Excursion Field First Aid Kit: 44-Piece Compact IFAK - Compact Personal First Aid Kit

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Venture into the great outdoors with the assurance of safety provided by the Excursion Field First Aid Kit, a 44-piece compact IFAK designed for the rigors of outdoor activities and emergencies.

Tailored for individuals who value preparedness, from backpackers to tactical professionals, this kit encapsulates the essentials for field operations, emergency response, and survival scenarios.

Its comprehensive selection of supplies and compact and lightweight design makes it an indispensable companion for camping, hiking, tactical engagements, and everyday carry.

Whether you're assembling a bug-out bag or a 72-hour emergency kit or simply need a reliable first-aid solution for travel, this tan-colored IFAK stands ready.

Product Highlights:

Versatile Use:

  • Ideal for backpacking, camping, emergencies, tactical and military use, and daily carry for professionals.

Comprehensive Supply List:

  • Equipped with essentials such as tourniquets, pressure bandages, adhesive bandages, alcohol pads, and more, offering peace of mind during any adventure.

Compact and Lightweight:

  • Designed to fit in most bags, packs, and coat pockets, ensuring you have emergency coverage without the bulk.

Customizable Storage:

  • Features extra space for adding personal medical supplies, allowing for a tailored first-aid solution.

[Premium Supplies] The Excursion Compact First Aid Kit (IFAK) was initially crafted for bug-out bags, 72-hour kits, and emergencies. However, we soon discovered it's also perfect for hiking, backpacking, ATVs, camping, and other outdoor adventures. The first aid supplies are carefully chosen to address a wide range of emergencies, covering minor incidents and severe trauma. It aims to provide immediate care to safely get you home or to a hospital.

[Optimal Gear Organizer] This First Aid Kit features one quick-access main storage compartment, equipped with supply pouches, pockets, zippered sections, and mesh pouches for organized storage. It is filled with essential items such as bandages, a tourniquet, pressure bandages, and adhesives. The MOLLE organizer also offers additional space for personalizing your kit with items like tablets, creams, gels, and medications.

[Ideal Size] Designed for efficiency and portability, the first aid organizer bag is lightweight yet spacious enough to hold critical supplies. It easily fits into coat or jacket pockets, day packs, backpacks, purses, glove boxes, car storage areas, go bags, or emergency kits. Weighing just over 1 pound and measuring 8 x 6 x 4.5 inches, it's conveniently sized for versatile use and can be attached to the exterior of compatible MOLLE bags.

[Premium Materials] Constructed from high-quality, durable 1000D Nylon on the exterior and lined with 420D Polyester inside, the organizer bag is robust and lightweight, designed to withstand the rigors of outdoor use.

[Applications] While the Excursion Compact First Aid Kit (IFAK) was primarily designed for emergency, survival, tactical, and first aid purposes, its versatility extends to backpacking, school gear, electronic devices, purse items, and more. Its variety of pockets and pouches make it an ideal solution for organizing a wide array of gear, tools, and supplies.


Component Quantity Details
MOLLE First Aid Organizer 1 For easy attachment and organization
Alcohol Pads 12 For cleaning and disinfecting wounds
Antiseptic Wipes 2 Additional cleaning supplies
Adhesive Bandages 12 Various sizes for different wound types
Knuckle Bandages 2 For joint injuries
Butterfly Bandages 2 For small lacerations
Gauze Wound Pad 2 Absorbent pads for wound dressing
Compression Bandage Roll 1 For supporting and compressing injuries
Military Tourniquet 1 For severe bleeding control
PVC Gloves 1 pair To maintain hygiene during first aid
Emergency Blanket 1 For retaining body heat in cold conditions

Package Contents:

  • 1 MOLLE First Aid Organizer
  • Comprehensive selection of bandages and wound care supplies
  • Critical emergency tools, including a military tourniquet and pressure dressing
  • Protective and emergency gear, such as PVC gloves and an emergency blanket

Prepared for Any Adventure:

The Excursion Field First Aid Kit is not just a collection of first aid items; it's a gateway to safer adventures. Its carefully curated contents are chosen to address a wide range of emergencies, ensuring you’re equipped to handle unforeseen situations confidently.

This kit serves as a vital component of your gear, whether you're exploring the wilderness, engaging in tactical activities, or preparing for emergency scenarios.

Safety Reminder:

Obtain medical training to use the first aid supplies effectively. Proper knowledge and application are crucial to maximize the benefits and prevent further injury.

Embrace your adventures and daily challenges, knowing the Excursion Field First Aid Kit backs you. This compact, comprehensive IFAK is your first line of defense in emergency and survival situations, providing the tools you need to act swiftly and effectively.

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