Bounty Hunter Quick Silver Metal Detector - With Visual Depth Graph and 4-segment Digital Target Identification

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The Bounty Hunter Quick Silver Metal Detector is a robust and reliable tool for discovering gold, silver, iron, and other metal relics. It can detect coins buried up to 8 inches deep and larger items up to 3 feet down, opening up a world of exploration possibilities. This advanced detector is your key to discovering hidden treasures, be it coins, relics, or precious metals.

Advanced Detection Features:

  • Precision Targeting: The device's LCD display features four identification zones, making it easy to discern whether you've stumbled upon iron, aluminum, or valuable coins. With 4-segment digital target identification and 3-tone audio feedback, you'll accurately identify buried objects, reducing time spent on false leads.
  • Depth Penetration Control: Whether you're searching for surface-level items or buried treasures, the one-touch depth control allows you to easily adjust the machine to suit your needs.
  • Waterproof Search Coil: The 8-inch waterproof concentric open search coil, interchangeable with accessory coils, offers versatility for various conditions, particularly wet sand and grass.
  • Efficient Ground Balancing: The detector effectively filters out false signals and "sees through" ground minerals thanks to automatic ground balancing with Squelch-Tech.

User-Friendly Design:

  • Comfortable Operation: An adjustable height and padded armrest ensure comfort during extended use, making your treasure-hunting experience enjoyable and fatigue-free.
  • Convenient Headphone Output: The 1/4-inch headphone output allows for private searching and enhanced focus on audio signals.

Multiple Search Modes:

  • Versatile Detection Modes: Choose between 2 search modes, push-button discrimination and all-metal modes. The motion All-Metal, Progressive Discrimination, and Notch modes cater to different hunting conditions and preferences.
  • Depth and Sensitivity: Detect coin-sized objects up to 7 inches deep and larger items up to 2 feet, allowing for a broad range of discoveries.

Ease of Use and Maintenance:

  • Readable LCD Display: The easy-view LCD is designed to be readable from various distances, enhancing its usability in different lighting conditions.
  • Battery Operated: The device requires two 9-volt batteries (sold separately), ensuring easy replacement and continuous operation.

Warranty and Packaging:

  • Peace of Mind: Comes with a 5-year limited warranty, giving you confidence in its quality and durability.
  • Frustration-Free Packaging: Ships in certified frustration-free packaging, ensuring a smooth unboxing experience.

Whether searching on land or in shallow water, the Quick Silver offers the precision, depth, and ease of use needed for successful treasure hunting.

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