DIY Greenhouse plans and projects are some of the most incredible things you can do in your backyard. The weather is becoming erratic, and sometimes the growing season is hard to predict. Building a greenhouse will beat the issues you have and help improve your plants. This project can provide a controlled temperature environment that enables your plants to grow, even if the weather outside is terrible. It gives warmth to the seedlings and plants during winter, while it provides a refreshing surrounding during summer. Indeed, with a bit of effort, your family can enjoy your favorite vegetables at any time of the year. Meanwhile, greenhouses are easy to build. You can use original materials like water jugs, old bottles, tree branches, and other old things you have in your house. The tools to use are minimal, and you can do it even without professional knowledge of carpentry. Thus, this article will discuss some of the DIY greenhouse plans that you can quickly do in your house today.

$50 Hoop House Greenhouse

In building the hoop house, you need to be creative and think outside the box. Use the scrap materials that you can find in your backyards, such as a box, wood, and others. According to, you can have a greenhouse at $50 only. Here are the materials for this project:
  1. 20' x 3.4" PVC pipe, six pieces
  2. Six pieces 1 x 6 x 8′ pt – ripped into 1x3s
  3. Four pieces 8′ steel "T" fence post
  4. Three pieces 2×4 stud – rip into 1x2s
  5. Two pieces 1 x 4 x 12′ pt
  6. One-piece 2x4x16′ rip into 2x2s
  7. One-piece 20'x1/2″ rebar – cut into 18′ lengths
  8. .75 8″ nylon wire ties – 100
  9. .5 1 1/4″ x 1 lb drywall screw
  10. .3 16 gauge wire – 200′ – for X braces
  11. .25 3/8″ t-50 staples – 1000
  12. .22 20′ x 100′ x 6 mil clear plastic
  13. Scraps of plywood for reinforcements – scrounged
Now, here are the steps on how to do it:
  1. The first thing to do is to build the end walls first.
  2. Next, attach a joint of pipe to a piece of 1 x 4 wood to have an outline.
  3. Use pressure-treated lumber for the poly-tunnel end frames.
  4. Attach a non-UV plastic sheet.
  5. Mark out the locations of the sides of the door on the ground. Put the fence posts or the long pieces of rebar on each side of the door frame.

Barn Greenhouse

For those living in a place where high winds or heavy snowfall is a problem, then the DIY Barn Plan by Ana White is the perfect solution for you. This project is built by a sturdy 2 x 4 arched frame, and it is covered with corrugated plastic. This project's nice because the lower part of the frame can be covered by using a roofing tin. With this, the greenhouse can have extra support, plus it will prevent critters at bay. Indeed, this greenhouse project can be costly, but rest assured that it can provide extra stability through corrugated plastic and other sturdy materials, especially during harsh weather conditions.

Big Greenhouse

The large greenhouse measures about 10' x 16'. The plans are essential, but they can already do the job. This plan uses a simple A-frame structure. You can build some shelving or above-ground beds inside the system, but it is a personal preference. On the other hand, you can directly plant any seeds or herbs you wish on the ground. This plan will enable you to have a broader space to lay out what you need inside the structure. Finally, you can have a spacious place to plant whatever your heart desires to have.

Bottle Greenhouse

In this method, you can use old water gallons at your home to make a greenhouse. Make sure you use bigger water gallons to accommodate your plants. To do this, just cut the bottom portion of the gallon and unscrew the cap. Please put it on the soil and your seedlings.

This method can help increase the temperature by 10-degrees Fahrenheit. It is an excellent way to raise the temperature of tomatoes, eggplants, and peppers.

BuildEazy Greenhouse Plan

The official website of BuildEazy offers a wide range of plans for those who wish to construct a greenhouse at their homes. The frame measures about 2'x 4', and it also includes a UV-resistant polyethylene film. This DIY greenhouse plan is enough to accommodate your plants, and it can fit into almost all types of background space. Furthermore, their website has various suggestions about the design plus the placement of the greenhouse. It does not require a professional setup, and the site offers instructions for constructing the product. You must also remember that if you live in a windy place and the base is not adequately secured to the ground, it may cause the polythene film to tear into pieces. Other than that, the product is easy to install, robust, and suitable for your plants.

CD Case Greenhouse If you wish to construct a different greenhouse, then go for this one made from CD cases! Collect all the CD cases together and assemble them into an A-frame that measures 3.75' x 2.5'. Put some old wood at the base to make the structure sturdy.

Flower Tents

Meanwhile, this product is excellent for those who wish to raise garden beds in their backyard. Not everyone hopes to have a big greenhouse on their farm or in their yard. Some people just wanted to prolong the life of their plants or herbs. While others just wanted to jump-start on vegetable planting, especially in spring. Thus, flower tents are an excellent option for these categories. All you need to have are two PVC pipes to create a hoop frame. Then, add some plastic sheets, and you can clip them on with the chip bag clips. You can remove the plastic sheets when it is not in use. Indeed, this plan is very budget-friendly.

Fold-Down Greenhouse

If you wish to have a small and easily manageable project, you can try the fold-down or drop-down DIY project. This project consists of squares and PVC pipes that are hinged at one end, and they are joined together by a plastic sheet. Some of the tools to need in this project are jigsaw, hacksaw, and miter saw rubber mallet, sled-hammer drill, or garden auger drill attachment. This plastic sheet will allow the greenhouse to be kept away from the plants for watering and weeding purposes. When you are done with it, you can then replace the sheet. If you need more growing space, you can make more of it since these are very cheap.

Free Greenhouse Plan

If you are dreaming of something big for your greenhouse, you can try the plan made by Mother Earth News. With this, you can have a solar-heated greenhouse and a guest house all at the same time. No space is wasted with this plan, and it is energy-efficient. The plan is flexible, and you can either buy the materials needed or use the scraps you have at your home. If you wish to have it purely as a greenhouse, you can use insulated windows, wooden frames, or doors. But if you want to have some guesthouse on it, you can put cozy beds upstairs, which is the warmest part of the building, and provide you with warmth, especially during cold winter nights.

Geodome Greenhouse If you are searching for something new and creative for your backyard, you can make the Geodome Greenhouse by the Northern Homestead. This greenhouse has a lightweight structure, and it is unique and stable in any harsh weather conditions such as strong winds and snow. Also, it has optimal light absorption and features the most growing ground space. It is made of a wood frame, and it has thick plastic sheeting, just like other plans in this article. Apart from this, the Geodome Greenhouse is also an eye-catcher and a fantastic hang-out place for your friends and family members. The Geodome can also be easily transferred from one location to another, depending on the space and condition of your backyard. Finally, this greenhouse will keep your plants warm and a pleasant sight for any gatherings at your home.

IDEA Donna Greenhouse

If you are a beginner at constructing greenhouses, then you can try the IDEA Donna design. This one is simple to build, and it is made of a solid wooden frame that can last for many years. The sides of the plan are made of plastic, which allows an ample amount of sunlight to pass on it while holding the heat inside, especially during the cold winter season. Finally, if you are working on something affordable, then this one is for you.

Mini Greenhouse

If you wish to have some herbs in your backyard that can last all season, then you can start building a mini-greenhouse hybrid project now. It is made like a bit of cabinet from old windows. This project can provide an upright growing area for small plants or herb collections that you have. If you have your old windows in your house, then you can start building this project now. It can stand a long time because the frame is made of sturdy materials and has a solid construction.

Mini Hot House

If you are on a budget but need some greenhouse quickly, you should try the Mini Hot House now. All you have to do is to take a tomato cage and put it around your favorite plant. Then, wrap the pan with plastic wrap. The plastic will help hold the heat in your plants and give an increased temperature required for the successful growth of the plant, especially during cold months.

Plastic Bottle

If you are an eco-lover who hates or loves plastic bottles, then this project is for you. This plan is for free if you know where to look for the materials. You can shape the plastic bottles in any form that you wish to have. You can have it assembled as a typical A-frame greenhouse with hoops. There are no actual plans for this, but there are specific tips available all over the internet, plus the building process is self-explanatory. Remember, you must line up the bottles on the wall to make it even. This plan will work efficiently and effectively in any need you have in your backyard. It is also best if you have ample growing space for your plants. Finally, the process is tedious, but since you are building something without any cost, extra effort is needed to accomplish the project.

Re-Mesh Arch

Meanwhile, this project uses a concrete re-mesh to built an arch greenhouse project. If you don't have any re-mesh materials, then you can use any sturdy livestock fence for this project. This plan is valid and effortless to do, and you can even break it down to the little project for portability. To do this, you can bend the mesh into an arch shape, fasten it together, then sink it into the ground. Then, use some plastic sheeting to cover the structure. Indeed, this project will create a flexible and robust greenhouse for you at an affordable cost.

Scrap Window Greenhouse

If you have some old windows in your house, you can transform them into a greenhouse now. Windows can provide sound insulation for your plants. Also, the glass and the wooden frame of the wood can resist strong winds, storms, and snow. Finally, it can enable the greenhouse to vent, especially if the temperature becomes too high. The roof of the scrap window greenhouse design can be made of corrugated plastic. You can buy one, or you can use old materials you have in your place. It will also add stability to your design, just like the barn greenhouse.

Straw Bales

Straw bales are an excellent material too for your greenhouse projects. It is easy to build and ingenious. The strawbales control the heat inside the area, and there are no complicated tools required to do the job. To do this, surround your garden with straw bale. Then, cover it with clear plastic, old windows, old doors, or glass. You can also allow some variation by putting a slight slope on the south to let more light with tiers of growing space.

Trampoline Greenhouse

Do you have an old trampoline in your house which you haven't used for years? Be creative, and you can convert it into a stable greenhouse project. It is a perfect project for those who always like to upcycle. Each end of the greenhouse is made of sturdy steel to provide support for the trampoline. Just use a hacksaw, PVC pipes, and other tools, then you can have this trampoline greenhouse project standing in your backyard the soonest time possible.

Wranglerstar Greenhouse

If you wish to construct a traditional greenhouse for your place, start one with this Wranglerstar design. The design looks like a barn, and it is significant and suitable for many things other than planting your plants.


In sum, every DIY projects listed above are eco-friendly, easy to do, and affordable. It can provide a perfect environment for your plants at all seasons of the year for many years to come. You can do it even without prior experience in carpentry or even without expensive tools used. You can find some of the materials at the local home improvement center near you, or you can even use the old materials you have in your house. Just be creative in building your greenhouse, and surely you can save some money.
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