Pelican Dayventure Soft Sling Cooler - Compression Molded Grey

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Unparalleled Durability and Functionality

Crafted for the adventurer, the Pelican Dayventure Sling Cooler redefines outdoor convenience. This Pelican soft cooler sling, in a stylish grey, brings together a blend of durability and portability. Built with 840D double-coated TPU, this cooler is more than just a bag; it's an impenetrable shield against the rigors of the great outdoors.

Key Features at a Glance:

  • Material: 840D Nylon Outer Shell, Double Coated TPU
  • Origin: Imported
  • Capacity: 8.5 Liters
  • Design: Lightweight with Padded Shoulder Straps

Robust Build:

  • Puncture-Resistant Material: Ready to withstand harsh conditions
  • Compression Molded Base: Enhances structure and longevity

Efficiency Redefined:

  • Leak-Resistant Zipper: Incorporates a waterproof seal
  • Insulated Walls: High-density closed cell foam for superior insulation

Crafted for Adventure

The Pelican Dayventure Sling Cooler isn't just any cooler. It's your trusted companion for every adventure. The sleek design, coupled with its lightweight structure, makes it the go-to choice for outdoor enthusiasts. Whether you're hiking, camping, or enjoying a day at the beach, this cooler sling has got your back.

Capacity Meets Convenience:

  • Spacious: Fits up to four wine bottles, 12 cans, or 8.5 liters
  • Easy Access: Wide top opening for hassle-free use
  • Extra Storage: Convenient side pocket for dry goods

Comfort and Portability Combined

  • Ergonomic Design: Padded shoulder straps ensure comfort during long treks
  • Versatile Carry: Includes a rubberized handle for easy lifting
  • Stands Alone: The molded base allows it to stay upright, adding to its functionality

Perfect for All Your Dayventures

The Pelican Dayventure Sling Cooler is more than just a cooler. It's a statement of your lifestyle. Balancing robustness with elegance, it's the perfect accessory for your day out. Keep your drinks chilled and your spirits high, as you embrace the wild or unwind at your favorite spot.

Product Specifications:

Feature Description
Material 840D Nylon, Double Coated TPU
Capacity 8.5 Liters
Design Lightweight with Padded Shoulder Straps
Base Compression Molded
Zipper Leak-Resistant with Waterproof Seal
Insulation High-Density Closed Cell Foam
Additional Storage Side Pocket for Dry Goods
Portability Padded Shoulder Strap & Rubberized Handle
Best Use Pelican Ice Pack for Optimal Performance