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The Morakniv knives have been the favorite in the bushcrafting community for many years due to their high-quality materials and efficiency. It is an old knife company established in 1891, and it is located in Sweden, and now they are importing their products from any parts of the world. They make various types of knives for carving, crafting, fishing, and construction. They upgraded their products and stepped up in the game when they made the Morakniv Bushcraft Black Carbon Steel Survival Knife with Fire Starter. The company addressed the issue of the clients regarding the blade spine during throwing sparks and too thin blade. Thus, in this article, we will discuss the features of the Morakniv Bushcraft Black Carbon Steel. We will also tackle its pros and cons so that you will be guided to your next shop for knives. Finally, we will discuss whether or not the blade is an excellent deal to have this year.

The Morakniv Company

The story of the Morakniv company started 400 years ago in Sweden. After four years of his stay in North America, Frost-Erik Erson came back to his village of Ostnor, Mora. Then, he opened his first factory of timber sleds in 1891. It is the start of the big company as we know today as the Morakniv. At first, Frost-Erik focused on making knives to be used within the factory. However, the production of such knives began to grow in the following years to come. His heirs have made the factory big also with the help of their loyal workers. Morakniv became popular at the end of the 1900s due to the long tradition of manufacturing in the area. Knives from Mora became the talk of the town due to the tradesmen that travel across countries or through bartering. Years passed, and the factory grew, plus the production of knives. Today, Morakniv knives are not only known to Sweden but in other parts of the world too. Today, they have a wide range of knives offered to the public. Examples are knives for the kids, utility, fishing, outdoor, hoof care, kitchen, woodcarving, survival, and classic. Aside from this, they also offer accessories like knife blade blanks, sharpening steels, and other merchandise.

The Morakniv Bushcraft Survival Black

The Bushcraft Survival Black is part of the survival and tactical knives offered by Morakniv. Their other tactical knives are Garberg, Garberg Multi-mount, Bushcraft Survival Orange, Tactical, and Bushcraft Black SRT. The Tactical knives offered by the Morakniv company are a further development of the Bushcraft and similar utensils. They provide tools to both the Swedish military forces plus other special forces around the world. Thus they had developed various blades to cater to the needs of the armies in the field. It is merely about making durable and reliable tools that can perform under extreme conditions. Aside from the knife, they have also enhanced the sheath. It has added nylon cover on it to be attached to the jackets, belts, or any other place that the clients desire to have their knives. Indeed, the sheath features a flexible and much-used assembly system by all the military personnel around the globe.
Finally, the Morakniv Bushcraft Survival knife is the fundamental tool every survivalist needs. It is well-packaged for any changes. It is heavy-duty and durable, and it can stand even in harsh environments. Also, it includes a sheath, fire starter, and diamond sharpener, making it the ultimate survival knife you can have today. Let's find more about this knife below:

Morakniv Specifications in a Glimpse

  • Blade Length- 4.3"
  • Overall Knife Length-9.3"
  • Blade Thickness-.125' (1/8")
  • Weight with sheath- 8.1 ounces
Inclusion in the box:
  • Firestarter
  • Plastic sheath with an integrated diamond sharpener
  • The Morakniv Bushcraft knife

Features of the Morakniv Bushcraft Black Carbon Steel

Blade Material

The 1/8" blade is made of high carbon steel, and it is coated with anti-corrosive tungsten DLC. With this, the edge is protected from rusting and corrosion. However, it is still best to apply a thin coat of oil to the blade from time to time to prevent rust. The blade length measures 4.3," and it is available in both tungsten-coated carbon steel or stainless steel. It has a Scandinavian grind, which means that the initial angle can begin close to the edge, and it runs parallel to the length of the blade. Compared to other hollow ground styles where the primary bevel starts more proximate to the knife's spine, the Morakniv beveled section of the edge is concise. Meanwhile, the back edge has a small clip point that begins at about 1.5" from the tip. It is also well-finished so that it can scrape a magnesium fire block. With these features combined, the knife produces spike-like information that mimics the characteristics of an ice-ax. The tip of the Morakniv blade can quickly open a tin can. By putting it along the lip of a can of beans, it does quick work of extending it when you tap the handle with the palm of your opposite hand.


The handle of the knife is textured rubber, and it is grippy. The contour is indeed pleasing to the hand. Even if the handle is wet due to the fish's slime or if you are wearing gloves, you cannot experience any problems with the grip. It features an ergonomic shape that can fit any medium-sized hand comfortably. It also features a front quillon that provides a reassuring contact point in front of the handgrip. Finally, you can find a jimping at the top handle that enables greater control of the thumb. This product is perfect for carving work or making feather sticks. The sheath is included in the package, and it consists of both belt clips and an entire loop. There is a minor release button located at the back of the sheath to switch out the attachments included. It pivots freely in a 360-degree whole arc from the clip or the loop. The materials used are sturdy and semi-hard plastic. Meanwhile, the sheath has a drain hole at the bottom.

Fire Starter

With this product, you can light a fire wherever you are. Just pull the specially designed knife spine slowly and heavily across the fire starter to create some sparks. These sparks can quickly light the grass, dry leaves, paper, fuel, and even the barbecue grill or gas stoves. Meanwhile, it would be best to scrape off the protective coating on the steel rod before using it. The sparks of 3000-degree Celsius can help you make a fire quickly in any weather. The product can also yield up to approximately 7,000 strikes. Finally, the sparks produced are so bright that they can even be used as an emergency signal when you are outdoors.


The Morakniv company produces a quality knife in an affordable budget range. They could make a product and forgo a warranty, and nobody would probably call them out for it. Nevertheless, Bushcraft Black has a 1-year warranty provided by the company. With this, customers can get the best deal out of their money and return the products within a one-year time frame whenever the knife sold to them have manufacturer issues.

Morakniv Bushcraft Carbon Steel Functions


Batoning is necessary to obtain dry wood in the logs or for splitting woods into smaller chunks, which you can use for kindling. With the razor-sharp edge and the thick 1/8" or 3.2mm blade of Morakniv knife, it is strong enough to tackle even the toughest batoning chores that you have. Some manufacturers do not like the practice of batoning. But batoning a blade at a piece of firewood to split it is an essential job requirement to determine the bushcraft knife.

Brush Clearing

With one hand pulling down on the branch of the tree, you can use your knife to shear off a section of the branch and untangle the mess safely and comfortably. You can cut down branches when you are caught in a tree with flies. You can frequently slice through the branches up to a 1/2" thick in one pass only with the knife. The knife's blade can help you process wood during emergencies or simply out of convenience since it is a lighter version of an ax. It can help you cut sapling staves to lash together a temporary shelter or make a cooking tripod in a pinch too. Instead of using a brush blade, chainsaw, or a machete, you can use the knife and attack a section for overgrown saplings, kudzu, or overhanging locust branches in your backyard. Indeed, it might not be the ideal tool for brush-clearing, but it also yields results.


The Morakniv Bushcraft Survival knife is one of the best carving tools due to its sharp edge and ergonomic handle. It allows the user to precisely prep tinder, make feather sticks, process wood for any purposes you have in mind, like creating camp tools, and carve shelter stakes.

Culinary Tasks and Butchery

The Morakniv Bushcraft is thicker than other products of Morakniv, such as the Companion, and it is perfect for most of the tasks you have in the kitchen. Indeed, the knife is incredible for meat and game processing. For example, you can use it to slice the pork ribs, and it yields effortless output. It can zip through the raw and the unfrozen meat cleanly, just like the chef's knife. This is because the tip is thin, sharp, and strong, and you could slip it into any meat joints or the server that connects the ligaments of the meat.

Feather Sticks

Feather sticks help the Bushcrafter to start a fire. This is true, especially when trying to start a fire using damp wood and without access to fuel. The Bushcraft survival knife will help you create the best performing feather stick with a lightweight, razor-sharp edge, easy to use and balanced.

Fire Starting

By pulling the specially ground spine of the knife slowly and forcefully down against the included fire starter, you can quickly light dry grass, leaves, paper, bark, and even your favorite gas grill or stove.

This is helpful, especially if you are out in the wild and don't have any matches, lighter, or any source of fire with you. During a cold night in the forests, you can die of hypothermia if you don't have a fire that provides heat to your body. Thus, this product can help you do the trick.

Pros of Using the Morakniv Bushcraft Survival Knife The product indeed offers various advantages to its user that is why it became popular, especially today. First, the Bushcraft survival knife comes with a Scandinavian grind blade, which means that it has only one grind, and it is a lot easier to sharpen. This product can be used by both beginners and professionals. It makes you bite into what you are cutting, and it prevents the knife from slipping off.

Second, the blade of the Bushcraft knife is thicker than any other knives of Morakniv, and it is more substantial. With its full 1/8" feature, it is the best option for small batoning kindling. This is not recommended for larger woods since this is not an entire tang blade.

It is made of rigid carbon steel material, and it is easy to sharpen. It is also coated with tungsten DLC, which makes it highly anti-corrosive.

Third, the Bushcraft knife has an excellent 90-degree spine. It is suitable for use with the fire starter, and it also comes with a sheath.

Fourth, it has a high-friction rubber handle, enabling the user to have a firm grip in any weather conditions. Finally, it includes a strong plastic sheath that allows you to carry it around anytime, anywhere, painlessly.

Cons of Using the Morakniv Bushcraft Survival Knife

The company does not offer a full tang Bushcraft survival knife. Instead, their blades have a modified rat tail, which runs almost to the pommel. Also, the sharpener of the product is a little too coarse to produce a more delicate blade on the knife. However, it is still an excellent product to use, especially if you have anything at all in the wilderness. Finally, the sheath of the knife is not MOLLE (Modular Lightweight Load-Carrying Equipment) compatible. Meaning the sheath is not recommended to use for military purposes. However, these disadvantages are minimal, and it does not affect the quality service that the product renders.

Final Thoughts

In sum, the Morakniv company has been creating quality knives in Sweden since the late 1800s. They make well-constructed knives with strong steel so clients won't get rip off at the price they have paid for. Indeed, the Morakniv Bushcraft Survival Knife is the next evolution of a knife made by a historical company in the business of knife-making. They listened to the suggestions and issues of their clients, and they had delivered a masterpiece in the market. It is a good deal tool for your money. You can get the best kind of blade, ergonomic handle, and easy manipulation of the product. Thus, if you are looking for a knife to use for your outdoor activities, then better try this one now!

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