Alexapure Pro Water Filter. Photo from 4patriots.
Alexapure Pro is important, and it provides many benefits. Earth is 75% water, while the cells in our body are mostly liquid. Water is essential in everything that we do. Indeed, it supports all forms of life.
It is the biological medium here on our planet. Water has many tasks in the body. For one, water makes enzymes, proteins, and genes function accordingly as they non-stop circulate in the body. It is in charge of passing the information from one tissue to another. Whenever the circulation of water slows down, life will cease.
We strive to have safe drinking water every day, especially now that our natural resources are depleting.
We face the problems in pollution and climate change plus the rapid population growth.
Our government has the primary duty to provide us with water that is safe for consumption.
However, the water quality for usage may not always be enough for our long-term and short-term health.
There might be contaminants such as metals, chlorine, bacteria, pesticides, inorganic, and organic compounds in our drinking water today.
Given the value of water to our wellbeing, we must always ensure that the water we drink is safe, fresh, and pure.
The majority of us don't have a natural spring as a water source in our backyard.
Buying water bottles is expensive, and it can affect the environment too in the long run. Thus, the obvious alternative is to filter tap your water.
Let us discuss the water filter and one of the best products today: the Alexapure Pro Water Filter.

History of Treating the Water

The treatment of water began as early as 2000 BC during Ancient India and the Greeks. They believe that heating will purify and produce better-tasting water.

During ancient times, they depend on the turbidity of the water to determine if it is safe for drinking or not.

They didn't know the organisms present in the water yet. Meanwhile, in 1500 BC, the Egyptians discovered the coagulation principle and added alum to purify the water.

Hippocrates discovered the earliest water filter called the "Hippocratic Sleeve" in 500 BC. In 300 to 200 BC, Rome invented the aqueducts. Archimedes built his water screw, which can store water from lower bodies to higher bodies of land.

On the other hand, the desalination of seawater started in 1627 by Sir Francis Bacon. Although it didn't exactly work, it paved the way for further research to young scientists. During the 1700s, water filtration for domestic purposes was popularized.

This was the start of using filters inside our homes. It was made of charcoal, wool, and sponge. After that, the United States created large sand filters for the public's consumption in the 1890s.

Waterborne illnesses like typhoid and cholera were prevented since water chlorination was popularized throughout the world.

Eventually, standards for safe drinking water were passed in 1914 which were based on the growth of the coliform. Today, the treatment of water focuses on the disinfection of by-products.

Water is treated to have a balanced pH level and prevent diseases. Apart from knowing the history of treating the water, let us now discover the benefits of using water filters:

Benefits of Using a Water Filter

Water filters can have safe drinking water, clean water for cleaning the house, and even shower. It can be installed easily on your faucets, or buy a portable water container with a filter on it.

Tasty Water

The first benefit of using water filter is that it can provide tasty and better-smelling water.

Water filters can remove all chemicals, pesticides, chlorine, and other bacteria to make them safe for drinking.

For example, point-of-use water filters can remove lead and prevent it from entering our bodies. It retains healthy minerals to balance the pH level of drinking water.


Investing in water filters can help you produce healthy and clean drinking water, which is affordable than bottled water.

Also, it can help reduce the waste materials in the surroundings. In addition, buying bottles of water can be bad for the environment since bottles are plastic and it is non-biodegradable.

Good for the Health

Using water filters can reduce the risk of developing colon, rectal, breast, and bladder cancer. It can remove chlorine and trihalomethanes (THMs) which are the by-products in drinking water.


Water from filters can make our skin and hair young, soft, and healthy due to chlorine removal. Showering in filtered water can reduce wrinkles and skin rashes too.

In addition, it can also reduce having other gastrointestinal diseases by eliminating e-Coli bacteria, cryptosporidium, and giardia. Water filters can eliminate the chance of developing respiratory diseases such as bronchitis and asthma.

It can boost the immune system of the children and lead to better results for greater health. Lastly, it offers a good defense in the body to fight against 2,100 toxins in the water. Showering in filtered water will result in high energy levels as well.

Water Filtration

Water filtration plays a crucial role in the natural treatment of groundwater as it percolates through the soil. Filtration is also a major part for most of the water treatment techniques available today.

The groundwater that undergoes iron and manganese oxidation needs filtration. This will remove the floc due to the oxidation or coagulation processes.

Since the surface water can be run-off and does not undergo natural filtration, filtration will eliminate the impurities and particles.

One can compare filtration similarly to a micro-strainer or a sieve. It traps or suspends the material in between the grains of the filter media.

But since most particles can pass through easily through the spaces between the grains, straining is one of the least important processes in water filtration.

Indeed, filtration depends upon primarily on the combination of several processes. One of the most important is adsorption.

Adsorption refers to the process of the particles sticking on the surface of each filter grain. This also sticks on the previous materials. The forces that hold and attract the particles to the grains are similar to those that work with coagulation.

Water Contamination

The water can contain the following pollutants:

  • Pathogens: Organisms that cause diseases. These include bacteria, viruses, and amoebas. It also has the larvae and the eggs of the parasitic worms.
  • Harmful chemicals from human activities just like pesticides, fertilizers, and industrial wastes.
  • Minerals and chemicals from the natural environment: Example of which are the common salt, arsenic, and fluorides. Some non-harmful chemicals may influence the smell, taste, temperature, and color of the water. Thus, it makes the water unacceptable to the communities.

The water which is available from the surface sources contains different factors like the microbes.

On the other hand, the groundwater is generally safer. However, today, the groundwater can include harmful chemicals too. This can be due to the natural environment and human activities.

Meanwhile, rainwater from a rooftop harvesting system or small catchment dams is safe. This is true if you allow the first water to flow to waste whenever the rainy season begins.

Moreover, there must be an assessment of the amount of water for treatment. You can estimate it by assuming the need of each person. This can be by 20-50 liters each day for drinking, doing the laundry, cooking, and personal hygiene. There must be consultation with the community as they choose the appropriate water-treatment system.

They must be knowledgeable about the costs of the technology they choose. Specifically, the community members must be aware of the behavioral or cultural changes they need to make the system effective for a long period.

Moreover, they must know about protecting water sources from human or animal contamination. It must be made clear to them that the pros and cons of a water treatment system can be due to the improper drawing, transporting, or storing of the water.

Examples of household water-treatment systems:

Household water treatment systems:

  • Household slow sand filter
  • Boiling
  • Domestic chlorination
Community water-treatment systems
  • Storage and sedimentation
  • Up-flow roughing filter
  • Slow sand filtration
  • Chlorination in piped water-supply systems

Is it Best to Chlorinate Drinking Water?

Various water treatment options can reduce the pathogens in the water. However, they do not always eliminate them.

Indeed, solar disinfection and boiling are effective. But these methods use a large amount of water.

Chemical disinfection inactivates the pathogenic organisms and this type of method is okay for a large amount of water.

On the other hand, chlorine compounds can destroy the pathogens after a few minutes of contact. You can keep the free residual chlorine to enable ongoing disinfection.

There are some chlorine compounds for domestic uses. An example of this is calcium hypochlorite and sodium hypochlorite. However, the activity concentrations of such sources can be different.

This must be considered when you calculate the amount of chlorine you wish to add to the water.

The amount of chlorine you need to kill the pathogens will be affected by the untreated water's quality.

Add to that is the strength of the chlorine compound that you use. If the water is turbid, you must filter it first or settle it before you chlorinate it.

How to Reduce the Chemical Concentrations in the Water

Iron and Manganese

Water which is from the boreholes can have high iron concentrations. This can be due to the naturally high iron content in the soil.

This can also be due to corrosion like borehole casings, iron pipes, and screens. The iron provides the water with an unpleasant metallic odor and taste. It causes stains on the laundry and gives white enamel to the bowls and sinks.

Meanwhile, the undesirable properties can lead the communities to use contaminated water that has no taste.

Instead of using the safe water which has a metallic taste.

The majority of the iron can be removed. You can aerate the water and filter it through gravel and sand.

The sand and the gravel in the filters must be cleaned periodically.


If there are high concentrations of fluoride in the water, it can damage the teeth and the bones.

The low-cost design includes the use the lime which softens the water. It uses the alum as a coagulant.

With the following treatment, the water can settle at the same time it is chlorinated.


Arsenic is widely available in the crust of the Earth. It enters the water as dissolved minerals.

Also, it centers the water bodies in industrial effluent and through the deposition from the atmosphere.

If the arsenic concentrations are greater than the guidelines of the WHO, it is considered toxic. However, you can try simple treatment methods to solve this.

Try adding lime to soften the water. You can also add alum as a coagulant in the water and let it settle.

When you have successfully removed arsenic at the household level, the community must support and plan this implementation.

Solar Disinfection

With solar disinfection, the microorganisms are vulnerable to heat and light. One way to treat the water is through the use of the SODIS system (solar disinfection).

This method has been tested both at laboratories and in the field. Fill the transparent container with water then let it expose to sunlight for several hours.

When the temperature of the water reaches 50 degrees Celcius, the inactivation process will increase.

It will lead to the complete bacteriological disinfection. One of the best water filter available nowadays is the Alexapure Pro water filter. Let us know the details below:

Alexapure Pro Water Filter


Photo from Alexapure.

The Alexapure products were started by Matt Redhawk from Sandpoint, Idaho.

He created this product based on their family and the people's need to have an efficient, advanced technology, and affordable water filter system.

Matt didn't stop in creating water filters and he created air purifiers too. Alexapure came from his daughter's name, Alexandra. Apart from Alexapure, he is also into an emergency survival brand called 'My Patriot Supply, Patriot Pantry.'

The Alexapure products are made in the United States, and they have strict control over their manufacture.

Their products include Alexapure Go which is a water bottle with ionic absorption microfilters. They also have Alexapure Pitcher that removes around 92 contaminants in the water. On the other hand, the Alexapure Breeze filters the air and provides a four-stage purification process.

For 300 gallons of water, Alexapure offers a Survival Spring filter that can fit your pocket. It is handy and lightweight.

They also offer a 5-gallon water tote that can be used for several outdoor activities. The company also provides the Alexapure Pro water filter, which can supply a new source of drinking water.

The Alexapure unveiled the Alexapure pro water filter in 2015. Matt, together with a team of engineers, spent two years perfecting the Pro water filter.


Alexapure Pro Water Filter. Photo from Amazon.

This product can remove impurities of up to 99.99% and it is affordable than other brands.

It can be able to remove bacteria, viruses, chlorine, lead, e-Coli, and other chemicals in your drinking water. The Alexapure pro filter can accommodate up to 5,000 gallons of water and is made in the United States.

The flow rate and the filter capacity can be adjusted, adding up to 4 filters. It is powered by gravity, and it doesn't require extra power to function. It can filter water from the direct water source such as the faucet, water well, lake, river, and streams.

You can use it daily inside our homes and even during emergencies. This product is cylindrical, and its dimensions are 22.5" x 8.25".

The capacity for raw water and freshwater is 2.25 gallons of 8.5 liters. The package includes one gravity-powered filter with a shell made of hybrid ceramic.

It has a non-slip base ring made of black rubber, one spigot assembly, one knob assembly, two rubber plugs, and a lid made of stainless steel.

The upper chamber and the lower chamber of the product are made of stainless steel, which can accommodate 2.25 gallons or 8.5 liters of water. It also includes instruction for usage and assembly of the product. The product also comes with installation hardware too.

Pros of Using Alexapure Pro Water Filter

One of the pros of this product is that it is easy to clean. You can dust the chambers using a soft cloth.

Meanwhile, you can rinse the interiors with clean water. On the other hand, the filters can be scrubbed with a sour pad with no soap and water. Rinse it and replace it in the chamber.

Although you can clean the filters, it is still best to change it when it is dirty. Second, the Alexapure Pro utilizes a two-stage filter that can purify more efficiently even if it is direct from the source. It can work for about 5,000 gallons of water, unlike other brands that can only function for 3,000 gallons of water.

Furthermore, it can eliminate lots of chemicals in the water. Check this official lab result of Alexapure from Envirotek Laboratories.

Third, it is an all-in-one product that can address contaminants in the water. The makers believe that everyone has a right to access clean water.

Thus its price is just right, so everyone can afford it to buy. The water filter system must be affordable, and every home should be able to buy it.

Fourth, the Alexapure Pro water filter system is a tabletop, and it aims to bring the best water filtration you can use at home, outdoors, or even during emergencies. It is a gravity feed, and you don't need any power like electricity or gas to purify the water.

If you experience power failures that last for days, you won't get yourself into trouble because you can still survive with clean water.

This product has savemamany people's livesng calamities in the United States and other parts of the world.

Cons of Using Alexapure Pro Water Filter

One disadvantage of using this product that s that you must always keep the filter hydrated annot let impair dry.

If you are transporting the water filter for a short time, you should place the filter in a ziplock bag with water. This can only work for two weeks.

When storing the water filter for the long term, like if you wish to transfer abroad, the filter should be air-dry. If you wish to use it again, soak it with alcohol and water for 48 hours.

This means that when traveling, you should always have alcohol and water with you to protect the filter of this product.

This is an additional burden for people who want to bring their water filter anywhere they go.

Where to Buy

The product dimension of the Alexapure Pro is 14" x 9" x 9" and weighs about 6.6 pounds. You can buy it at the My Patriot Supply website and avail free shipping to any part of the United States and Canada.

You can also have free water and steel survival tools when you order the product. In addition, the company also comes with a money-back guarantee.

In fact, the company offers a double your money back guarantee because they believe that the Alexapure Pro is good.

For some, the filters of the Alexapure Pro can last for two years of constant use. You don't need to change the filters often, and the users will save money using this product.


In conclusion, the Alexapure Pro water filter system has lots of benefits to its users.

It can purify the water we drink, give energy to our bodies, and prevent the spread of diseases. The water filter is essential for our daily living and even during emergencies.

The Alexapure Pro can help us survive by providing safe water. Even if our community experience power failures for days, we can still live by simply drinking the water filtered by Alexapure Pro.

It can purify water fresh from the source just like the river, lakes, stream, and water well. You will never go thirsty with the use of Alexapure Pro water filter.

This technology is indeed one of the best innovation in water treatment and people in any part of the world loves it.


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