Top Survival Movies on Netflix

Top Survival Movies on Netflix

There are a lot of movies for you to choose from. We watch movies most of the time. Especially if we are free from our works and whenever we get to have a day off. All of the famous movies are already on the internet. A lot of top survival movies are already out there on the Netflix for us to watch. Just choose which one you want to watch so that you will be able to have a full and a productive movie watching.

Here is a list of the different kinds of top survival movies that a lot of people are watching on Netflix nowadays.

127 Hours

This is one of the most popular kinds of survival movies ever made. It is based on a true story of a man who loves to go out for a long walk in the canyons. Aron Rolston, played by James Franco, is the kind of a person who loves to go out for an adventure. While he is out in the Utah’s Canyonlands National park, he accidentally fell and got his hand stuck on a rock. And in order for him to survive, he budgeted the water he had left in order to keep himself hydrated. And also refilled his bottle when the rain came. After 127 hours of being stuck, he ran out of water and energy, he decided to do something that only a few people can do.

This movie shows you on how to handle your patience and your survival skills. And also how you can deal with the impossible. It is considered as one of the top survival movies because of the story on how to keep yourself alive in times like this.

Cast Away

Another top survival movie is the Cast Away. This movie is one of the classics. Tom Hanks surely got our attention and our heart for this movie. This movie is all about a man who got stranded on an island due to a plane crash. Chuck ( Tom Hanks) is the only one who survived the crash. He did everything in order to get out of the island, but everything seems hopeless. After four years, he adapted the way an island man lives. He survived with the different kinds of fruits found on the island and fishing is own food. He also even created his own friend with the use of a ball.

Cast Away is one of the best movies when it comes to survival. Because it can happen to anyone who gets stuck on an island. It shows us on how to deal with life without the other amenities that we use at our homes. But what if one day all of those things will not be accessible? You must find your way on how to live caveman-style. Just like Chuck from this movie, he learned everything on his own. And he survived four years without electricity. And he also survived the other calamities that he encountered.

Mad Max

Mad Max is one of the top survival movies because it shows how people should survive without the presence of oil. And we know that oil is one of the reasons why our engines are running. There are four movies of Mad Max. The first Mad Max was in 1979, and the next ones are in the year 1981 and 1984. And the most recent one was released last 2015. The succeeding movies are like chains to one another because it serves as a series of stories. It also shows how to make an engine run even without the presence of any oil. They have shown different kinds of alternatives. A lot of wars and random fights were shown in the movie.

We are a world that is filled with machines. Cars need fuel for it to run and be able to function well. And we tend to be dependent on machines. To a point that we are living with them because we use them every day. In this film, Mad Max is an example of how the world will look like if we ran out of fuel. It is a race and survival till the end.

Children of Men

Children of Men is a movie that you will never expect that will exist. It is also one of the top survival movies on Netflix. A touching survival movie of infertility. It is when all women are not capable of bearing a child. And this leads to a huge chaos in the world. Especially when the last and the youngest human in the world was murdered. Everybody is grieving and greatly affected by his death.

Minor wars in different cities in the world are happening due to this chaos. Cleve Owen as Theo Faron protects the first female to bear a child after so many years. Theo Faron is a former activist who is devastated when his child died years back. Which leads him to voluntarily protect Clare-Hope Ashitey who played as Kee in the movie. Kee is the first woman who got pregnant, she eventually gave birth with the help of Theo.


According to the Theory of Evolution, our world was hit by an asteroid. Which is why we now have different kinds of elements and substances and kinds of animals. This happening occurred a million years back and it has the possibility to reoccur. The movie Armageddon shows the possibility on how to save the world. NASA hired the best engineers for them to train in order for them to be sent out to outer space. Why? Because there is a huge asteroid, with a size of Texas, is coming with a direction towards earth. These engineers were Bruce Willis, Ben Affleck, Billy Bob Thornton, Liv Tyler, Owen Willson, Will Patton, Steve Buscemi, and other famous Hollywood actors. If they will not stop this or break the meteor, all human race will be extinct.

Space movies are one of the best settings whenever you want to watch a survival-themed movie. Because living or surviving with a limited life supply will really show how well you are going to maximize everything in order for you to survive. How much more if time is your ultimate enemy. And the existence of human race is at stake. And only you can save everyone. Armageddon shows not just skills, but the brains on how you are going to deal with an asteroid that can destroy your home.

Into The Wild

When it comes to looking for yourself, you tend to go beyond borders. Just like this movie, Into The Wild, it shows you on how to live life and go for the goals that you want to achieve. Emile Hersch as Christopher McCandles is the man who wanted to go beyond borders. It is to go out for an adventure so that he will be able to feel the true meaning of life. He cut out all of his credit cards, burnt all of his money and ran away from his wealthy family. His ultimate goal is to go to Alaska an. He was living a life as if he grew up in the woods. hitchhiked all his way to Alaska.

This movie tells us that we can still survive even if we don’t have the other means of living. As long as we are being wise enough to keep ourselves alive.

28 Days Later

If you are looking for a certain kind of movie that has a weird concept, the 28 Days Later is the one for you. It is one of the top survival movies in Netflix. It is all about a certain kind of a virus from chimpanzees. The virus from chimpanzees is spreading all throughout the state affecting people. It turns people into zombies. Scientists are doing their best just to eliminate the virus and put everything to an end. Chimpanzees are released by animal activists which is one of the reasons why the virus spread all throughout London. Jim is one of the leading characters of this film. He is one of the protagonists who woke up alone from a coma in an abandoned hospital. His rescuers are Selena and Mark, two of the remaining survivals of the chaotic event.

A lot of people are doing their best to get out of their location. But sad to say not everyone survived. Only a few have reached the border and escaped the virus and the zombies. The virus is already well-taken care of. It is now dead and all people are already in a place where the virus cant reach them.

28 Weeks Later

We know about the 28 Days Later movie, they made a follow-up movie with the same story with a different twist. 28 Weeks Later is the continuation of the 28 Days Later movie. Because 28 weeks after the movie 28 Days Later was released, 28 Weeks Later is a follow-up movie to it. In this movie, all of the people from London are thinking that the virus is already dead or gone for good. But they did not know that there is this one container that carries the same virus. The virus accidentally spread all throughout the country all over again. And this time, the virus is twice as dangerous and has the ability to infect anyone instantly.

A lot of people survived, the refugees already reunited with their families in a new location. But they did not know that the virus is slowly spreading all over their place again. This movie is one of the top survival movies because of its thrilling factor. And the urge to escape and surpass and survive the zombie outbreak.


In the Mayan city, the head tribe is slowly conquering their own people. They make everyone their slaves. They even do human sacrifices. One man is trying to escape this chaos. Juguar Paw is one of the captives who wants to be free. They already have a  chance to have their freedom as long as the can survive the target practice by Zero Wolf and his men who want them dead. They are supposed to be dead and have their heads cut, but they were spared. But even though they have that chance to escape, they are still not safe. Traps are all over the woods. This is for them to accidentally step on it so that they will be dead whenever they stumble into one of those traps.

Juguar Paw went through a lot just to see his family again. After all of the obstacles he went through, he reunites with his family once more. But they need to find a new home because of the chaos that is going on in their old home. The essence of this movie is to do whatever you can as long as you will survive the people who want to push you down. Also to make sure that your family will be safe no matter what situation that you are in.


Beach is one of the places where there are a lot of mysterious wonders. But there are also different kinds of dangerous animals that you need to be aware of. Jaws is one of the top survival movie lists because it shows us on how to deal with big sharks. This movie is based on the best-selling novel of Peter Benchley’s novel of the same title. During the 4th of July, the beach of Amity Island is packed with people. But they don’t know that a lot of people already died on that beach because of the presence of a white shark. They did not close down the beach, they only put up some warning signs. But as usual, people did not pay any attention to those signs.

There are three men who tried to hunt for the shark. Quin, Brody, and Hooper went out to the open water to look for the shark and attempts to kill it and to put it to an end. Their battle in the ocean is just like roller coaster ride. Or a typical sailorman sailing in big waves. They must be wise and be smart enough in order to kill the shark without getting anyone dead.


Watching a certain kind of a movie can help us suffice our boredom. Especially whenever we are having a break from our work or from the hectic schedule that we encounter every day. We love to sit down, relax and watch random movies that we can find. But if you want to have a movie that has a little bit of shock, the movies mentioned above will really meet all of your expectations.

Those top survival movies will surely leave a mark in your head. Because it shows the importance of life. With the help of these movies, you will be able to learn some tips on how to survive life. Or if in case you will encounter the same situation.  From the genre itself, survival, it teaches us on how to value life and how to be thankful on what we have.