EcoFlow GLACIER Portable Fridge Freezer - Camping Fridge, Car Refrigerator and Ice Maker - AC, Battery, and Solar Powered Options for Travel and Camping

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Enhanced EcoFlow GLACIER Portable Fridge Freezer: Your Ultimate Outdoor Cooling Solution

Discover the freedom to adventure without limits with the EcoFlow GLACIER Portable Fridge Freezer. This innovative appliance redefines outdoor convenience, offering a seamless blend of a refrigerator and freezer, complete with a revolutionary ice-making capability. Experience the assurance of perfectly chilled or frozen essentials, whether on a remote campsite or a sun-drenched beach.

Key Features:

  • Dual-Zone Flexibility: Transition effortlessly between refrigerator and freezer with customizable temperatures ranging from a frosty -13°F to a cool 50°F.
  • Rapid Ice Production: Quench your thirst quickly with the ability to produce 18 ice cubes in as little as 12 minutes. Tailor your ice size to your preference—ideal for everything from sodas to spirits.
  • Generous Storage Capacity: A spacious 38L interior comfortably stores up to 60 beverage cans, making it perfect for weekend outings or extended road trips.
  • Intuitive Smart Controls: Stay in command with the integrated LCD display or manage settings remotely via Bluetooth/Wi-Fi using the EcoFlow app.
  • Versatile Power Options: Enjoy prolonged operation for 24-48 hours on a single charge, supported by AC, DC, an optional battery, or solar power, with the added benefit of the battery doubling as a power bank for emergencies.
  • Transportation Made Simple: Navigate with ease thanks to the removable wheels and ergonomic handle, designed for convenience without compromising on capacity.

Additional Benefits:

  • Efficient Quick Freeze Technology: Swiftly cool your provisions from 86°F down to 32°F.
  • Night-Friendly LED Lighting: Locate your items with ease after dark.
  • Sustainable and Stylish: Benefit from a long-lasting design that combines eco-consciousness with modern aesthetics.
  • Innovative Modular Features: The removable divider serves a dual purpose, acting also as a cutting board, catering to your outdoor culinary needs.
  • Energy-Saving ECO Mode: Extend battery life and reduce energy expenditure with an efficient eco mode.

Choose More Than a Cooler, Choose Experience:

The EcoFlow GLACIER isn't merely an appliance; it's an integral component of your outdoor lifestyle, whether you're a van life aficionado, a camping enthusiast, or a lover of al fresco gatherings. Elevate your outdoor experiences with the reliability and performance of the Glacier.


Charging & Power:

  • Versatile Charging: Utilize AC power, a 12V/24V car charger, or solar charging for versatile energy solutions.
  • Powering Other Devices: The included battery not only fuels the Glacier but can also charge your devices with a Type-C interface.

Features & Functionality:

  • Connectivity: The Glacier easily connects to 2.4 GHz Wi-Fi networks and can be controlled via the EcoFlow app with Bluetooth.
  • Operational Modes: Switch between Eco and Common modes to manage energy consumption effectively.

Design & Placement:

  • Compact Design: For tighter spaces, detach the side handles for a more compact footprint.
  • Optimal Setup: Maintain a small clearance around the air vents and position your Glacier at an angle less than 30 degrees for ideal operation.

Warranty & Durability:

  • Assured Quality: Enjoy peace of mind with a 2-year warranty on the Glacier's plug-in battery.
  • Rugged Build: Designed to withstand the rigors of transport, the Glacier is your resilient travel companion.

Charging & Power

Q: What are the charging options for the EcoFlow Glacier?
A: The EcoFlow Glacier can be charged using AC power, a 12V/24V car charger, or solar panels. For solar charging, the additional plug-in battery is required.

Q: Must the plug-in battery be connected for solar charging?
A: Yes, the plug-in battery must be connected to harness solar power for the EcoFlow Glacier effectively.

Q: Can the Glacier's plug-in battery charge other devices?
A: Absolutely, the plug-in battery features a Type-C port that can charge other devices and supports fast charging capabilities up to 100W.

Q: Is there a low-voltage protection on the EcoFlow Glacier?
A: Yes, the Glacier includes built-in low-voltage protection to safeguard both the fridge and your vehicle's battery.

Q: How does the EcoFlow Glacier's battery protection work?
A: The fridge automatically switches to the plug-in battery if the external power supply voltage drops too low and will shut off if the battery is not connected to prevent damage.

Features & Functionality

Q: Which Wi-Fi networks are compatible with the EcoFlow Glacier?
A: It connects seamlessly to 2.4 GHz Wi-Fi networks for smart operation.

Q: Is there a mobile app to control the EcoFlow Glacier?
A: Yes, the EcoFlow APP allows for complete control over Bluetooth or a 2.4 GHz Wi-Fi connection.

Q: Can I use the app for remote operations?
A: With Bluetooth connection, the app enables network configuration and remote control, though certain conditions must be met for full remote activation.

Q: What's the difference between Eco mode and Common mode?
A: Eco mode reduces energy consumption, extending battery life, whereas Common mode provides standard cooling performance.

Q: Can the Glacier produce ice when connected to a 12V source?
A: Ice production requires the plug-in battery when using a 12V source but can proceed directly when connected to a 24V source or AC power.

Q: How does the dual zone function interact with the ice-making process?
A: During ice production, the cooling in the dual zones may pause to prioritize ice-making if the power source is stable.

Q: Why are the first batch of ice cubes sometimes uneven?
A: Initial batches can vary due to uneven water temperatures, but subsequent batches will have uniform ice cubes.

Design & Placement

Q: Are the side handles of the Glacier removable?
A: Yes, the side handles can be detached for a more streamlined form.

Q: What guidelines should I follow for placing the Glacier?
A: Keep a clearance of at least 50 mm around the air vents and avoid tilting the unit more than 30 degrees for optimal performance.

Q: Does the Glacier feature a removable central divider?
A: Indeed, the central divider can be removed for flexible storage or to maintain different temperature zones.

Q: Can I pour water into the Glacier's compartments?
A: Directly pouring water is not recommended as the compartments are not designed with food-grade materials.

Q: Is the ice maker component made from safe materials?
A: Yes, it's constructed from food-grade materials, complete with antibacterial features for hygiene.

Warranty & Durability

Q: What is the duration of the warranty for the Glacier's plug-in battery?
A: The plug-in battery is covered by a 2-year warranty.

Q: Can the Glacier endure rough transportation?
A: It's built for durability. However, after extensive movement, allow it to settle for 2 hours before use.

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