AMS Bowfishing Water Moc Recurve Bowfishing Kit- Right Hand - Complete Bow Kit

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The Water Moc was made for life on the water! 

The AMS Bowfishing® Water Moc Recurve Bow Bowfishing Kit can help you take on large fish and improve your game with excellent shooting ability. 

Everything you need to start your bow fishing experience is included in this kit. Change up your game, and the fish is the only thing missing!

Your innate shooting ability will be sharpened by this smooth, curved, take-down recurve! When you're prepared to go fishing, equip yourself with the full Water Moc outfit and throw a retro-style cast!

This bow is made to last a long time in damp conditions by combining a water-resistant, sealed, fully laminated wood limb with a lightweight, specially designed, machined magnesium riser.   

Lightweight, 2-1/2-lb. bow fishing bow pulls 45 lbs. at a 28" draw length. 58" tip to tip. Brace height: 7-3/4". 

Included in the package are String Things, a fiberglass arrow with Chaos point, a Tidal Wave arrow rest, and an AMS Retriever TNT Reel with 35 yards of 350-lb Spectra Line.


The limb bolts on this bow are made to be readily removed by hand. To swiftly disassemble the bow for storage, remove the limb bolts and the bowstring.


The limbs of the Water MocTM are completely laminated and covered with a water-resistant coating to ensure long life in wet environments.


The riser is lightweight magnesium powder-coated and covered in green AMS Koi Carp Camo.


Endless-loop braided bowstring for optimal performance.


  • AMS Retriever® TNT Reel w/ Green Accents & 35 yards of 350-pound braided Spectra line
  • Green Infused Fiberglass Arrow w/ Chaos® Point & Cyclone® Tip
  • AMS Tidal Wave® Arrow Rest
  • String Things®


  • Draw Weight: 45 lbs at 28"
  • Draw Length: N/A
  • Tip-to-Tip: 58"
  • Brace Height: 7.75"
  • Approximate Let-Off: N/A
  • Bow Weight: 2.5 lbs
  • Cam: N/A
  • Riser Material: Machined Magnesium
  • Limb Material: Laminated Wood
  • Power Cable Length: N/A
  • String Length: 54"
  • Hand Orientation: ‎Right Hand
  • Archery Type: Bowfishing
  • Fishing Line Type: Braided
  • Line Weight: 350#
  • Color: Green


The tried-and-true AMS Retriever® reels remain the best! Furthermore, they are produced in the USA! The family-owned company is still producing long-lasting bow fishing equipment! 

They manufacture the broadest selection of high-performance bow fishing equipment available to anyone. The products cater to everyone from the die-hard enthusiast to the family looking to spend quality time outside together. Their specialty is producing durable, long-lasting items that can withstand harsh environments and function flawlessly. You only need it if they sell it for bow fishing.

Bowfishing was a hobby for country boys and rednecks back in 1979. The only practical ways to shoot fish from the riverbanks were hand spools attached to bows and coffee cans. Today's bow fishers, applying specialized bows, bow fishing reels, and equipment, create unique boats with raised platforms and banks of lights.

Since its creation over 40 years ago, the Retriever® reel has been a vital component of the AMS product line. Its durability and craftsmanship have more than met the test of time. The goal of every AMS line model is to increase the number of fish in the boat.

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