EcoFlow Dual Fuel Portable Smart Generator - 1800W Smart Quiet Power, LPG/Gasoline, Ideal for Home Backup & Outdoor Camping

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Elevate your Energy Experience with the EcoFlow 1800W Smart Dual Fuel Generator

Power, Precision, and Portability in One:

Harness 1800 watts of mighty energy with the EcoFlow Smart Generator—a powerhouse for diverse demands. Its 4L gasoline capacity ensures robust performance up to 3.5 hours, marrying compact design with impactful delivery.

Dual Fuel Efficiency:

Maximize your power options by switching between gasoline or LPG. Enjoy the EcoFlow advantage with reduced emissions and seamless operation, tailoring your energy use to your lifestyle.

Intelligent Operation at Your Fingertips:

Sync effortlessly with your power stations; this generator is smart home-ready, with app connectivity that lets you manage your power remotely. An intuitive LCD offers crucial insights in a glance, while diverse start options cater to your preference for convenience.

Whisper-Quiet, Peace-Preserving Power:

Experience the serenity of low-noise operation at 56dB, ensuring tranquility in your backyard retreats or outdoor adventures.

Safety and Durability Designed Together:

We prioritize your peace of mind with inbuilt CO detectors and fuel alerts. Benefit from a generator that safeguards your space and power supply with an auto-shutdown feature, encapsulated in a durable, rigorously tested frame.

Eco-Conscious, Cost-Effective Energy:

Adopt a greener stance with LPG—fuel that lessens your carbon footprint without compromising on performance. Connect with DELTA series for fuel savings, and enjoy the longevity of LPG storage without degradation.

Seamless EcoFlow Ecosystem Integration:

Crafted for compatibility, it partners perfectly with DELTA Pro, DELTA Max, and DELTA 2. Simplified maintenance and unrivaled portability ensure that this generator is an ever-ready ally, at home or in the wilderness.

The EcoFlow Advantage:

  • Dual Fuel Versatility: Gasoline or LPG for ecological and economic efficiency.
  • Impressive Endurance: Achieve up to 20kWh using a standard LPG tank.
  • Fuel-Efficient: Connect with DELTA series for up to 40% fuel savings.
  • Smart Control: Full power management and monitoring from the EcoFlow app.
  • User-Oriented Design: Start options and maintenance made simple.
  • Uncompromised Safety: Multilayered safety features for undisturbed operation.
  • Discreet Operation: As quiet as a conversation for minimal disturbance.

Take a Step into the Future of Sustainable Power:

Opt for the EcoFlow Smart Generator and invest in a resilient, efficient, and intelligent power solution. It's more than a generator; it's a statement of eco-friendly resilience and technological innovation.

*Compatibility Note: Connect seamlessly with DELTA Pro using the exclusive EcoFlow Smart Generator Adapter (available separately).

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