Tenzing Backpack Hangtime™ Day Pack For Tree Stand Hunting: Unleash the Potential of Every Hunt

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Go on an unparalleled hunting adventure with the Hangtime™ Day Pack Backpack, your quintessential companion for tree stand hunting. Engineered with precision, this day pack is the first of its kind, specifically designed to meet the rigorous demands of the hunter perched above ground.

Featuring a robust EVA-molded shell, it stands unrivaled in structure and accessibility, ensuring your gear is not just carried, but also effortlessly available when you need it most.

Pioneering Design for the Strategic Hunter

  • Sturdy Structure: A game-changer in gear access and organization with a shape-retaining EVA-molded shell.
  • Exceptional Capacity: Offers a generous 1600 cubic inches of space, meticulously organized across multiple compartments and pockets.

Optimized for Access and Efficiency

  • Swift Gear Retrieval: Designed for one-handed access, so your focus remains undisturbed.
  • Advanced Storage Solutions: Over 20 specialized pockets including unique compartments for optics, game calls, and SD cards, ensuring every piece of equipment has its place.

Key Specifications

  • Weight: Light on your shoulders at just 1lb 14oz, it promises mobility without the bulk.
  • Dimensions: Every compartment is crafted to perfection, providing ample room for all your essentials.

Crafted for Comfort and Durability

  • Comfortable Carry: Features channeled, air-cooled shoulder straps and compression straps for a snug, yet comfortable fit.
  • Silent Fabric: Move stealthily with ultra-soft, whisper-quiet fabric, keeping you unnoticed by game.

Unmatched Features for the Avid Hunter

  • Ambidextrous Bow Carrier: Adaptable and removable for left or right-handed users.
  • Water Compatibility: Stay hydrated with H2O compatibility, a must-have for long hours on the hunt.

Transform your tree stand hunting with the Hangtime™ Day Pack, where design meets functionality at every turn. With this pack, success is not just anticipated—it's engineered.