Mr. Heater Double Burner Angle Iron Stove - Basecamp 2 Burners 30,000 BTU

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The Mr. Heater Double Burner Angle Iron Stove is designed to take your outdoor culinary adventures to the next level. With its rugged construction, exceptional heat output, and unique adjustable legs, this stove is a must-have for camping trips, tailgating events, and backyard cookouts.

Key Features:

  •     Adjustable Legs for Versatile Cooking: The standout feature of this stove is its adjustable legs, allowing you to set it up on uneven terrain without compromising stability. Achieve the perfect cooking height, whether you're grilling, simmering, or frying.
  •     Double Burner Efficiency: With two powerful burners, you'll have the flexibility to cook multiple dishes simultaneously. The stove's 15,000 BTU burners deliver a steady and even flame, ensuring your meals are cooked to perfection every time.
  •     Durable Angle Iron Construction: Crafted from rugged angle iron, this stove is built to withstand the rigors of outdoor use. Its robust construction guarantees long-lasting durability, making it an investment that will serve you for years to come.
  •     Wind-Block™ Panels: Thanks to the integrated Wind-Block™ panels, you can cook with confidence even on windy days. These panels provide an additional layer of protection against the elements, helping you maintain consistent heat.
  •     Easy Setup and Maintenance: Setting up the Mr. Heater Double Burner Angle Iron Stove is a breeze. Its compact design and foldable legs make it incredibly portable, while the removable grease tray ensures hassle-free cleaning after your culinary creations.
  •     Versatile Cooking Options: Whether you're boiling water, grilling your favorite meats, or simmering a hearty stew, this stove offers versatile cooking options to satisfy your outdoor cooking cravings.
  •     Safety First: Equipped with a built-in safety shut-off feature, this stove prioritizes your safety. Enjoy peace of mind knowing that your cooking appliance is designed with your well-being in mind.

Enhance Your Outdoor Cooking Experience

With the Mr. Heater Double Burner Angle Iron Stove, you're not just buying a cooking appliance; you're investing in a tool that enhances your outdoor cooking experience. Its adjustable legs, sturdy construction, and exceptional performance make it the ideal choice for passionate outdoor chefs and adventurers.

Don't compromise on quality or convenience when you're out in nature. Elevate your outdoor cooking game with the Mr. Heater Double Burner Angle Iron Stove and savor delicious meals wherever your adventures take you. Order yours today and experience the ultimate in outdoor cooking versatility.


Mr.Heater 2 burner angle iron stove

-30,000 BTU per hour
-For use with propane gas
-2 heavy duty 15,000 BTU burners
-Adjustable legs to achieve level cooking surface on uneven terrain
-Range style top to raise cooking vessel above frame improving combustion
-Durable welded frame, thicker gas manifold system, & corrosion resistant brass
valves for use in the elements
-Regulator hose sold separately

Other Features: Welded angle iron burners are tougher, stronger, and more durable than cast iron, aluminum cast burners for better combustion, adj legs, range style cook top with variable temp control, for use w/ propane, hose and regulator sold seperately