MIRA Safety CM-3M CBRN Child Gas Mask Infant Escape Respirator with PAPR - Israeli Defense Forces

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The Israeli Defense Forces (IDF) CBRN experts have come up with a novel solution for a children's gas mask. This expandable hood may be quickly set up to give some of your youngest family members hours of protection and easy breathing by combining a battery-operated, small blower with a contemporary CBRN filter. The CM-3M Child Escape 

The respirator is made especially to meet the demands of young children and teenagers, in contrast to the majority of contemporary gas masks, which are made for military use.


  • Comprises an expandable mask, tubing, blower unit, back/waist carrier, integrated water bottle, and Israeli NBC filter as part of a complete system.
  • Fits infants as early as a few months old, but is only recommended for ages 2+ because of the possibility of them removing it. Suitable for children as young as 2 up to and even small young adults
  • The blower is powered by four ordinary CR123A batteries and has a runtime of 15 to 22 hours.
  • Several carrying choices are available; for children under the age of four, the back carrier is advised, and for those four and above, the waist/belt mount.
  • To facilitate easy breathing, the hood's interior is overpressurized with 45 liters of air per minute thanks to the blower/bellows system.
  • For optimal tear resistance, the hood is made of four layers of PVC, nylon, and PVC (tested in accordance with ASTM D882)
  • 100% aerosol protection has been tested in the system
  • Proven to offer adequate protection against mustard gas (CWA) for up to 240 minutes in accordance with MIL-STD-282 (method 204.1.1)
  • Easy to keep in a closet, trunk, or backpack because it comes in a small, folded box 
  • An alternative way to use the blower unit is to attach it to a regular 40 mm NATO gas mask, which would provide better protection along with longer wear and easier breathing
  • Safe drinking is made possible with an integrated hydration system, even in hazardous situations
  • Made in Israel

Nothing is as special, inventive, or useful as the MIRA Safety CM-3M Child Escape Respirator when it comes to child gas masks and personal protective equipment. Given their smaller stature, it should come as no surprise that children have significantly lower lung capacities than the average adult. This makes it impossible for them to suck in enough air through the intricate filters included in modern gas masks, not to mention how challenging it is to put a child securely into an adult-sized respirator).

Breathing difficulties will eventually pose problems, even if a child is big enough to wear a full-sized mask with some degree of comfort. They might tire out more quickly, become disoriented, or worse. MIRA Safety CM-3M CBRN Child Gas Mask Infant Escape Respirator with PAPR - Israeli Defense Forces

Gas masks and personal protective equipment (PPE) for children and newborns have not seen much innovation up to this point, with the notable exception of the CM-2M gas mask system, which was effectively used during the Chernobyl accident and is still available here because of its outstanding value and performance.

However, your toddlers, kids, and early teenagers now have a state-of-the-art protective option with the CM-3M Child Escape Respirator. 

This device may be stretched to fit over the child's head, saving effort and frustration in dealing with poorly fitting face masks and straps for children. The blower will allow the mask to overpressurize, which will ensure that the child can breathe comfortably and act as a natural barrier to keep out harmful substances like mustard gas and aerosols. Using common 40 mm NATO filter cartridges and home CR123 batteries, the method is both straightforward and durable.

MIRA Safety CM-3M CBRN Child Gas Mask Infant Escape Respirator with PAPR - Israeli Defense Forces

It should come as no surprise that Israel is the source of this kind of innovation given that its people are constantly on high alert in anticipation of the next radical attack. Every Israeli is essentially a frontline soldier, even though most other nations are permitted to customize their PPE and gas masks to fit their personnel. It follows that even in the face of the gravest dangers, they prioritize the security of their family.

The CM-3M Kids Escape Respirator shields you quite well against the dangers you're likely to encounter every day. It is simple to store and maybe swiftly deployed to assist you in getting your family to safety.

Please be aware that a full-face respirator or gas mask filter can only shield the sensitive tissues it covers. We advise a full-body suit (our HAZ-Suit is a flexible option) with butyl rubber boots, butyl rubber gloves, and Kappler Chemtape to fill any holes for enhanced protection.

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