Military Army Poncho For CBRN, Nuclear, Biological, Chemical Threats - MIRA Safety M4 Tactical Poncho

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Size: Medium
Color: Serbian Digital Camo
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Enhance Your Preparedness with the MIRA Safety M4 CBRN Military Poncho

Prepare to face environmental hazards head-on with the MIRA Safety M4 CBRN Military Poncho. This military-grade, compact poncho is the perfect addition to your emergency readiness kit, offering unparalleled protection against chemical, biological, radiological, and nuclear threats.

Featuring a cutting-edge polyamide construction, it provides a formidable insulating barrier, safeguarding your skin and equipment for over two hours.

Weighing just 23 ounces, this military-designed poncho is discreet and compact, easily tucked away into your backpack, ensuring you're ready for any scenario.

It's not just a layer of clothing; it's a formidable shield, offering over two hours of insulation from nuclear, biological, and chemical threats and meeting the stringent Military Standard of the Republic of Serbia (PKP 6468/07).

Its lightweight and discreet design makes it ideal for practical, on-the-go defense.

Optimal Protection with Versatile Design:

  • Proven Defense: Enjoy peace of mind with protection against CBRN threats in both gas and aerosol/liquid forms.
  • Military Engineering: Developed by Serbian military experts, this poncho offers cost-effective, convenient protection ranging from mustard gas to nuclear fallout.
  • Comprehensive Gear Integration: Designed to complement MIRA Safety gas masks and HAZ-SUITs for extended protection.
  • Durability Meets Comfort: The tear-resistant polyamide material is durable for field use and flexible and comfortable to wear.
  • Tailored Fit: Available in sizes S, M, and L, with color options including Black, Navy Blue, and Serbian Digital Camo, ensuring a fit for all users.

Upgrade your safety measures today with the MIRA Safety M4 CBRN Military Poncho and stay one step ahead of emergencies.​


Technical Specifications:

  • Tested against mustard drops with a contamination density of 11 ± 1 mg per 10 cm²
  • Exceptional protection capacity of over 120 minutes using the drop-by-drop method
  • Robust tensile strength, with over 500 N/5cm longitudinally and 400 N/5cm transversely
  • Tearing resistance surpasses 30 N/epr in both directions

Size Guide for Optimal Fit:

    Small: For individuals up to 170cm (5'7")
    Medium: For those between 170cm - 180 cm (5'7" - 5'11")
    Large: Suitable for persons over 180 cm (5'11")

With a 15-year shelf life and available in Serbian Digital Camo, Black, and Navy Blue, the M4 CBRN Military Poncho is a critical addition to your protective gear, balancing practicality and protection seamlessly.

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