ViperTek VTS 989 Stun Gun Review

The ViperTek VTS 989 is one of the must-have stun guns nowadays! 

Stun guns are electroshock/ incapacitating weapons that can deliver an electric shock and inflict pain on different body parts. It can temporarily disrupt muscle functions without causing a significant bodily injury. 

Nowadays, stun guns are available in the market because they can help a civilian defend himself. This is especially true during emergencies. It comes in various volts ranging from 2.5 million to 4.5 million. This enables customers to choose how strong the shock they want their weapon to be. 

Meanwhile, the effects on the attacker will depend upon the voltage. Also, on the length of time the device is on the attacker's body. It can last from a few minutes to several hours. 

In this article, we will discuss the history of stun guns and how does it work. We will also review one of the best stun guns today, the ViperTek VTS 989.

History of Stun Guns

Early Discovery of Static Electricity

Petrus Musschenbroek
Petrus Musschenbroek

In the middle of 1700s, Petrus Musschenbroke of Leiden, Netherlands, developed a 'Leyden jar'. This jar can store static electricity by separating ions with different charges. It is like a capacitor that stores a built-up electric charge and can release it fast.

Luigi Galvani

Petrus Musschenbroek's invention led to the first design of a stun gun. In 1780, Luigi Galvani of the University of Bologna, Italy, discovered that when the electric current from the Leyden jar is released at the parts of the sampled animal, the static electricity can cause contraction of muscles and nerves. 

Then, in the 1800s, John Burton from Wichita, Kansas, applied for a patent for his 'Electric Prod Pole.' This can direct cattle into the field. This battery-operated tool produces electricity, as inspired by previous inventions.

Stun Glove, Taser, and Stun Gun

In 1933, Cirilo Diaz from Cuba invented a 'Stun Glove' to help police catch the demonstrators in Cuba. 

However, there was not enough document showing that police forces used the stun glove. Meanwhile, in the early 1960s, police officers used the cattle prods or the electric prod pole to help deal with the protesters. 

Then, an inventor and nuclear physicist named Jack Cover invented the 'Taser' in response to a recent hijacking and plane crash. He got the idea for Taser after hearing that a man was immobilized for a short moment because of a power line. In the late 1960s, he created a device that looked like a flashlight but could fire darts of electrical charge up to 15 feet away.

He got the name of Taser from the book 'Tom Swift and His Electric Rifle.' In the book, Tom Swift invents a rifle that shoots electricity. 

Thus, he got inspired by the book and named his invention 'Thomas A. Swift Electric Rifle' or Taser. 

Since the 1960s, the idea of a handheld and non-lethal device has inspired various designs, such as stun umbrellas, stun pagers, and stun guns. These devices are widely used by people all around the world. This may be police and military personnel or private citizens. 

Stun guns and tasers are used interchangeably since they almost look identical. However, direct contact must be made when using stun guns, while tasers can shoot even from a distance. 

Nowadays, a stun gun's most popular design must be small. It must be powerful to immobilize the attacker temporarily and be non-offensive looking. The basic principles of a stun gun have remained the same over the years, only its physical appearance to make it look like everyday objects.

How do Stun Guns Work?

 How Stun Guns Worrk


Stun guns use high voltage of electricity but low amperage to disable someone who threatens the device user temporarily. 

The energy stored on the device can cause pain in the attacker's muscles. It depletes the blood sugar and converts it into lactic acid. This can also disable an attacker's balance and put a dazed mental state. 

All effects of a stun gun are temporary, and it would not cause permanent harm to the attacker. Stun guns now have a high voltage of electricity. Take note that the voltage is not lethal, but the amps are. 

The effect of an electrical shock is determined by the duration, current, and power source that produces the shock. The typical current in any household can have 100 volts, but it is dangerous since it can pump many amperes of current at the body indefinitely. 

On the other hand, the stun gun can have a high voltage of electricity but limited amperes.

Benefits of a Stun Gun

Crimes are now rising in every part of the world. If you want to protect yourselves without using lethal force, one of the best ways is to carry a stun gun regularly. Here are some of the reasons why using a stun gun is a must:

Easy to Carry and Safe for the Family

Stun guns are easy to carry and safe for the family. Various stun guns look like ordinary objects (like flashlights, lipstick, cell phones, etc.). You can put them in your bags wherever you go. Stun guns have safety features, so even if your kid touches them, he won't be harmed, unlike real guns.

No Permit Needed

People choose to own stun guns rather than rifles because they don't want to get into trouble processing permits and paperwork. Although some states require a permit for a handgun or other handheld device, owning a stun gun generally doesn't need a permit.

Protect from Assailants Without Causing Permanent Harm

A stun gun will not cause permanent harm to your attackers, unlike a bullet. It can only disable them temporarily and stop them from doing what they wish to do against you. 

You can use stun guns even if you don't have any military training. This is true even if you can't shoot for a perfect aim. This device can make your attacker powerless, even if he seems intimidating. 

Now, we are going to discuss one of the stun guns that are available in the market today, which is the ViperTek VTS 989.

ViperTek VTS-989 Features and Specifications

The ViperTek VTS-989 is a powerful stun gun with an LED flashlight. The flashlight has a lifespan of about 100,000 hours. It is pocket-sized and measures 6.5" x 2" x 1". It weighs about 9.6 ounces only. 

The product is enough to fit right in your palm. This enables users to have easier control. It has a "snatch-prevention" feature that will send a high-voltage shock on the thief whenever they touch the side plates of the unit. 

The sides are made of stun strips or metal strips that can produce impressive, shocking power. In addition, it has very sharp spike electrodes, which can help penetrate even through thick clothing. 

The ViperTek VTS 989 has a loud zapping noise, which could serve as a deterrent. This has 300,000,000 volts. This product includes a built-in and rechargeable battery with a non-slip rubber coating. It can be charged in a wall outlet. 

The company also offers a lifetime warranty on this product. This product can be shipped to some parts of the United States. The military, police, security personnel, and even civilians can use this. Those who wish to be safe in their daily travel can have this product. The safety switch is on the opposite sides of the stun gun. This will help you turn it off in less than one second when necessary.

Pros of Using the ViperTek TS 989

Sturdy and Ergonomic Product

The ViperTek TS 989 works well and can bring an attacker to his knees. It is sturdy and has a loud sound from the electrodes, which is good for many users. It has a built-in functional battery that can work for hours. You don't need to buy an additional battery for it to work. It is comfortable to hold, lightweight, and can fit your pouches or bags. It has a rubber texture; thus, it won't slip on your hands quickly.


It has a flashlight feature, which can be useful, especially when traveling outdoors. It has a white LED flashlight, and you'll be comfortable quickly protecting yourself.

Snatch Prevention

The snatch prevention feature is a good thing. That's why many users consider buying the ViperTek VTS 989. In addition, the company has a lifetime warranty on its products.

Cons of using the Vipertek VTS 989

Case or Holster

The company offers a case or holster for the stun gun. The holster includes a belt loop to pass your belt on it. It can hold the stun gun very firmly, but you should be careful when putting it in or out of the holster because you might accidentally shock yourself, too.

Flashlight not Bright

Second, although the product includes a flashlight feature, the light could be brighter. The one LED light from the stun gun will only accomplish a little, especially in the field. On the other hand, the flashlight feature is a secondary feature of a stun gun.

The product is Not Working

Some customers claim the Vipertek VTS 989 they bought online must be fixed. It is essential to test the product first to see if it is working and return it to the seller online.

Voltage Claim

The product claims that it has about 300,000,000 voltages. Stun gun models have between 15,000 and 40,000 volts. However, regardless of the voltage claim of ViperTek, it can put somebody down temporarily.

Overall Quality of ViperTek VTS 989

In sum, the ViperTek VTS 989 is a reliable and good product. The quality of a stun gun is not necessary for its external parts but instead for its internal parts. 

The VTS 989 has a good internal battery and voltage that can be extremely helpful during emergencies. If you are looking for a stun gun for personal safety, the VTS 989 is a good choice. It is small, easy to use, and a good investment for your or your family's safety.

Tips on Buying a Stun Gun

Stun guns are self-defense weapons, and they are not meant as toys. In buying stun guns, consider the following considerations so you will be able to buy the best product based on your needs:


You can choose different kinds of batteries for your stun guns. You can have a rechargeable or replaceable battery, which is up to you. Rechargeable batteries are less expensive in comparison with replaceable batteries. 

However, in the long run, the battery's maximum charge can decrease over time with constant use. If you notice the battery is not holding long, you should replace it. There are batteries for stun guns available in local shops. Charge the battery of stun guns every 1 to 3 times per month.

Check the Electric Voltage

Most stun guns peak at around 50,000 voltages, and once the prongs are near the person, it drops to about 1,200 volts. 

Remember that the higher the voltage, the less time you need to hold it on an attacker. In addition, the higher the amperage, the punch of the stun gun will be more powerful.

Stun Gun Size and Safety System

Find a stun gun that is small in size and lightweight so that you can conceal it in your belongings or body parts. Check that the stun gun has a safety mechanism so you will not accidentally fire electricity charges on your pocket or other body parts.

Stun Gun Varies Per Model

The effectiveness of the stun gun varies per model. The body size and the attacker's determination is a major factor to consider. Moreover, the duration of how long the attacker keeps the gun determines the gun's efficiency as well. 

For example, if you only use the stun gun on someone for half a second, it will produce a painful jolt. With this, it will startle the attacker. 

Meanwhile, the attacker can become dazed and experience muscle spasms if you zap him for one to two seconds. On the other hand, zapping him for more than three seconds will make him lose muscle control. He can become disoriented and unbalanced. 

However, those attackers with great physiques can keep attacking despite the momentary shock.

Electrode Pair

Nowadays, most models of stun guns have two electrode pairs. These are the inner and outer pairs. The charge electrodes, or the outer pair have spaces apart. With this, it can make the current flow only whenever you insert an outside conductor. 

Meanwhile, if the current does not flow across these electrodes, it will flow to the test or inner pair. The electrodes in the inner pair are closer to each other. It allows the electric current to leap between them. 

The air particles are ionized with the moving current between the gaps. Thus, it produces noise and a spark. The display is to be a deterrent. Whenever the attacker hears and sees the electricity, he knows you are armed. Today, there are stun guns that look like everyday objects with an element of surprise. 

Some of these are flashlights or umbrellas. With this, you can catch the enemy off guard. These kinds of guns are popular because they are easy to use, small, and legal in some areas. 

On the other hand, the military and the police use more complex stun guns with longer ranges.

Kinds of Stun Gun

Standard Stun Gun

The design of the standard or conventional stun guns is fair and simple. They are the same size, just like the flashlights—the function with the 9-volt batteries. The batteries provide electricity to a circuit with different electrical components. 

It includes components and multiple transformers that boost the circuit's voltage up to 20,000 to 150,000 volts while reducing the amperage. 

Also, it consists of an oscillator. This component might fluctuate the current to produce a specific electricity pulse pattern. It charges the capacitor, which builds up a charge. After that, it releases it to the electrodes, which is considered the circuit's business end. 

The two plates of conducting metal are known as the electrodes. It is located in the circuit with a gap in between. Since it is positioned as such, there is a high voltage difference between it. 

The electrical pulses will move like an attacker's body whenever you fill this gap with a conductor. It will travel from one electrode to the other. Then, it will produce electricity into the nervous system of the attacker.

Cattle Prods

The cattle prods have the same design as the stun guns. It also applies an electric current between two electrodes. 

However, the cattle prods have a different function than the stun guns. Stun guns apply an electrical charge to attackers to hinder them. At the same time, the cattle prod applies a charge to an animal or person to keep it moving. 

Indeed, the cattle prod causes pain just like the stun guns. However, it does not significantly affect the nervous system or the body's muscles. 

Moreover, the stun gun and the cattle prod are different in voltage. The stun gun's voltage is high enough to produce electricity to the whole body. Meanwhile, the cattle prod's voltage will only shock the body when used.

Taser Guns

One of the famous variations of the stun gun is the Taser gun. It works the same way with the standard stun guns. 

However, the two charged electrodes are not joined permanently to the housing. They are at the ends of the long conductive wires. Then, they are attached to the electrical circuit of the guns. 

When you pull the trigger, it will break open the gas cartridge which is inside the gun. With this, the expanding gas will build pressure behind the electrodes. It will launch in the air, and the wires will trail behind. This firing mechanism is also the same as the BB gun. 

The electrodes have small bards that can grab onto the attacker's clothes. The current will travel down the wire into the attacker as soon as the electrodes attach to the clothes. It will stun him just like how the conventional stun guns do. With this design, you can stun attackers even if he is at a great distance. For example, you can stun him even if he is 15 to 20 feet or 4 to 6 meters.

Meanwhile, one disadvantage is you only have one shot. You have to repack the electrode wires and wind up. Also, you must load a new gas cartridge every time you fire the stun gun. 

Some Taser models have common stun-gun electrodes. This is in case the Taser electrodes miss the target. 

Meanwhile, some Taser guns are built using the shooter-identification system. Whenever a policeman fires the Taser electrodes, it will release identification tags, the size of which is similar to the confetti. 

With this, the investigator will have a guide on which a gun was fired. It can also help determine the firing location. There are also Taser guns with added features like its registry to the computer system. With this, you can record the time of every shot. Indeed, the Tasers are only one method to fire at great distances.

Liquid Stun Gun

Another new stun gun weapon is the liquid stun gun. It works similarly to the Taser guns. However, they use a liquid stream to produce electricity versus the extended wires. The design includes the tank being connected to highly conductive liquid. 

Usually, it is a mixture of water, salts, and other conductive elements. Pulling the trigger will trigger the travel of electrical currents from the gun, the liquid stream, and the attacker. 

Unlike the Taser guns, these guns have longer firing rangers. Also, you can use it to shoot many successively. It is bulkier than the Taser guns. However, since you always need to have the liquid around, this design works with the mounted water cannons. 

The portable models have a water tank backpack. Some of the portable units utilize a water pumping system. 

Nowadays, stun guns are growing fast. The law enforcement agencies can control the angry mobs using non-lethal weapons. With this, they can be able to minimize casualties. Citizens who wish to protect their families but don't want to use heavy weapons result in stuning guns. As science and technology advance, the prospect of having a safe and sound community is becoming possible.


Apart from hindering violent citizens on the streets, the stun devices alleviate criminals inside the prison cells. In some prisons around the world, they use stun-belt devices. With this, they can keep their prisoners in line. 

Officers use it to intimidate them. The stun belts are stun guns attached to the offenders. The prison officers carry a remote control to operate the stun guns. 

Whenever an inmate becomes unruly, the officers can activate the belt. This will apply a high voltage to the inmate's kidneys. The officers can now lead the inmate back to his cell whenever the inmate is stunned.

Stun Abuse

Stun gun manufacturers always remind their customers to use the weapons conservatively. Use it for self-defense or if you wish to incapacitate an attacker. 

However, many people use stun guns to torture people and animals in different parts of the world. 

Amnesty International states that government authorities use stun gun weapons to extract information from political prisoners. With the use of stun guns, it can leave less evidence. It can produce pain in the body, but it does not leave an obvious wound. 

Indeed, stun guns are relatively safe. But when it is left in the wrong hands, it can surely cause abuse.

Final Thoughts

If you're looking for a stun gun for personal safety, the VIPERTEK VTS-989 - is a wise investment.

Small enough to fit in your purse or pocket, it will easily knock an aggressor to the ground so you may escape.

Due to problems that some people have encountered while receiving the stun gun, it is crucial to test it as soon as you have it to ensure it functions properly.

Because of the peace of mind they might experience while carrying it or knowing a loved one has it, many users of this stun gun are extremely delighted.

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