EcoFlow DELTA 1000 Portable Power Station - 1008Wh Large Capacity, Solar-Ready Generator with 6x 1600W AC Outlets (3100W Peak) - Efficient Solar Charging for Outdoor and Emergency Use

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Discover the EcoFlow DELTA 1000: Redefining the world of portable generators with its expansive compatibility, ensuring that your devices stay charged for extended periods, no matter where you are.

With a recharge rate that outpaces conventional battery stations by a factor of 10, this powerhouse stands out in efficiency. Its robust inverter accommodates home appliances and high-demand tools, supporting anything below 1800W (3300W Surge, Pure Sine Wave) thanks to its 1260Wh capacity.

The EcoFlow DELTA 1000 offers the versatility of being fully rechargeable via both solar and car sources while providing the convenience of powering up to 13 devices at once.

Experience the Power of EcoFlow DELTA 1000 Portable Power Station – Your Reliable Partner for Adventure and Home Use!

🔋 Multi-Device Charging Hub: The DELTA 1000 is the power station of choice with six PURE SINE WAVE AC outlets, versatile USB-C and USB-A ports, and a DC output. Charge your electronics, from phones and laptops to medical devices and small appliances, with ease and efficiency.

⚡️ Rapid X-Stream & Eco-Friendly Solar Charging: Say goodbye to long waiting times with the DELTA 1000’s fast-charging technology that reaches 80% in less than an hour. Equipped with MPPT solar charging optimization, this power station supports up to 400W solar input for a greener energy solution.

🛡 Enhanced Safety Features: Travel with peace of mind thanks to the DELTA 1000’s robust Battery Management System (BMS), providing real-time protection against overcurrent, overheating, and potential short circuits.

🌲 Versatile Power Supply: The robust 1008Wh capacity of the DELTA 1000 caters to a wide range of electrical needs, ensuring you remain powered during outdoor escapades or as a dependable home backup.

🎁 EcoFlow’s Commitment: Our 24-month guarantee and dedicated customer service reflect our confidence in the DELTA 1000. Your package includes the power station, charging cables, a carry bag, and a detailed User Guide for your convenience.

📏 Portable & Durable Construction: Compact at 15.7 x 8.3 x 10.6 inches and weighing 30.9lbs, the DELTA 1000 offers portability without sacrificing strength, making it a steadfast ally on the move.

🔄 Efficient Recharge Options: Flexible charging via AC wall outlet, 12V car adapter, or solar panels with rapid recharge capabilities ensures your power station is ready to go whenever you are.

🎨 Sleek Design Meets Practicality: The DELTA 1000 boasts a modern design with its stylish gray and black finish, making it an attractive addition to any setup.

🔒 Longevity and Protection: With a lifecycle of 500 cycles to 80% capacity and integrated protections against various electrical threats, the DELTA 1000 is built for longevity and reliability.

Empower your adventures, enhance your lifestyle with the EcoFlow DELTA 1000 Portable Power Station.

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