even found to be beneficial for humans too. How is that possible, you may ask? We have the answers that you might want or need to know. It is always not a fun time to get sick. Especially if you have important matters to attend to or finish doing. Furthermore, the medical aid being provided nowadays is no longer that reliable and convenient. As simple as buying some antibiotics is even made impossible to do. We can not blame people for going online and ordering their medications there due to this reason.

What are Fish Antibiotics?

Indeed, what are fish antibiotics in the first place? Why is that being used as a resolution for human health problems? Wherein fact, they are made to cure sicknesses of fishes. Most importantly, is it safe for humans to use such medication? There is a wide variation of fish antibiotics. Several manufacturers have distributed their version of these so-called fish antibiotics. Fish Antibiotics come in different forms and have their own set of unique healing powers. Generally, fish antibiotics are produced to cure bacterial infections acquired by the fish. Amazingly, it has been reported that the effects of fish antibiotics are quite the same as ordinary human antibiotics. The only difference probably will be the label indicated on the package or container, which will state that this type of antibiotic is for fish use only. As opposed to the facts, there is a law that implements the non-usage of humans for non-human antibiotics. Humans should not and are not allowed to consume fish antibiotics even though fish antibiotics and human antibiotics can treat the same. But then again, only doctors have the absolute power as to what antibiotics or medications should be given to you. That is why it is strongly suggested never to consume antibiotics prescribed by the doctor for you. Misdiagnosing yourself and spontaneously drinking any antibiotic might increase the severity of your condition. Hence, it is important always to seek a doctor's advice and attention nonetheless of the circumstance.

Emergency Preparation

A lot of people have been resorting to stocking fish antibiotics in cases of emergency. Fish antibiotics are must to have in your emergency kit. In cases wherein doctors, hospitals and pharmacies will be out of service during certain emergencies. The remedy that has been commonly being used is the fish antibiotic. People who are dedicated to emergency preparation believe that fish antibiotics are a good substitute for human antibiotics. Moreover, they vouch that fish antibiotics are a good must-have resource in your household. The very reason why fish antibiotics came into the picture is because of these three:
  • They have been proven to treat infections and bacteria for humans too
  • Fish antibiotics are easily accessible and are made available for everyone
  • It comes in larger volumes. As opposed to prescribed medicines which only come in small doses.
However, fish antibiotics have been creating another level of a problem when it comes to their effectiveness. The question is, "is it safe for humans?"

Variations of Fish Antibiotics

Fish Antibiotics Tablet or Capsule

Variations of Fish Antibiotic Tablets or Capsules are far different from the ordinary tablets or capsules designed for human usage. Fish Antibiotics in Tablet or Capsule form is said to do the same healing effect as what pharmaceutical companies have in store. Each tablet or capsule is produced with different labels, prints, and even colors. This differentiation is used to determine its specifications as to the strength and scope that it could heal. The difference in physical attributes will be the indication to know which type of antibiotic you need.

Fish Antibiotics in Powder Form

Fish Antibiotics in Powder form are usually not the ideal antibiotics to use. For the reason that they are directly designed for fishes purposes only. Manufacturers made it in Powder Form to help with the dosing and exact measurements needed by the fishes, especially in fish tanks that differ in size. The powder form made it easier to monitor the number of antibiotics you are giving. Moreover, Fish Antibiotics in Powder form are usually less expensive than capsules and tablets. Not to mention that their features when it comes to healing are still one and alike. Even though there is a strict rule in consuming fish antibiotics, the benefits it brings are still inevitable. On the contrary, it is recommendable that one must be aware of its effectiveness and reliability. This is to prevent unwanted circumstances from happening. Because taking an antibiotic that is not recommended by the doctor is quite dangerous, we must admit.

Are Fish Antibiotics Safe for Human Consumption?

First and foremost, if you are trying to find out if you can make fish antibiotics as your substitute remedy, it is suggested to do further research and talk to a doctor. Do not use this article as your only reference for your decision-making.
To determine if fish antibiotics are safe for humans, there are two things to do your research on. These are the active ingredient that is composed of the fish antibiotic and its dosage. Several fish antibiotics have been proven and approved to be safe for humans. For the reason that their main active ingredient is the same as the human antibiotics.

Active Ingredients

These active ingredients are Amoxicillin, Penicillin, Cefalexin, Ciprofloxacin, and Ampicillin. Other active ingredients are also good for humans. But, mainly, these are the most common active ingredients used for fish antibiotics that are safe for humans. To be considered safe for human consumption, Fish antibiotics should ONLY consist of one ingredient. Nonetheless, if it has certain compositions for other purposes, such as fish health supplements, it is most likely not for humans.

The Dosage

Next, for the fish antibiotic to be considered safe, the dosage should be the same as what is prescribed for you. If you are supposed to drink 500 mg, then make sure that the fish antibiotic is 500 mg as well.

Store it Properly

It is important to store the fish's antibiotics properly. Always ensure that the seal of the tablet or capsule is still intact before drinking the medication. Furthermore, store the fish antibiotics in a cool and dark place. This is to make sure that the texture and overall composition of the antibiotic are not altered by any means. Most importantly, you need to monitor the expiration date of the fish antibiotic.

Allergic Reaction

A major percent of the human population is found to be allergic to Penicillin. Only to consider that Penicillin is one of the top active ingredients of most fish antibiotics. Hence, it is quite essential to take note of your allergies to prevent unwanted reactions. This does not go for Penicillin only but all the other active ingredients as well. So, if you are seriously considering fish antibiotics as your substitute antibiotics, you must first make sure that you have no allergies to any of the ingredients it may contain. It is also best recommended to only use fish antibiotics whenever only necessary. Fish antibiotics are not to be considered as the ideal replacement if human antibiotics are unavailable. In cases where it is needed, then that would be the time you are permitted to use fish antibiotics. Other than that, it is still advised to seek medical attention to prevent extreme circumstances from happening.

Pharmaceutical Grade Fish Antibiotic

The most trusted and high-quality kind of fish antibiotics are those that are Pharmaceutical Grade fish antibiotics. The grade that these products must meet is 99%. If they meet the percentage, then it means that the fish antibiotics are likely to be 99% pure and do not contain binders, fillers, dyes, or unknown substances.

The General Factors you must Consider Always.

The very first thing that you must make sure of is the clarity in labeling. It would be best if you made sure that the label says "Safe for Humans" or alike in that matter. Different animal antibiotics are not made for humans. Not to mention that the brand names of animal antibiotics, specifically fish antibiotics, can be different from that of human ones. Another thing you have to make sure of is that you are not allergic to the antibiotic. Always do your research and ensure that the composition of the fish antibiotic is okay for you. It should not contain any compounds or substances that will result in an allergic reaction. The next item to tick off from your general factors list is that it should be FDA-approved. The mere fact that the fish antibiotic is FDA-approved can already be an uplifting sign. An antibiotic that is FDA-approved means that it can potentially be acceptable for human consumption. However, it still goes back to check the labels. It does not necessarily mean that it is automatically safe for human consumption just because it is FDA-approved. Lastly, an important factor you need to know is that fish antibiotics or animal antibiotics are manufactured differently. This is all according to the body type of the specific animal. For example, cows have two stomachs. A fish contains a tiny one. Hence, the antibiotics for both animals are significantly different and may not be recommended for human usage.

The Importance of Being FDA Approved

A source online has been discussed with one of the FDA members. Surprisingly, FDA reports that most of the fish antibiotics are illegally produced and distributed. Especially the ones that are being sold online. The FDA has been in and out with this case for years now. They have been looking for the source and doing everything they can to ensure the safety of the people. Whenever a certain antibiotic is not FDA approved, it is already a red flag and a clear sign not to deal anything with it. The lack of FDA approval means that there were no security and safety checks done on the particular antibiotic, which means that it might contain harmful substances or might not contain anything that it promises to have. Reports have been made that some fish antibiotics are now found only to be containing cornstarch. Hence, the medication you have been expecting to happen has been crushed by cornstarch. Furthermore, who knows what else fish antibiotics may contain if they have not undergone FDA scrutiny. FDA-approved medications are important because they guarantee the effectiveness, reliability, and safety of the medicines. The FDA is strictly following certain guidelines whenever checking the overall qualifications of medicines.

The Rest Depends on You!

Yes, some fish antibiotics might work. Then again, some might not. People are built differently, and some might find that fish antibiotics are effective. The case with you might be different. There is no certainty as to the exact effectiveness of fish antibiotics towards humans. Nonetheless, some people have already taken fish antibiotics and were treated. Others have also tried using it, but the side effects were bad. Furthermore, the exact circumstance as to when or how to use it is also vague. It has not been determined as to when or where a fish antibiotic should be used for it to be safe for humans. So, the final say depends on you if you are careful enough in making sure if the fish antibiotic is safe or not. Always read the labels and make sure that it is FDA approved. Also, find out its composition and make sure you are not allergic to it. Furthermore, a doctor should very much prescribe the medicine to you. This ensures that the antibiotic you are about to take is 100% guaranteed effective and safe. Do not listen, rely on or even trust online sellers. This is not to create a bad light against online sellers. This is just a matter of being careful and taking precautionary steps along the way. After all, your life highly depends on this.


The bottom line of fish antibiotics is that they are not intended for human use or consumption. Doctors highly do not recommend having fish antibiotics as substitutes for human antibiotics. However, if the situation calls and for emergency uses alone, it can be permissible to use. However, certain guidelines and factors are to be checked and ensured. These guidelines and factors are the ones that are mentioned above. Such as FDA approved, the Pharmaceutical Grade of 99% and higher consists of one active ingredient only, the same dosage, and you are not allergic to any antibiotic component. All these are to guarantee that your health will not be affected negatively. Furthermore, it is still always best to seek a doctor's advice.
This article is not to promote the usage of fish antibiotics but to only share information and spread awareness about such products. The author is not a certified pharmacist or a doctor. Hence, any words written in this article are not to be used as your primary and only reference.

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