Wise Food Storage Review: Its Features, Specifications, and Benefits

Wise Food Storage Product Review

The Wise Food Storage is one of the popular food products that provide various benefits to its customers. Food storage allows food items to be eaten for many weeks, months, or years especially during adventures or crisis situation.

Storing of food is an essential domestic skill that has evolved to become a commercial activity to provide something to eat for those who can’t cook their food due to various reasons. In any part of the world, food after harvesting is being stored by humans in safe containers to have food supply throughout the year, reduce kitchen waste, prepare for catastrophes, and distribute food equally to all family members.

In this article, we will discuss the history of storing food as well as its benefits. We will also tackle the Wise Food Storage’s features and specifications, its company, plus the advantages or disadvantages of consuming the products.

History of Storing of Food

Freezing food

As early as 1000 B.C., people have been devising strategies to preserve one of the body’s fuel: food. For one, the Chinese use the freezing process to preserve meat and they use ice cellars.

Meanwhile, only in 1842 did the large scale of food preservation through freezing started with the advent of mechanical refrigeration.


In the 19th century, the armies of Napoleon Bonaparte survived the battle through meat preserved in salt. The food provides nutrition to the armies and makes them sustain the fighting in the field. Napoleon also offered 12,000 franc pieces to the person who could devise a food preservation technique to make his soldiers eat even when the fighting takes many days.


Nicolas Appert was the one who invented that heating food in sealed containers can preserve the food, as long as the container is unopened. This has become the turning point of food preservation technique in our society.

Meanwhile, Louis Pasteur introduced the food canning method, fifty years after the birth of the idea of Appert. Years have passed and new technique emerged that opened the doors to further research.

From the time that the canning technique was introduced, glass and cans containers are the only materials used in packaging. The first cans were containers that have holes in the top where the food was inserted. The holes are then sealed with a hot metal. During this time, the cans are handmade from sheets of metal which are cut to specific sizes.

In 1900, the sanitary can was invented and machines make the can airtight. The processor buys cans that are open on one end and they close them after they fill it with food. Some cans are made of steel or aluminum and coated with tin. It is then glazed on the outside to prevent discoloration.

Nowadays, there are various food preservation methods such as freeze-drying and dehydrating foods. This food is packed in cans, glass, or pouches and several companies around the world offer these products to its customers. It is available in various servings and flavors that can be enjoyed by the whole family.

Benefits of Food Storage

When we talk about food storage, some families have reservations about its benefits. Keeping a food storage is simple and affordable, however, taking the time to start it can be a little intimidating.

If you are having some trouble in finding the motivation to start building a food storage at your home, here are some of the benefits of food storage that will help you decide on why you should start shopping for quality food storage meals now. Check it out here:

Affordable Groceries 

The price of groceries is gradually increasing throughout the years thus many families would prefer to buy bulk sizes. With bulk meals, they can save money which they can use for other family expenses.

Some bulk items offer nutritious and easy to make meals at a low cost versus retail meals in grocery stores. In addition, they contain real ingredients thus your family is assured of well-balanced meals.

Easy and Quick Meals

The food storage products available in the market today are easy to prepare. Sometimes, you just need to pour water, a salt and heat it.

In the society where everybody is busy, it is still essential to eat the right kind of meal to support daily tasks. One solution is to store food pouches inside the home.

These food pouches contain complete vitamins and minerals that can nourish the body, thus people consume it.

Healthy option for food take-out 

Food storage meals are a good option for take-out. Take-out is appealing especially when you don’t have time to cook or you are too exhausted to cook due to busy work schedule. These type of food are easy to prepare, tasty, and healthy too.

Preparation for Emergencies 

This is the main reason why storage meals are becoming a hit nowadays because it can save your life, especially during emergencies.

Storms, hurricanes, and other natural disasters are beginning to get stronger each year and we can’t escape it. When it hits your community, sometimes help becomes impossible. Thus, keeping a stack of food items inside the home is inexpensive and it could help you survive catastrophes.

The Wise Food Storage

One of food storage products that are patronized by the public is the Wise Food Storage. For years, it has helped families survive especially on unforeseen circumstances.

Let’s get to know their company, products and features, and pros and cons.

The Wise Company

The Wise Company is the nation’s leading company in emergency preparedness. It was founded in 2008 and it is now located in California. They specialize in producing ready-made frozen dry and dehydrated food that can be used during outdoor activities or emergency situations.

Some of their products are freeze-dried meats, vegetables, fruits, dairy, powdered eggs, and other gluten-free products. The company offers food packaging from 72 hours supply to 12-month food supply.

They also offer long-term food supply kits, grab and go food kits, outdoor food kits, and emergency supplies.

Their products are easy to prepare and you just need to add some water to it. Each of their innovative meal is affordable and palatable. In addition, it has a shelf life of about 25 years.

Meanwhile, the Wise Company has teamed up with some of the world’s best companies that offer quality services such as the Exxon Mobil Chemical and the Silliker.

The Exxon Mobil provides for an innovative product packaging which is the Metallyte. This technology enables Wise products to last a long time. Meanwhile, the Silliker helps in maintaining low oxygen level in each pouch of Wise Company products.

Wise Food Storage Features and Specifications

The company offers 72 hours to a 12-month food supply.

Their one-week food and drink supply are good for 1 adult for 7 days and it weighs about 7 pounds. It contains 16 servings of breakfast, 36 servings of entrees, 14 servings of milk, and sides. The 7-day package contains about 12,480 calories with 149 calories per serving.

Some of its meals are chicken noodle soup, potatoes and chicken pot pie, pasta, and cereal. Each meal is sealed in Mylar pouches.

Meanwhile, they also have a 7-day food supply in a pail. It contains 50 servings of entrees, drinks, and breakfast for one person.

The company have upgraded their products and now offers solar panel and generator for their 6-month to 12-month food supply package.

Pros of consuming the Wise Food Storage

Consumers are very happy with the developments made by the Wise Company. They were criticized before for creating products with too much oxygen but they have improved way better.

There are many advantages of buying Wise Food Storage. Here are some of them:

Food can last for 25 years

The products of Wise Company can last for 25 years as long as you keep it in a dry and cool place, with temperatures around 50 to 55 degrees. Some food products can only last for about 5 to 10 years.

Proudly made in the United States

They are proudly made in the United States thus the customers are assured that it is made from high-quality ingredients. Some companies manufacture their food products in other countries and you can’t be sure of its process.

In addition, the products sold by the company are 15-20% cheaper than other brands.

Easy preparation

The Wise Company offers “grab and go meals”. It doesn’t require complicated cooking and you just need to add water and eat it. You can bring it anywhere you go, even if you are on the road, up in the mountain, or on a boat in the sea.

Survival supplies

The company also specialize in emergency products. Apart from food, they also include various kinds of supplies, including power generators, chargers, water storage, filters, fuel sources, and many other tools and kits necessary for survival.

Website is user-friendly

The website is easy to navigate. They have a live chat feature which makes it easier for customers to throw their questions and get a response immediately.

The site also features a food calculator to know the servings needed by your family in case of emergencies.

Moreover, all items come with detailed product information so you will know exactly what you’ll get in each pouch. They also have an updated blog that gives survival tips for their customers. You can also get a good response from customer service through email and they are indeed knowledgeable of their products.

Indeed, the company has extended their customer services to make sure each customer is valued and assisted in their needs.

Free food testing and gluten-free

The company offers free food testing on their meals before you buy it. This is indeed awesome because you’ll get what you pay for.

In addition, this company does not only provide food for special circumstances, but also for special dietary needs. They have an entire section dedicated exclusively to their customers who are on a gluten-free diet.

Products on pouches only

Lastly, they don’t have cans and they seal their products on Mylar pouches only. This can help avoid BPA that you can have on tin cans. Also, you can buy retail products from local stores in your area, unlike other brands.

Cons of consuming Wise Food Storage

Apart from advantages, there are also some disadvantages of buying the Wise Food Storage.

For one, they advertise their product based on the number of servings than calories per day. This kind of information could be deceptive because it makes people think they will get more food than they really are.

For example, the website’s food calculator will tell a customer that he only needs about 2 to 3 servings of food each day. However, when you look at the nutrition panels, you’ll see that it is only 250 calories per serving. Sometimes, we need 500 to 700 calories each day to sustain our daily tasks and 250 is not enough. Thus, many customers wanted to have a supplementary on their buckets.

Second, there are some customers that complain that indeed the Wise Food Storage is affordable, however, it tastes odd. Sometimes, there is a weird chemical aftertaste on their food.

Some people can handle the bad taste just to get more products from their money, thus, the Wise Company is a compelling alternative for the majority of people.

Finally, the Wise Food Storage has only been making fruits, vegetables, and meat products; and they don’t have any variety. If you are looking for other variations and traditional food storage options, then you’ll be hard-pressed with this; but if you are just searching for entrees, then the Wise Food Storage could be enough.


In sum, modern families are now investing money to store food inside their house to be prepared for any unforeseen events in the future. One of the best product is the Wise Food Storage.

Wise Food Storage is a unique food storage product that can offer food kits and emergency solutions for Americans. Their products are created by a team of experts and they have devoted their time to make it responsive to the needs of their customers.

Apart from advantages, there are also disadvantages in buying the Wise Food Storage. However, the pros outweigh the cons!

Overall, the Wise Food Storage is a good product that you should try soon!