Long-Term Storage 144-Serving Freeze-Dried Powdered Eggs - Essential Emergency Food Supply by ReadyWise

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ReadyWise 144 Serving Powdered Eggs Freeze Dried Food Kit

A Reliable and Convenient Nutritional Solution

Product Overview:

The ReadyWise 144 Serving Powdered Eggs Freeze Dried Food Kit is a practical and nutritious choice for emergency preparedness, outdoor activities, or everyday use. This kit offers a substantial supply of high-quality powdered eggs, ensuring you have a reliable protein source when needed.

Key Features:

  • 144 Servings: A substantial amount to meet your nutritional needs.
  • Long Shelf Life: 10-year shelf life, providing lasting value.
  • Convenient Preparation: Easy to prepare, just add water.
  • Versatile Use: Ideal for emergency, outdoor, or everyday use.
  • Storage: No refrigeration required, making it convenient to store.
  • Nutritional Value: Each pouch contains 24 servings, with a total of 11,520 calories for the entire bucket.

Additional Information:

  • Package Weight: 7 lbs per bucket, ensuring easy handling and storage.
  • Dietary Considerations: Allergen-free statements indicate it's dairy-free.
  • Usage: Can be used in various recipes or as a standalone egg substitute.

Why Choose ReadyWise Powdered Eggs?

Whether you're building your emergency food supply, planning a camping trip, or simply want a convenient, long-lasting egg alternative for cooking and baking, ReadyWise Powdered Eggs offer both flexibility and peace of mind. Their long shelf life, ease of preparation, and high nutritional value make them an ideal choice for various needs.