All-Weather Solar Radio and Power Bank with Hand Crank For Emergency, Outdoor, Survival

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Discover the ultimate survival tool that combines innovation with practicality, the "All-Weather Solar Radio and Power Bank with Hand Crank." This device is an essential gadget for outdoor enthusiasts, adventurers, and anyone who seeks to be prepared for the unexpected.

With its various functionalities, including hand crank power generation, solar charging, and emergency features, this device ensures you remain connected and safe, no matter where your adventures take you. Its durability, portability, and versatility make it a must-have for camping trips, hiking excursions, and emergency preparedness kits.

All-Weather Solar Radio and Power Bank with Hand Crank

Essential Features for Outdoor Safety and Convenience:

  • Versatile Charging: Features hand crank power generation and solar charging, ensuring you're never left without power.
  • Comprehensive Radio: FM/AM and NOAA weather band capabilities inform you of weather updates and emergency broadcasts.
  • Powerful Illumination: Equipped with a near and far LED flashlight, LED induction reading lamp, and SOS alarm for emergencies.
  • Robust Power Bank: A 5000mAh power bank to keep your devices charged, coupled with Type-C fast charging that fully charges in just 2.5 hours.
  • Enhanced Connectivity: Offers Bluetooth 5.0 for wireless connection with mobile phones, featuring 7W high-quality speakers with deep bass for superior sound quality.


Feature Specification
Waterproof Rating IPX5
Charging Methods Solar, Hand Crank, Type-C Fast Charge
Battery Capacity 5000mAh
Radio Bands FM/AM, NOAA
Connectivity Bluetooth 5.0
Speaker Output 7W with Deep Bass
Emergency Features SOS Alarm, Compass
Illumination Dual LED Flashlight, Reading Lamp
Dimensions Portable & Compact for Outdoor Use



  • Durable & Water-Resistant: IPX5 rating ensures it withstands harsh weather.
  • Emergency Preparedness: SOS alarm and built-in compass for navigation.
  • Entertainment on the Go: Enjoy your favorite music with a portable Bluetooth speaker.
  • Eco-Friendly Charging: Built-in solar panels convert light into electrical energy, complemented by hand crank generation.
  • Outdoor Portability: Designed for ease of carrying, perfect for any adventure.

Why Choose This Solar Radio and Power Bank?

This device isn't just another gadget; it's a lifeline in emergencies and a source of entertainment during outdoor adventures. Its multi-functional capabilities ensure you're prepared for any situation, providing light, power, information, and entertainment, all while being eco-friendly and sustainable.

Ideal For:

  • Outdoor adventurers and campers
  • Emergency preparedness kits
  • Families enjoying outdoor activities
  • Individuals seeking a reliable emergency power source

Ensure you're always prepared, facing the unexpected or enjoying the great outdoors. With the "All-Weather Solar Radio and Power Bank with Hand Crank," you have a versatile, durable, and reliable partner for any adventure or emergency.

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