Wise Company Strawberry Granola Crunch 6ct Pack (2 Serving Pouch)

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Go on your next adventure with the delicious convenience of Wise Company's Strawberry Granola Crunch. This 6ct pack is more than just a meal; it's a testament to the joy of exploring the great outdoors without compromising taste or nutrition.

Each pouch is a blend of crunchy granola, sweet strawberries, and creamy whey milk, designed to energize and satisfy with every bite. Perfect for campers, backpackers, and emergency preparedness enthusiasts, this granola crunch is the ultimate companion for those who live life on the go.

Crafted with care and quality, the Strawberry Granola Crunch brings together the hearty wholesomeness of rolled oats with the natural sweetness of freeze-dried strawberries, all rounded off with the richness of sweet whey milk.

With 6 grams of protein per serving and a lightweight, packable design, each pouch ensures you're fueled and ready to tackle your next adventure. Made in the USA and boasting a 7-year shelf life, these meals are a reliable source of nutrition wherever you are.

Product Features:

  • Delicious Strawberry Granola: A perfect blend of crunchy granola, sweet strawberries, and creamy whey milk.
  • Nutrient-Rich: Each serving packs 6 grams of protein, ensuring sustained energy for your adventures.
  • Convenient and Portable: Lightweight pouches that are easy to carry and store, making them ideal for outdoor activities.
  • Easy to Prepare: Add water and enjoy directly from the pouch; no cooking is necessary.
  • Long Shelf Life: With a 7-year shelf life, these pouches are perfect for emergency food storage or last-minute plans.
  • Quality Ingredients: Made with whole grain rolled oats, freeze-dried strawberries, and sweet whey powder, a healthy and vegetarian-friendly meal option.

Nutritional Information & Ingredients:

  • Main Ingredients: Granola, Sweet Whey Powder, Freeze-dried Strawberries.
  • Allergens: Contains milk, soy, and wheat. Note: Produced on equipment that also processes other allergens.
  • Net Weight: 4.4oz per pouch.

Why Choose Wise Company Strawberry Granola Crunch?

Wise Company's Strawberry Granola Crunch is the perfect choice for those who seek adventure without leaving delicious, nutritious meals behind. Whether you're hitting the trails, camping under the stars, or preparing for unforeseen emergencies, these meals are designed to provide comfort and convenience.

They are committed to quality and taste, ensuring every pouch is a step towards a more enjoyable and fulfilling outdoor experience. Add Wise Company Strawberry Granola Crunch to your pack, and never compromise on taste or nutrition, no matter where your adventures take you.

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