Kodiak Solar Generator Kit: Portable Electric Supply

Kodiak Solar Generator Kit

Electricity is one of the reasons why we are living a comfortable life nowadays. It can provide enough energy for our appliances to work. But there are times when the electricity in our city bugs down. As such, we need more time to finish the different work that we need to do.

Today, we now have various kinds of generators to provide electricity. Solar Generators is one of these.

Solar generators are the modern kinds of generators in the market. It is easy to use and recharge. The old generator requires a certain amount of gasoline to produce electricity.

Just filling the generator can cost you a lot of time and effort. But today, with a solar generator, you will no longer have to stress yourself out from carrying gallons of gasoline to fill it up. You can choose from different kinds of solar generators on the market.

But if you want a generator that can last for hours, Kodiak Solar Generator is for you. This can save your household chores and other work that requires electricity during a blackout. It is small enough to carry it wherever you want.

Even if your kid can carry it alone because of its small features, this will serve its purposes accordingly if you and your family are out for a camp. With this, you can charge all of your electronic devices.

Kodiak Solar Generator Kit: Portable Electric Supply Reviews
The Kodiak generator has a lot of great features. Below is a list of why this solar generator is most popular and in demand.

Solar Charged

Suppose you are the kind of person who wants to use something other than a wall outlet that often; this is the best generator for you. It can collect its energy from the sun. The heat from the sun produces ultraviolet rays. And with the help of a solar panel, you can recharge this everywhere you go.

The number of hours of charging depends on the number of solar panels you have. It can support up to 7 solar panels so the generator can quickly charge. The solar panel can be carried easily anywhere because it is lightweight. Even if you are out camping with your family, you can always rely on this. It is to provide the maximum amount of electricity whenever you need it.

Kodiak Solar Generator Kit: Portable Electric Supply Reviews

The thing about solar panels is that they can generate 135 watts of sunlight energy per hour. This is only for one solar panel. But you can connect up to four panels to recharge the solar generator quickly.

The installation is easy because of the sliding lock connectors on the side. Or if not, you can use some cables that come with the entire package as you buy this.

The Kodiak Solar Generator is also very durable, even though it is lightweight. This is to make sure that it will stay strong. This is true even if you are out for an adventure.

Aside from its durability, the solar panel can last for 25 years. This is enough to provide energy in as many blackouts as possible. It is a small and heavy-duty kind of solar generator.

You can even store it on your bookshelf to keep the room organized. This can also help you access or grab the generator whenever needed.

Outlet Charged

And if you don't feel like charging the Kodiak Solar Generator using the solar panels, you can always charge it indoors. It can fully charge after 11 hours in a regular or a standard 110-volt outlet.

And if you want solar panels, as mentioned earlier, the more panels you use, the faster the solar generator will be charged. Also, that will depend on the position of the solar panel and the amount of sunlight it will receive.

You can always prepare whenever a blackout strikes. Plugging this kind of solar generator all the time will always make sure that you will have a backup. Indeed, it is best to be always prepared in case of emergencies.

Car Charging

A battery of this kind can be charged in many ways. It can also be charged with the use of your car.

Modern cars nowadays have an advanced type of battery. It can power up the car to produce light, turn the air conditioner on, and other electrical features that a car has.

In addition, it can recharge your Kodiak Solar Generator. Aside from the normal outlet charger and solar charging features, you can carry it in your car whenever you have a road trip while it is being charged.

You don't have to worry about discharging your car's battery because both are made of lithium-ion batteries, one of the most powerful batteries on the market.


There are different kinds of batteries in the world found in machines. It may be basic or complex machines. These need a special kind of power bank to generate electricity so that it will work. The Kodiak Solar Generator has a lithium battery. The lithium battery is commonly found in cars. It can last even up to three months without charge.

Kodiak Solar Generator Capabilities

We know that the Kodiak Solar Generator can be recharged via solar panels. One of the greatest reasons this is unique is its small size. It is a heavy-duty kind of generator.

The Kodiak Solar Generator can recharge 100+ cellular phones, support up to 30 hours on your refrigerator, provide 183 hours of light, and power many other basic home appliances. It also can last for more than three months without charging.

This solar generator can give power or electricity to different home appliances. This is to keep the momentum of your work flowing and continuous. It is small and lightweight, so you can carry it anywhere you want to go.

And it also comes with the different kinds of accessories that you need. With this, you will no longer have to worry about where to buy a specific item for it. It comes with straps, some cords, and some base camp lamps. You will have more accessories depending on what kind of Kodiak Solar Generator you will have.

Kinds of Kodiak Solar Generator

Like all other kinds of electronic devices, there are different packages for you to choose from. This is to make sure that you have the right kind of items that you need.

Basic Kodiak Solar Generator

The Basic Kodiak Solar Generator has the right basic accessories that you will need. The generator has a 1.1Wh capacity, three basecamp lights, and an MC4 charging adapter. These accessories are already enough to help you get through any blackouts. And if you are wondering why it doesn't come with a solar panel, you must upgrade or buy it separately.

Standard Kodiak Solar Generator

If you are a person who wants a little bit more, the Standard Kodiak Solar Generator is perfect for you. It has the same contents as the basic one but has some additional accessories. You will get an additional one lux 50-watt solar flexible panel, two MC4 splitters, and two MC4 cables. You will be able to recharge almost all basic house appliances that you have at home. And at the same time, you can recharge it with the use of a solar panel.

Deluxe Kodiak Solar Generator

The more accessories you have, the more appliances you can use. With the Deluxe Kodiak Solar Generator, you will have more accessories than the standard one. You will have 3 lux 50-watt flexible solar panels, five bulbs of base camp lights, six pieces of MC4 splitters, and 6 MC4 cables. This is already enough to increase your survival rate whenever you are out in the woods or for a camp. You will have a portable appliance power bank that is heavy-duty.

Professional Kodiak Solar Generator

And finally, the Professional Kodiak Solar Generator has the most accessories you will use. It has 5 Lux 50-watt flexible solar panels, 10 base camp light bulbs, 10 MC4 splitters, and 10 MC4 cables. With all these accessories, you will indeed survive long blackout hours. Also, you can use almost all of the needed appliances you have. Even if you are out for an adventure, you can still provide enough electricity for everyone you are with.

The Difference Between the Kodiak Solar Generator versus the Other Kinds of Generators

The popular features of this kind of generator are already mentioned above. The huge difference between this and the others is that it can last longer.

Also, it is electricity-dependent. The common generators depend on gasoline, which is a little hassle for an individual to refill. It is also a waste of time. You will have to think about the safety of the area and the amount of gasoline you will be pouring.

But with the Kodiak Solar generator, you can charge it in three ways. You can charge it using the standard wall outlet you have at home. Or from your car's battery. Or from the heat of the sun with the use of a solar panel. It is safe and very easy for anyone to do.

This kind of solar generator is also small and handy so you can carry it anywhere. This ensures that you will have the right amount of electricity whenever needed.

How Do the Generators Work

Kodiak Solar Generator Kit: Portable Electric Supply Reviews

The electric generator is equipment that converts mechanical energy into electrical energy. It is crucial to know that the generator does not produce electricity.

Instead, it uses mechanical energy to force the electrical energy's movement. This is present in the wires of the windings, which are through the external electric circuit. The flow of the electrical charges makes the output electric current, which gives energy to the generator.

To better understand this mechanism, consider the generator is similar to the water pump. It causes the flow of the water. However, it does not create the water that flows into it.

The design of the modern generators works on the principle introduced by Michael Faraday from 1831 to 1832. Faraday discovered that the electric charges flowing above could be induced as you move the electric conductor.

This can be done through a wire containing the magnetic field's electric charges. With this movement, it can create a voltage difference. It is on the ends of the electrical conductor or wire. It can cause the flow of the electrical charges and generate an electric current.

Generator's Main Components

Generally, the electric generator has the following main components:
  1. Alternator
  2. Battery Charger
  3. Control Panel
  4. Cooling and Exhaust Systems
  5. Engine
  6. Fuel System
  7. Lubrication System
  8. Main Assembly or Frame
  9. Voltage Regulator
Here is the explanation for each of the generator's components:


Kodiak Solar Generator Kit: Portable Electric Supply Reviews

The alternator is also known as the 'gen head.' It is the part of the generator which produces the electrical output from the mechanical input. The engine supplies it. The alternator contains moving parts and stationary assembled in a housing. This mechanism works together to cause movement between the electric and magnetic fields. As such, it produces electricity.

Battery Charger

The generator has a battery-operated start function. The battery charger keeps the generator battery charged. This can be done by supplying the right 'float' voltage. If there is a low float voltage, the battery will be undercharged.

Meanwhile, if the float voltage is high, it can shorten the battery's life. The battery chargers are made of stainless steel in general. With this, it can prevent corrosion. They are fully automatic and do not need necessary adjustments in the settings.

The DC output voltage of the battery charger can be 2.33 Volts per cell. This is the precise float voltage good for lead-acid batteries. The battery charger includes a DC voltage output, which does not hinder the functioning of the generator.

Control Panel

The control panel is the user interface of the generator. It includes provisions for the controls and the electrical outlets. Many manufacturers have various features in the control panels of the generators. Some of these are the following:
  1. Electric start and shut down: This feature enables the automatic start of the generator, especially during power outages. It monitors the generator while it is operating. Furthermore, it shuts down the generator when it is no longer required.
  2. Engine Gauges- Various gauges determine different parameters. These are the oil pressure, battery voltage, engine rotation speed, temperature coolant, and duration of the operation. With constant monitoring and measurement of such parameters, it will enable the built-in shutdown of the generators. This is true when any of these threshold levels are exceeded.


    Kodiak Solar Generator Kit: Portable Electric Supply Reviews

    The engine is considered the generator's source of the mechanical energy input. As a rule, the engine size is directly proportional to the maximum power output the generator is designed to supply. When assessing your generator's engine, you need to remember several factors. Consult the engine's manufacturer to have the full specifications. With this, you can also have an idea of the maintenance schedules.

    Fuel System

    The fuel tank is designed to enable the generator to work for around 6 to 8 hours. The fuel tank forms part of the skid base for small generator units. Also, it can be mounted above the frame of the generator. Meanwhile, installing an external fuel tank may be good for commercial applications. The common features of the fuel system include the pipe connection from a fuel tank to the engine, ventilation pipe for the fuel tank, overflow connection from the fuel tank to the drainpipe, and fuel pump. It also includes the fuel injector, filter, and water separator.

    Lubricating System

    Kodiak Solar Generator Kit: Portable Electric Supply Reviews

    Since there are moving parts in the generator's engine, it will surely need lubrication. With this, you can be sure it will have smoother and stable operations for longer. The generator's engine can be lubricated through the oil stored in a pump. For every 8 hours of the generator's operation, you must check its level of lubrication. See to it that there are no leakages of lubricant. Also, change the lubricating oil for every 500 hours of its operation.

    Main Assembly or the Main Frame

    All generators include customized housings, may they be portable or stationary generators. This will provide them with structural base support. Also, the frame allows for the generator to be positioned safely in its place.

    Voltage Regulator

    The voltage regulator controls the output voltage of the device. It comprises exciter windings, rotating rectifiers, and a rotor or armature. It also includes two systems: the cooling system and the exhaust system.


    Since electricity is one of the most needed essentials, we should always be ready during blackouts.

    People nowadays are dependent on electricity. There are different ways to keep our need for electricity present.

    A generator is one of our best options to have enough electrical supply. You can choose from different kinds of generators in the market. But if you want the best kinds of generators, the Kodiak Solar Generator is the one for you. It is handy and, at the same time, heavy-duty. It can last for a long time. No gasoline is required, only an outlet, a car, or solar panels.

    You will be sure it will give you the right amount of electricity you need.

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