Streamlight Super Siege 1100 Lumen - The Ultimate Rechargable Lantern

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The Ultimate Rechargeable Lantern

Lighting Redefined, Power Redesigned

Experience the pinnacle of portable lighting technology with the Streamlight Super Siege 1100. Crafted to meet the needs of adventurers, campers, and emergency preppers, this lantern marries unrivaled illumination with the convenience of rechargeability. Prepare to embark on your outdoor journey with a lighting companion that effortlessly combines brilliance, durability, and innovation.

Key Features:

1. Rechargeable Brilliance at Your Fingertips

Say goodbye to disposable batteries and hello to the future of illumination. The Super Siege 1100 offers a dazzling 1,100 lumens of white LED light, all powered by its rechargeable lithium-ion battery. Never worry about running out of power again; enjoy eco-friendly lighting for years.

2. Adaptive Lighting Modes

Customize your lighting experience to your exact needs with multiple modes:

    High: 1,100 lumens for maximum brightness
    Medium: 550 lumens for extended runtime
    Low: 125 lumens for a gentle, ambient glow
    Red: Preserve your night vision with 2.7 lumens of red LED light

3. Unmatched Durability

Built to thrive in the harshest conditions, the Super Siege 1100 boasts a rugged, high-impact polymer body and an unbreakable polycarbonate lens. Its IPX7 waterproof rating ensures it can endure rain, splashes, and even brief submersion, making it the perfect choice for outdoor adventures.

4. Always Prepared

In emergencies, the Super Siege 1100 shines even brighter. It features a red SOS mode for distress signaling and a built-in power bank to recharge your USB devices, keeping you connected when it matters most.

5. Rechargeable Revolution

Elevate your adventures with a lighting solution that offers not only brilliant illumination but also the convenience of rechargeability. The Streamlight Super Siege 1100 transforms how you approach outdoor lighting, ensuring you're always ready for your next adventure.

Light Up Your Adventures with Confidence

Whether you're heading into the wilderness, preparing for unexpected power outages, or enjoying a tranquil evening by the campfire, the Streamlight Super Siege 1100 stands as the ultimate rechargeable lantern. Its exceptional brightness, durability, and innovative features make it a must-have addition to your outdoor gear collection.

Elevate your adventures and stay prepared with the Streamlight Super Siege 1100 – where exceptional illumination meets the convenience of rechargeability. Order yours today and experience a new era of outdoor lighting excellence.

-Multiple modes:
-White C4 LED:
-High for brightest light (1,100 lumens; runs 5 hrs)
-Medium for bright light & longer run time (550 lumens; runs10.5 hrs)
-Low provides extended run time (125 lumens; runs 35 hrs)
-4 Red LEDs:
-High (2.7 lumens;runs 110 hrs)
-Low (1 lumen; runs 288 hrs)
-Flash SOS mode for emergency signaling (2.7 lumens; runs 230 hrs)
-Polycarbonate glare-reducing cover provides soft, even 360° light distribution; comfortable to use in close
quarters without impairing vision; the cover is removable to illuminate large areas
-Stand it upright or use it as an overhead light, or hang it with a D-ring on the base of the lantern
-Incorporated D-ring on bottom of lantern - Spring-loaded to stow against the light.
-Ergonomic handle designed to lock in upright or stowed position; incorporated hook allows for hanging on
horizontal rope, cables & pipes
-Uses an 8800mAh rechargeable lithium-ion battery
-Keyed battery door facilitates battery replacement in the dark
-Recessed power button prevents accidental actuation; features battery level indicator
-Battery level indicator changes from green to yellow, to red, then to flashing red when batteries reach the
end of their useable life
-Durable, polymer construction with a rubber molded base that provides stability on slippery or uneven
-IPX7 waterproof to 1m submersion; it floats; 2m impact resistance tested
-Portable USB charger:
-8+ full charges: Streamlight Stylus Pro USB, ClipMate USB, Double Clutch USB
-4+ full charges: Streamlight Pro Tac HL USB
-4+ full charges: Most smartphones
-2+ full charges: Most tablets
-1 lb. 14 oz.

Other Features: 1-white and 4-red c4 LED's flash sos mode for emergency rechargeable lithium-ion 8800mah battery included portable USB charger removable polycarbonate cover for 360 light distribution incorporated D-ring on the bottom of the lantern

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