List of 25 Best Blogs For Parents and Parenting

List of 25 Best Blogs For Parents and Parenting

It's no secret that becoming a parent is one of the most life-changing events you'll ever face. This is why many turn to parenting blogs to get invaluable advice and information about looking after little ones.

The good news is that there are hundreds, if not thousands, of parenting blogs available on the internet today. There is no perfect way to be a parent nor a set of universal guidelines on how to be one. Still, it won't hurt you to take advice from people who have been there and done that. Without further ado, take a look at this list of the best parenting blogs and websites in 2023.

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  1. Easy Baby Life - Best Newborn Parenting Blog

    First on the list is the blog that offers advice from pregnancy to toddlerhood. So, if you are new parents —new mom or new dad alike—this can be one of the best parenting blogs you can read. It gives free, solid, and evidence-based information about pregnancy and baby care. You can expect to read about topics about pregnant moms and parents of newborns, including pregnancy and birth, baby and breastfeeding, toddlers, baby sleep, feeding, development, and activities.

    Furthermore, it also gives very practical baby care tips such as daily baby care, baby sleep, baby development, breastfeeding & formula, feeding baby solids, taking care of a sick baby, fun baby activities, baby gifts & gear, baby travel tips, baby in diapers, and baby bonding and behavior.

  2. Moments A Day - Best Positive Parenting Blog

    Next on the list is this parenting blog that offers information and resources to help parents and kids grow into their best selves. It gives parenting tips, parenting advice, parenting inspiration, and heartfelt insights and reflections on the parenting journey and family life.

    For parenting inspiration, which includes positive parenting, raising children, nurturing family life, and a few other parenting resources. They also included blogs about child development, children's activities, fun family activities, and even tips on handling autistic children.

    What's more, the blog offers articles, printables, journals, and more, aimed at supporting personal growth for the whole family and focusing on how to be a better mom or dad.

  3. Gay Parents To Be – Best LGBTQ Parenting Blog

    Gone are the times when gay parents are ridiculed, discriminated against, and belittled as less of a parent just because of their gender identity. This 2023, everyone is moving towards peaceful parenting, where all parents are celebrated, regardless of gender. In this blog, daddy blogger Dr. Mark Leondores shares his first-hand challenges of being an LGTBQ parent.

    The blog also provides information and learning resources about LGBTQ Parenting, with the purpose of nurturing the best care for couples building a family. Topics may vary largely, from parenting science to options for building a family, including surrogacy, adoption, and fostering.

    Arguably, they have the best gentle parenting educational resources. They talk about lesbian family life, gestational carriers & donors, surrogacy agencies, trans fertility, fostering a healthy relationship with a surrogate, PCOS in the LGBTQ+ community, and a whole lot more.

  4. Your Modern Family – Best Parenting Blog For Easy Reading

    Indeed, parenting kids in this modern family can be extra challenging. Becky, the blog owner, is a mother, wife, and child developmental therapist. She gives tips for a happy household in the modern world. It includes Becky’s personal stories on the parenting topic with activities for kids, money-saving tips, ideas for vacations and trips, easy recipes, and more.

    In one of her blog categories, she tackled kid activities such as potty training. Under the home category, she talked about forty (40) days of home organization, as well as a couple of DIY and Decor tips and tricks. She also talked about other topics, such as marriage, saving money, recipes, and health.

  5. Toddler Approved – Best Toddler Parenting Blog

    This mom blog is created by Christina, a mom of four, who makes helpful advice about child care, green parenting, better family life, positive discipline, etc. She combines parenting tips and activity ideas designed to help you focus more on your young kids and less on the ‘to-dos’ of parenthood. Under the play category, she included a variety of kids' activities that are quick and easy, sensory play, outdoor play, indoor play, pretend play, block play, and toy play.

  6. Family Focus Blog – Best Parenting Advice Blog

    Child development

    As the name suggests, this blog focuses on parenting science, a family-focus blog, parenting tips, parenting advice, and raising children through positive parenting. They have a variety of categories to tackle, such as crafts & activities, home decor, green living, family food, lifestyle, parenting, and family travel.

  7. My Baba – Best New Parent Blog

    This parenting blog is handled by an alpha mommy blogger Leonora Bamford with the aim to help women make smart parenting decisions by simplifying things that should be simple. As such, she writes posts on a variety of topics, including fertility, pregnancy, caring for a baby, parenting, and activities.

  8. Baby Center – Best Education Blog For Parents

    Another one on the list is a digital parenting resource featuring articles and stage-based newsletters that offer the most important information for pregnant moms and new parents. Included in this mommy blog are helpful tools, such as a due date calculator and a community feature that lets parents connect with like-minded people on a range of topics. Ultimately, this is one of most people's favorite parenting blogs as this parenting website offers very good information for moms-to-be, kids' activities, and ways to raise great kids.

  9. Parenting Science – Best Science Blog For Parents

    Another great resource that aims to help us understand families and child development is this parenting website. The blog features articles for science-minded parents to support evidence-based, rational attachment parenting. You can find posts on topics including babies, growing up, sleep, learning, well-being, parenting, and PreK. But, of course, it is not always science. You can also find expert advice on raising children, teaching children, homeschooling family, and other useful parenting products.

  10. Alpha Mom – Best Stay-At-Home Mom Blog

    Next, we have here a pregnancy and parenting resource for moms and moms-to-be, run by mama-of-one Isabel Kallman. The topics discussed include parenting babies to big kids, holidays, activities, crafts, relationships, pregnancy, childbirth, and more. She also talks about new mom experiences, expert parenting advice, raising kids, family fun, and healthy recipes for family food.

    In her blog, she talked about different categories, such as pregnancy, parenting, family fun, popular columns, holidays, and everyday life.

  11. Fatherly – Best Parenting Blog For Dads

    Of course, this list does not only include mom blogs or mommy blogs; we also have here blogs designed for fathers to learn from. It is a digital media brand for dads that is a good parenting resource that promotes positive parenting, tackles child development, and offers expert parenting advice.

    In the parenting blog, topics such as parenting journey, attachment parenting, family travel, and gift ideas for the little ones.

  12. Honest Mum – Best Mom Lifestyle Blog

    Want to read into a great resource of real-life stories about parenting? This parenting blog is for you as it offers honest insight into the realities of motherhood. Vicki, the mom blogger, also talks about healthy recipes for the family, green living, happy family, craft ideas, and a couple of wonderful woman interviews.

    Here, you can also find some expert advice about preparing food and drink for the kids, prepping for birthday parties, and other natural living tips.

  13. Parents – Best Longstanding Blog For Parents

    This is perhaps a classic choice and one of the best parenting blogs there is. It is specifically designed to empower parents to raise their kids with confidence and enjoy the parenting journey along the way —for both moms and dads alike. It talks about anything under the sun, parenting tips, and advice for raising happy, healthy children, from getting pregnant and experiencing pregnancy to parenting babies, toddlers, and big kids.
    In this parenting blog, there are a lot of categories to pick up on, such as pregnancy, babies, raising kids, family life, staying healthy, news & trends, as well as a handful of village and community stories.

  14. Filter Free Parents – Best Funny Parenting Blog

    Another parenting blog that we have here is this website that aims to be the ‘trusted voice and community for every stage of parenthood. This means that there is no such thing as off-limits or off-topic on this blog. Name it; a range of topics can be here, such as pregnancy, teen, empty nester, marriage and in-laws, mental health, and self-care. Along the categories, you can find general topics such as a shop, mom life, kids, trending, relationships, wellness, food, and a few recommendations.

    Hence, if you are in for a few laughs, this is one of the best parenting blogs you can find online.

  15. Creating A Family – Best Foster Parent Blog

    This family-focused blog is a good read as it inspires and strengthens foster and adoptive parents and their unique journey as parents. You can read about expert-based, trauma-informed resources on Creating A Family, with articles on adoption, fostering/kinship, infertility, and more. Under the adoption topics, you can find very helpful information, such as adoption tax credits, adoption comparison charts, cost of adoption, suggested books for adoption, online courses for adoptive (or soon-to-be) parents, and online courses for social workers.

  16. Stepmom Help – Best Blog For Step-Parents

    One of the most amazing parenting blogs that tackle stepmothers' unique experiences and journeys toward parenting is this. It follows Jenna Korf, a stepmom mommy blogger who acknowledges the hurdles of raising children who aren’t biologically yours. Moreover, it is part of her goals to help stepmoms navigate the difficult situations they may face.

    Ultimately, the key topics that are included in Stepmom Help are regaining your sense of self as a stepmom, dealing with a difficult ex, improving family communications and relationships, managing stepmom stress, getting support from your partner, and dealing with uncomfortable feelings.

  17. Modern Day Moguls – Best Blog For Organized Parenthood

    Indulge in articles about motherhood with style and home content through this parenting blog. Here, Michelle talks about her real-life experiences as a stay-at-home working mom of two daughters. It is a one-stop blog of different categories, such as lifestyle, motherhood, travel, and blogging tips.

  18. Parenting Ideas – Best Child Development Blog

    Next on the list is an educational blog that aims to help child development in a positive way. It contains educational resources on ways to raise your children and support their mental health and emotional well-being, as well as a few other tips for positive parenting. It also gives awareness of things like sibling rivalry, parent-kid feedback, etc.

  19. Autism Parenting Magazine – Best Autism Blog For Parents

    This is one of the best parenting blogs that people with autistic children can find. It writes about ways to deal with autism and some expert parenting advice from professional psychiatrists. Not only that, but you can also find real-life stories about parents of autistic children. Moreover, included in the blog are as follows: autism activities for kids, autism diagnosis, autism exercise and fitness, autism news, autism health, medical info, and autism behavioral solutions.

  20. Tech Savvy Mama – Best Tech Blog For Parents

    Techy Savy Mama is one of those parenting blogs that highlight motherhood in the digital age. Leticia, the blog owner, writes on topics such as lifestyle, technology, and education. She gives useful tips and advice on disciplining kids in terms of gadget usage, monitoring the kids' activities on their phones, and raising awareness of serious topics such as online harassment, cyberbullying, and sexting.

  21. ADDitude – Best Parenting Blog for Families with ADHD

    This is one of the best parenting blogs you can find about parents (or families) dealing with a child with ADHD. It talks largely about ADHD, ADHD diagnosis, symptoms and tests, ADHD treatment, ADHD parenting blogs, ADHD adults, Webinars and Resources, Newsletters and Blogs, etc.

  22. Working Mother Magazine – Best Full-Time Working Mom Blog

    Next, we have there a parenting blog that helps full-time working mothers to care for their children despite work and time constraints. It gives advice on time management, affordable childcare, flexible work, paid family leave, etc. Basically, it highlights an alpha mom's role at work, at home, and off-duty.

  23. The Green Parent – Best Blog For Eco-Conscious Parenting

    Included on this list is a parenting blog that helps children grow up while caring for nature. It writes on topics such as babywearing, attachment parenting, alternative medicine, natural beauty, family activities, and home education. It also makes a parenting resource about ecology, the environment, and a whole lot of green living tipsand advice.

  24. Aha – Best Attachment Parenting Blog

    Second to the last in this list is this natural parenting blog that gives parental tips and advice on ways to raise considerate, happy, and responsible children. This caters to parents in all stages of parenthood and helps them pick their own child-raising approach, support in certain parenting issues, and tips on how to handle parenthood in this modern world,

  25. Faust Island – Best Ever Parent Blog

    Child development

    Finally, this last (but definitely not the least) parenting blog that we will share is a blog created by a mom-of-four, Amber. She writes about her real-life experiences as an alpha mom, as well as a few other topics, such as green parenting, book reviews, baby gear reviews, teaching children about their emotions, and fun family activities ideas.

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