MIRA Safety CM-6M - Full Face Respirator - Tactical Gas Mask

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The MIRA Safety CM-6M Tactical Gas Mask For CBRN Defense and Emergency Preparedness, is a full-face respiratory protective device designed to protect the wearer from hazardous substances, including chemicals, biological agents, and radioactive dust. This gas mask features a compact design and an adjustable head harness for a comfortable and secure fit. It also has a drinking system that allows the wearer to hydrate while wearing the mask, and a built-in speech diaphragm for clear communication. 

The CM-6M is equipped with NATO 40mm filter cartridges for protection against a wide range of threats. The mask provides a high level of protection for industrial, military, and civilian users in environments where airborne contaminants may be present. 

* IMPORTANT NOTE: Filters are NOT included. Sales of all MIRA Safety products are final.

  • Full-face protection: The CM-6M provides complete coverage of the face, including the eyes and mouth, to protect against hazardous substances.
  • Compact design: The mask has a compact design that makes it easy to carry and store, making it ideal for mobile and field use.
  • Adjustable head harness: The head harness is fully adjustable to ensure a comfortable and secure fit for users of all head sizes.
  • Drinking system: The mask has a built-in drinking system that allows the wearer to hydrate without removing the mask, which is important in situations where exposure to hazardous substances is possible.
  • Speech diaphragm: The CM-6M has a built-in speech diaphragm that allows the wearer to communicate clearly while wearing the mask.
  • NATO 40mm filter cartridges: The mask is compatible with NATO 40mm filter cartridges, which provide protection against a wide range of threats, including chemicals, biological agents, and radioactive dust.

Full-Face Respirator for CBRN Defense

The MIRA Safety CM-6M Tactical Gas Mask Full Face Respirator protects you from a wide range of CBRN threats, from industrial chemicals and chemical warfare agents to radiation and nuclear fallout. This mask is designed to provide a high level of protection while also being comfortable and easy to use in various scenarios.

It's an excellent choice for anyone looking to be prepared for an industrial accident near their home or in the event of a disaster where you may need to evacuate to a more remote location. The CM-6M has a one-size-fits-all design and comes with a five-point head harness to ensure that it achieves a tight seal on your face for long periods.

Combining premium features with superior mil-spec construction, MIRA Safety’s CM-6M CBRN Tactical Gas Mask protects your face, internal organs, and respiratory system against a full spectrum of toxic industrial chemicals (TIC) and chemical warfare agents (CWA) including chemical, biological and nuclear threats such as radioactive dust, noxious gas, vaporized pollutants and more.

This is a reusable full-face respirator/gas mask originally designed for professional use in industrial, agricultural, police and rescue squads, and civil defense settings. The CM-6M is marked with a “CE” symbol and is manufactured and marked in accordance with the EN 136:1998 standard, class III and EN 148-1.



The Perfect Blend of Protection, Utility, and Comfort

  • 20-year shelf life
  • Compatible with the MIRAVISION Spectacle Kit (sold separately)
  • Trusted by police worldwide and government entities in the Czech Republic, Norway, Portugal, Chile, Saudi Arabia, Turkey, Kuwait, Latvia, and Lebanon
  • Durable bromobutyl rubber construction (meets CBRN protection standards)
  • Full-face panoramic design with a large visor to enable a wide-angle view
  • The hypoallergenic inner mask prevents fogging, even under hard use
  • Tested resistance to mustard gas penetration for nearly 30 hours
  • Helmet-compatible
  • Fits up to 2 standard 40-mm 1/7” NATO filter cartridges (widely available with varying protection levels)
  • Comes with a pre-installed hydration system and canteen. The canteen has a capacity of 900ml.
  • Compatible with CamelBak water bladders with a Type M adapter (not included)
  • Used for industrial, agricultural, law enforcement, professional rescue, specialized welding, construction, and painting applications
  • Conforms to European quality and sustainability standards, marked with the CE symbol
  • Meets all requirements under EN 136:1998, Class III
  • Complies with all standards under EN 168 for impact protection, making this the perfect mask for riot control situations
  • Carries MIRA Safety’s special 5-year manufacturer warranty
  • Compatible with the TAPR-M Microphone and RVA (A.01) VPU Unit
  • Manufactured in the Czech Republic
  • One size fits all. It fits a larger variety of face shapes and is compatible with 95% of adult users. 

When working in environments where exposure to hazardous chemicals or gases is a concern, protecting yourself with a gas mask is a wise decision. However, it's also important to maintain proper hydration levels to ensure clear thinking and decision-making.

The MIRA Safety CM-6M Tactical Gas Mask has you covered on both fronts, with a built-in hydration system and canteen. You can choose to use the canteen attached directly to the mask via a tube or connect it to a CamelBak water bladder with a type M adapter (sold separately).

Clear communication is also essential in hazardous environments, which is why the CM-6M is equipped with an integrated speech diaphragm that provides at least 95% voice intelligibility. The five-point rubber-textile head harness ensures a snug, comfortable fit for extended wear, making the CM-6M an excellent choice for those who need reliable protection in demanding situations.

 * IMPORTANT NOTE: Filters are NOT included. Sales of all MIRA Safety products are final.