Cuisinart Gourmet Two Burner Outdoor Portable Gas Griddle

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Unlock the full potential of outdoor cooking with the Cuisinart Gourmet Two Burner Outdoor Portable Gas Griddle. This versatile cooking tool is your gateway to exploring many cuisines, from the comfort of your patio to the excitement of a tailgate.

Whether flipping pancakes for breakfast or grilling Hibachi-style for dinner, this griddle brings your culinary visions to life with ease and flair. Designed for both the home chef and the adventurous cook, it marries the convenience of portability with the power of a traditional grill, making it an indispensable tool for anyone who loves to cook outdoors.

The Cuisinart Gourmet Gas Griddle is not just another outdoor grill; it's a 20,000 BTU powerhouse that offers unparalleled control over your cooking. With two independent burners and easy twist-start ignitions, you can adjust the temperature to suit any dish, from delicate eggs to robust steaks.

The expansive 285 square inches of cooking space on a thick, cold-rolled steel grill invites you to cook for a crowd while the built-in splatter guard and windshield protect your culinary creations from the elements. This griddle is designed for those who take outdoor cooking seriously, providing all the tools you need for a seamless cooking experience.

Cuisinart Gourmet Two Burner Outdoor Portable Gas Griddle

Product Highlights:

  • Versatile Outdoor Cooking: Perfect for breakfast, lunch, and dinner, catering to all culinary needs.
  • Powerful Heat Output: Two 10,000 BTU burners deliver 20,000 BTUs for fast and even cooking.
  • Ample Cooking Space: It offers 285 sq. ft. of cooking area, ideal for meals of any size.
  • Durable and Portable: Features a thick, cold-rolled steel griddle surface with foldable legs for easy transport.
  • Easy Clean-Up: Equipped with a large capacity grease cup for hassle-free maintenance.
  • Secure and Stable: Non-slip rubber feet and a spatula slot add convenience and stability during use.
  • Fuel Flexibility: Built-in hose for 20-lb LP gas tanks (tank not included).


Specification Detail
Cooking Power 20,000 BTUs (Two 10,000 BTU burners)
Cooking Surface Area 285 sq. in.
Griddle Material Thick, cold-rolled steel
Ignition Type Twist-start
LP Gas Tank Compatibility 20-lb tank (not included)
Portability Foldable legs with latch for easy transport
Warranty 3-Year manufacturer warranty

Why Choose This Griddle?

  • Ultimate Control: Independent burners allow for precise temperature management.
  • Convenient Features: Splatter guard, windshield, and grease cup enhance the cooking experience.
  • Built for Adventure: Designed to be taken on the go, from tailgates to camping trips.
  • Quality Assured: Backed by a 3-year manufacturer warranty for peace of mind.

The Cuisinart Gourmet Two Burner Outdoor Portable Gas Griddle is the ultimate companion for any outdoor cooking enthusiast. Offering a perfect blend of power, versatility, and convenience, it ensures that your outdoor dining experiences are limited only by your imagination. Whether at home or on the move, this grill is designed to bring out the gourmet chef in everyone.

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