A lot of things that are going on in this world. Like the tension between North Korea and the U.S.A., hurricanes hitting in different countries, and so much more. Day by day, we get to face a new challenge in life. This is why we should always be prepared for whatever it will be. Some top events made the different countries open their eyes to what is going on around the world. We always hear them on the news channel, radio, and even on our social media feed. This is for us to be aware of to be updated on what is going on throughout the world so that we will know what to do if it strikes us or our country.

The U.S.A. vs. Korea - Fact or Hoax?

There is a huge controversy that gave the world a huge shock. President Donald Trump was accused of declaring war on North Korea by tweeting that North Korea "won't be around much longer.". Then, Sarah Sanders, the White House spokesperson, denied that the United States declared war. And because of this, North Korea lifts its shields in case the announcement is true. North Korean Foreign Minister Ri Yong Ho quotes U.S. President's tweet towards them; " Just heard Foreign Minister of North Korea speak at U.N. If he echoes thoughts of Little Rocket Man, they won't be around much longer!" And because of this alleged declaration, North Korea is now arming their defense and offense if ever they say "war" will start. The Foreign Minister of North Korea also added that they have the right to defend their country because the U.S. has already declared war. They also have the right to shoot down the U.S. strategic bombers anytime, even if they are not yet within the area of their country. This is to protect their country and the people living in it. Another thing is that Mr. Kim called the president of the United States a "Mentally Deranged U.S. Dotard," and he would tame with fire.


On the other hand, President Donald Trump threatened to destroy North Korea if the U.S. is imposing to defend itself or an ally. A Friday after that speech, he tweets that Kim is a "madman" who would be "tested like never before." And by this statement, North Korea and the United States of America are really in great tension. It is just basically a threat. But even if this "war threat" is true or just a hoax, it is much safer for us not to panic. Because we don't want any war, and if there will be a war, it may be the start of World War III. Even though we are only hearing words now, it is still best for us to prepare because there is a huge possibility that these two powerful countries will attack one another.

Syrian Civilians Killed by U.S. Bombings

There are a lot of things that the United States is handling. We all know that the U.S.A.. and North Korea are having a huge tension. How much more between the U.S.A. and Syria? The U.S.A. military aircraft threw a bomb in a school where many students were in their classrooms. And they also hit a marketplace where a lot of people that are dead right after the bomb. The number of casualties is great, combining the number of deaths from the school and the market. There is also documentation that states about the U.S. air campaign in Syria, which is one reason why there are many civilian casualties. This is for the U.S.A. to support the Islamic State by Syrian Democratic Forces. There are at least 84 civilians, including 30 children that are dead because of the bombing. The main target of the bombing is those ISIS members. But there are allegedly only a few members of the group in the area of the bombing. And the people who are in the marketplace are allegedly just ordinary people. Most of the people there don't have any connection to the Islamic State group. With an airstrike, innocent children who have no idea what's happening and civilians are now gone. These areas are where you can find the most number of civilians in Syria. Almost all of the people who live there buy their groceries in the Tagba market. And Mansourah is the name of the school where most of the kids go to.

U.S.A. vs. ISIS Based in Libya

The U.S. military is also striking the ISIS members who are in Libya. The camp of the ISIS members is only 150 miles from the Southeastern Surf. It is also where they transport in and out the country their other members. It is also where they get to transport the different kinds of firearms and other kinds of weapons that they use. The U.S.A. conducted a drone strike on this area. Because they are targeting those members in the training camp in Libya. After the drone strike, 17 militants were down. And also, the drone strike destroyed three of their vehicles. According to the African State Commander, ISIS and Al Qaeda are taking advantage of the land areas where it is ungoverned. They get to use these areas to train their newly recruited members. Libya is one of the Muslim countries in the world. It is also one of the places where many ISIS members love to camp or make use of it as their training and trading base. U.S.A. estimates a hundred members of ISIS that are in the ungoverned areas in Libya. And having a drone strike on them will keep their numbers or their population low. It is also to manage and control the terror strikes shortly. The downside of this group is that they are gathering a freedom movement in Libya. Because they see this country as the best place to train their recruits. The launching of terrorism acts in the neighboring countries is also connected to the attacks across Europe. The U.S.A. military states that they will track and hunt every plan that this terrorist group will make. And they will do whatever it takes to stop the acts that they will be doing. The U.S. military group is not just focusing on the members who are in Libya. They also observe other members located in Pakistan, Afghanistan, Syria, and other possible countries where the other ISIS members are camping.

Hurricane Maria hits North Carolina.

The United States is also experiencing a calamity. A hurricane, to be specific. The huge hurricane Maria was leaning towards the direction of the U.S.A. And it finally hit North Carolina. But before this hurricane hit North Carolina, it went through different countries as well. Hurricane Maria caused devastation in the Caribbean. It results in a huge loss in the area. According to the report of Theresa Waldrop of CNN, the hurricane killed at least ten people in Puerto Rico. Puerto Rico officials describe the 'apocalyptic' conditions of the said hurricane. Because of its size and the damages it can bring. The Island of Dominica and killed at least 15 people after that, and the storm was gone. It also hammered the Dominican Republic, the U.S. Virgin Islands, and the Turks and Caicos, a British overseas territory. Hurricane Maria will brush North Carolina with high wind, bands of rain, and coastal flooding can be expected as it will be approaching. And also, tropical storm warnings and storm surge watches are in effect for portions of the North Carolina coast. High surf and rip currents will persist the next few days as far north as southeast New England. A storm surge watch remains for portions of the North Carolina coast between Cape Lookout and Duck. A peak of 2 to 4 feet of storm-surge inundation above ground level is expected in this area, including on the Outer Banks' good side, as expected from the weather report. We will never know what kind of calamity will be on our way. It is best to be updated at all times to prepare the necessary things that we need. Just like what happens in the It is best to know the different kinds of drills of the different calamities to survive whatever our mother nature will give us.

Two Different Calamities Hit Mexico

In the U.S.A., North Carolina is experiencing a huge hurricane. On the other hand, Mexico is not just experiencing one but two different kinds of calamities. This makes it double the tragedy and the damage that they now have. Two devastating natural disasters have caused severe damages to the infrastructure, death, and injuries in Mexico. Last September 7, 2017, an 8.1 magnitude earthquake affect the southwestern states of Oaxaca, Chiapas, and Tabasco, causing more than 100 deaths. According to the Associated Press, 21 children and four adults were inside the school when it collapsed among the victims. According to the report, 360 buildings and homes are in danger of collapse or major damage in Mexico City. It is believed that the death may increase because some people are not yet recovered due to the debris of the buildings. Dozens of people are under an office building in the upscale Roma district. Also, many others are dead in a garment workshop in the central Obrera district. Rescue efforts are searching for other bodies and possible survivors throughout the collapsed buildings. The earthquake has brought a lot of fatalities and casualties and possibly a widespread. On the other hand, hurricane Katia struck in Mexico. According to the Associated Press, Hurricane Katia blasted into Mexico's Southern Pacific last September 8, 2017. Hurricane Katia made landfall on the eastern coast in Veracruz. The hurricane brought heavy rain, strong winds, and mudslide. It also brought a devastating effect and numerous deaths to the people in Mexico. The natural disaster has brought a big distraction, especially to the infrastructure, electrical wirings and houses, which is one reason why many buildings and the different structures are having a difficult time meeting their desired deadline. Aside from the constructions, a lot of homes are now down. And the families or residents are now homeless. The residents are having a hard time searching for the different things that they will need to survive. That is why there should be food, water, electricity, transportation, communication, medical care, shelter, and more that should be given to them. It is for them to survive in these trying times. The U.S. residents should postpone travel to the affected areas for the safety and security of the tourist. There are serious health, safety risks, and medical care may not be available in the place because of a lack of medicines and many people who are still in need of medical care. This is also one f the reasons why they cant cater to all the needs of the patients. The government of Mexico is taking action in rehabilitating the damages that these calamities caused.

How can we survive if we encounter these issues?

We are now experiencing different challenges in life, which is why we are here to live and face them no matter how hard it will be, like the U.S.A circumstances. And the different countries are facing. They managed to survive in their ways for them to face the challenges that they are facing. Even if it is terrorism, country tension, or even natural calamities, powerful countries can survive. And so with all of of the different countries and nations all around the world. We are born to live and survive every day that we live. It is our strategy on how to deal with it. Even if it is a big or a small kind of a challenge, we can still stand on our feet because we will never really know when and how these chaotic events will arrive in our country or our lives.

Survival Instinct

It is our instinct to look for ways and strategize on how to face the different challenges we encounter. Even if we are on an island, desert, or any place we are unfamiliar with, we can stand, just like the first human beings to face their day-to-day lives. The cavemen could do different kinds of things for them to have food and shelter even if they were out in the wild. And even if they are experiencing different kinds of weather. Now we already have the different kinds of skills to survive that we learned from the cavemen. All we have to do is to enhance them by joining different kinds of adventures. These adventures will teach us a lot of lessons on how to live life differently. By learning from these adventures, even if there is a huge storm coming, you will know what to do to keep yourself alive.

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