List of 25 Best Off-Grid Websites and Blogs

More and more people are getting enthusiastic about the idea of being self-sufficient through homesteading and off-grid living. Surely, what's there not to like? From growing your own produce —fruits and vegetables alike—to building an off-grid sanctuary in the wilderness, everything is limitless.

If you are new to this, you may be looking for the best source of information on how to kickstart your off-grid living adventure. Not to worry! Listed below are the twenty-five (25) best Off-Grid Websites and Blogs.

Sustainable Living

  1. Off-Grid World

    First on the list is a classic go-to website for living off the grid, sustainable living, and renewable energy. Looking for tips and steps on how to start your off-grid living? You got it here. The website also covers practical advice about growing your own food, prepping & survival, natural health, and homesteading. Moreover, it includes topics about more environmentally friendly "alternatives" and "practices," such as reducing waste and upcycling materials. You can also find information here about sustainable resources such as solar power and wind power.

  2. Homestead Wishing

    If you're looking into reading about enhancing self-sufficiency at home and not really much about making an off-grid doomsday bunker, then this website is a good start. It covers topics about DIY gardening projects and growing livestock such as chickens and ducks, as well as learn a few tips and tricks about gardening and homemaking.

    What's more, the blog also tackles survival topics, such as preparing your emergency bag checklist, anticipating power outages, do's and don't's in hiking, and a few food recipes you can easily prepare at home.

  3. Little House Living

    Want to indulge in a series of little DIY projects and recipes? Then this blog is for you. It covers topics that range from simple homemade gifts to a variety of easily made crafts. It also includes recipes that you can make from scratch, such as appetizers and snack recipes like bread, beverage, canning, preserving, and sweet desserts and treats.

    Looking to start living frugally this 2023? You're in the right place. This website also includes the best frugal living tips. It includes saving money ventures, buying in bulk, full-time RV living, etc. It even has an overview of resources that you can utilize for simple living.

  4. The Homesteading Hippy

    This is rather a very personal story about homesteading as it features bloggers —namely, Jesse & Alyssa—and their journey towards off-grid homestead and creating off-grid homes. They are self-sufficient bloggers that give tips about construction tips and techniques. They have seven (7) categories on their website all-in-all: homesteading, bees, gardening, off-grid living, homeschooling, cooking food, and DIY. Pick and take a look at what you must do so you can start being self-sufficient and living off the grid.

  5. Washington's Last Frontier

    This blog is perhaps very underrated, but they offer one of the best off-grid living tips and information there is. The blog is created by the husband and wife and features their slow and methodical journey toward off-grid self-sufficiency. As such, they post recipes and gift ideas list you can do at home.

  6. The Prairie Homestead

    Next on the list is an off-grid homestead blog following Jill's homesteading story as a gardener, farm animal raiser, and essential oil junkie. She tackles topics about starting a homestead, raising country kids, and her reflections on off-grid living. She also talks about cook-from-scratch recipes with pantry staples, home bakery, preserving the harvest, hearty mains, farm-style sides, and countryside breakfasts.

    What's more, she does not only focus on living off the grid but also on doing DIY projects, decorating farmhouses, and learning natural remedies for health and wellness.

  7. Homestead Honey

    This blog is the ideal spot for homesteading tips, motivation, and resources. They are known for their highly sensationalized posts about "Building a Tiny House," "Living Off-Grid," and "Organic Gardening." Apart from that, they also talk about off-grid living essentials such as an electric vehicle, solar ovens using solar panels, beeswax candles, running water alternatives, wind turbines, off-grid laundry, and making your own electricity.

  8. A Modern Homestead

    As the blog title suggests, it features off-grid homestead tips in the modern world. It offers very practical advice and tips, such as canning peaches in syrup, pressure canning green beans, roasting frozen chicken, gardening, frugal living, crafting, and homesteading in general. It also talks about handmade crafts, such as gift ideas, knitting, sewing, printable art, and all crafting.

  9. Lady Lee's Home

    This blog is about Lee's passion for homemade and homegrown stuff. She talks about gardening, including topics about planning your vegetable garden, steps to make your vegetable garden, creating a planting schedule, putting vegetable seeds indoors, easy garden preparation, etc. She also talks about preserving methods, such as water bath canning mulberry jam, pear ginger jam, apple butter, hot peppers, jalapeno jam, and the classic strawberry-mango jam.

    That's not all. Lee also writes about off-grid homestead tips, such as raising chickens, butchering rabbits, skinning chickens, bottle-feeding a baby goat, etc.

  10. The Eliott Homestead

    Here, we can read about Shaye's homesteading experiences. The topics can range from farming, off-grid homes, family blogs, food recipes, etc. She is proven to be a very self-sufficient woman as she shares living off-grid tips in this modern world with the way she roasts coffee at home, makes homemade cheeseboard, fixes doors, cleans the cottage, does massive garden harvest, and decorates kitchen for all seasons.

    Her blog is the perfect website to visit if you are venturing into living on the farm, canning goods, using alternatives for disposable items, and using homegrown crops into delicious, healthy, and tasty sets of meals. Her blogs will make you feel at home as she delves deeper into seasonal changes, goal-setting for off-grid living, and other useful tips you can apply in your own journey.

    Solar Panels, Grid Choose, Modern World
  11. Montana Homesteader

    Another heartfelt blog that will make you feel at home is this off-grid homestead blog that features a small family of three that recently purchased 4.5 acres of land in Montana. After which, they family did a lot of gardening, raising meat chickens, keeping bees, food preservation, solar power, and more. The topics included in their blog is so largely varied and specific. They talk about safely eating and salvaging roadkill meat, storing carrots in the fridge, and using it in a curried carrot soup recipe thereafter.

    The family also talks a lot about raising bees, otherwise referred to as "beekeeping," and chickens. They also talk about growing their own food and some very helpful living off-grid tips.

  12. Pure Living for Life

    The blog is another good read for those who are venturing into living off the grid, especially those who live in the city, trying to become self-sufficient in this modern world. Take Jesse & Alyssa and how they quit their city-living lives in 2015, bought five acres of land in a remote part of the county, and both built a home 100% from scratch, debt-free.

    They have very good timber frame house plans, set up their own solar panels and solar power system, created their own off-grid water systems, and installed a septic system on a more sustainable power solution. Get inspired with how they live off the grid using raw materials, wood stoves, and making their own food without going to the grocery stores.

  13. Off-Grid

    This is another off-grid living blog that preaches self-reliance and gives tips and advice on how to be self-sufficient. It follows Craig's journey out of the modern world rat race and started living off the grid since then. He talked about alternative energy, living off the land, off-grid ways to operate a homestead, waste reduction, innovative products, up-cycling ideas, etc.

  14. Judy on the Woods

    Next, we have here Judy's journey out in the woods and her advocacy of self-reliance in the 21st century. It's filled with blog entries about building a log cabin and a house and how to make use of what's available. It's a must-check-out blog because it talks about different categories such as business, creativity, productivity, DIY projects, simple living, and wild food.

    As she preaches about living off the grid, she talks a lot about buildings, compact living, hybrid off-grid power, hydro generator, solar site design, solar dehydrator, etc. Not convinced enough to start off-grid living? Carry on, as Judy cites many reasons why you should start it soon enough.

  15. Off Grid, Self-Sufficient, Montana Homestead Life

    Another Montana-based blog here is a blog operated by a family in the mountains of northwestern Montana. It contains a mix of old and new technologies. Moreover, it talks about a lot of homesteading tips and guides, such as building low-budget solar power, making your own electricity, making use of alternative weapons, food prepping, etc.

  16. Wayward Spark

    This off-grid homestead blog features a family living in an off-the-grid, tiny cabin in rural Western Oregon. They talk about topics in various categories, namely; adventures, animal husbandry, beekeeping, child-rearing, cooking/baking, dairy, food preservation, gardening/growing, homemaking, hunting and gathering, local community, local ecology, off-grid living, personal, profiles in agriculture, woodcraft, and even Public Service Announcement. Name it —they got it all!

    With a bunch of practical living off-grid tips that they got, it will be easier for you to kickstart your own journey. You can read about how they decorated their tiny house, used wood stoves, and utilized solar panels for survival.

  17. VelaCreations

    This blog needs to be on the list as it offers a long list of topics from simple energy to sustainable food. It contains guides, books, and articles with a DIY approach to the unique problems of homesteading off the grid. With all these, you can start your off-grid living right away. It has different How-To's categories, such as animals, energy, food, gardening, kids, lifestyle, and shelter.

    Want to raise your own animals and make your own food? Check out their articles about mealworm farms, goat milk products, bait hives, butcher stations, making bacon, etc. If not, do you want to practice energy sustainability? Read their articles about solar heaters, wind generator towers, rocket mass heaters, and clotheslines. Or, are you one of those who want to start your own self-sufficient tiny house? Go visit their articles about latex concrete roofs, brick-laying, squaring a building, fabric-formed posts, etc.

  18. Root and Simple

    Want to start anew? Check out this urban homesteading blog of Erik Knutzen and Kelly Coyne. It is the go-to blog for learning the basics of DIY living, cultural alchemy, and how to cultivate homegrown herbs. It has articles about how-to activities, food, gardening, animals, domestic preparedness, and thought stylings.

    Want to learn more about chickens, herbs, hooch, and bicycles? Browse through the website, and you will find the best information written there. It will give you initial ideas and perspectives on how to live off-grid.

  19. Adventures in Urban Homesteading

    This blog is formerly known as "Northwest Meets Midwest," where Aimee shares the charades and adventures of living in the Midwest as someone who came from the Northwest herself. She talks about her adventures in canning, preserving, mushroom-growing, local/organic fanaticism, chicken raising, designing and constructing, sewing, and attempting a little self-sufficiency in the corner of Minneapolis.

    If you are interested in farming and gardening, you can read about Aimee's Homegrown Journal.

  20. Five Little Homesteaders

    Go check out this personal blog that features a young family raising children (and chickens) in nature. They share their experiences in gardening, urban homesteading adventures, and life sustainability in general. They talk about different topics in different categories such as Compost, Cooking, Craftiness, Fixing Things, Growing in the Desert, Homemade Christmas, Homemaking, Homestead Fail, Kids, Made From Scratch, Pantry Revamp, Prepping, Preserving, Seedlings, Tomatoes, Urban Homesteading, and Weekending.

    They also write on a variety of DIY topics such as prepping your golf cart for farm use, making pillar candles using soy wax, DIY pierogi-making kit, easy DIY kitchen upgrades, making homemade deodorant, 72-hour emergency kit, etc.

  21. Kiwi Urban Homestead

    One of the most challenging aspects of living off-grid is making and growing your own food. This is why reading this Kiwi Urban Homestead blog is a must. It has articles about growing food in the garden and raising farm animals. This will save you a lot of money in the future. Imagine craving for olives in your viand and just casually picking it up from your garden —what a good way to practice self-sufficiency!

  22. Seatle Homestead

    Take yourself up on a treat by reading this chronicle of urban homesteading and gardening adventures of a couple in their new home in West Seattle. They painted, decorated, and moved objects into their new home on their own. After which, they started raising garden beds, building an earthen wall around the house, and sheet mulching most of the yard. They also give a few tips and tricks on how to raise a chicken coop.

    Looking into trying landscaping for the first time? Then you need to read their article about Seatle Landscaping Tips because they went over the basics of landscaping. You can also tune in to their Earthbag building to help you kickstart your emergency preparedness in case of a disaster.

  23. Happy Simple Living

    This blog is all about exploring ideas and discoveries about simplicity, family, good food, saving money, decluttering, creating a comfortable home, gardening, and sustainable living. It includes articles about letting a field lie fallow, ways to improve your garden soil, planning an amazing garden, attracting hummingbirds by making your own hummingbird nectar, etc.

    Moreover, they offer some of the best food recipes for making strawberry and cream tart, mini cheese balls, brown butter pan almond, bacon corn chowder, mini BLT cups, easy homemade meatballs, homemade cheese crackers, and potato chip chicken.

  24. Farmer Meg's Digest

    This second to the last blog that we'll feature is created by Megan Paska, who is from Baltimore, moved to Brooklyn, NY, where she practiced urban homesteading, and has finally moved to a large farm in NJ with her husband where they have an acre of vegetables, herbs and flowers, 100 heritage chickens, and operate a CSA that feeds about 45 families.

    Needless to say, if you want loads of farming information to find, visit her page so you won't miss out!


  1. City Girl Farming Blog

    This blog features the best ways how to grow your own food in the city, even with constricted spacing and animal limits. She also writes about preserved lemon recipes, grown heirloom beans, simple bee water stations, fresh orange jelly recipes, home canning, orange marmalade recipe, etc.

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