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The Patriot Pantry is one of the trusted brands of My Patriot Supply which specializes in emergency staples. The company was established in 2008, and since then, they have been receiving positive feedback from their clients. The other brands of My Patriot Supply are Alexa Pure, Patriot Seeds, and Colonial Concepts.

In this article, we will discuss some of the products of Patriot Pantry. We'll talk about the pros and cons of using the food items.

The Patriot Pantry offers various items. It is categorized into Long-term Food Storage, Short-term Food Storage, Special Emergency Food Kits, Case Pack Food Pouches, Fruits, Vegetable Food Kits, Bulk #10 Can Foods, Meat and Protein Kits, and Franklin's Finest Coffee.

All of the items are nutritious, and it offers a balanced diet. It is freeze-dried and stored in military-grade Mylar pouches. It doesn't contain MSG, it is non-GMO, and it has a shelf-life of up to 25 years. Furthermore, each product is proudly made in the United States.

Patriot Pantry Long-Term Food Storage

In this category, there are five products: a 3-month food supply, a 6-month food supply, a 1-year food supply for one person, a 1-year food supply for two persons, and a 1-year food supply for four persons.

Food Inclusion of Long-Term Food Storage

The food inclusion of the long-term food storage of Patriot Pantry is all the same. Here are the following:
  • Blue Ribbon Creamy Chicken Rice
  • Buttermilk Pancakes
  • Cheesy Broccoli and Rice Soup
  • Chocolate Pudding
  • Country Cottage Mac Cheese
  • Creamy Stroganoff
  • Granny's Homestyle Potato Soup
  • Heartland's Best Mashed Potatoes
  • Instant White Rice
  • Liberty Bell Potato Cheddar Soup
  • Maple Grove Oatmeal
  • Orange Energy Drink Mix
  • Pioneer's Chili Mac
  • Potatoes O' Brien
  • Rancher's Black Beans and Rice
  • Settler's Whey Powdered Milk
  • Southwest Savory Rice
  • Strawberry Fields Cream of Wheat
  • Sweetly Coated Banana Chips
  • Traditional Fettucine Alfredo
  • Traveler's Stew
Meanwhile, the number of Servings for Long-Term Food Storage varies.
  • 3-Month Food Supply- 450 servings, two totes
  • 6-Month Food Supply- 900 servings, four totes
  • 1-Year Food Supply- 1,800 servings, eight totes
  • One Year Food Supply for two people-3,600 servings, 16 totes
  • 1-Year Food Supply for four people- 7,200 servings, 32 totes

Patriot Pantry Short-Term Food Storage

Their Short-term Food Storage can be used during emergencies which can last from three days to three months. Here are the short-term food storage items:

Franklin's Finest Coffee

This coffee is freeze-dried, harvested fresh from the source, and packaged in an air-tight 60-military grade Mylar pouch. In addition, this product is 100% pure, non-GMO, and 100% from Columbia. You just need to add hot water to it and enjoy it anytime you wish to drink a coffee. Meanwhile, if you want your coffee to be mild, you can add sweetener and milk to it!

Patriot Pantry 72-Hour Emergency Food Supply Kit

This survival kit can provide adults with 16 servings of food which can last for 72 hours or three days. The 72-hour emergency food supply kit contains Granny's Homestyle Potato Soup (4 servings), Maple Grove Oatmeal (8 servings), and Blue Ribbon Creamy Chicken Rice (4 servings).

Overall, the 72-hour emergency food supply kit offers high nutrition for each serving. The Maple Grove Oatmeal has 14 grams of sugar per serving, and it has 240 calories.

Meanwhile, the Blue Ribbon Creamy Chicken Rice has 490 calories, and it offers more carbs than sugar. In addition, it has 28% sodium and 8 grams of Protein. This food has excellent flavor, is high in calories, high in carbs, and low in sugar.

Finally, Granny's Homestyle Potato Soup has a balance of calories, Protein, and carbs. The short-term food supply of Pantry Supply is 72-hours, one week, two weeks, four weeks, and three months. The contents are almost the same. However, the servings vary depending on the duration of the desired storage package.

Single Survival Pizza Kit

With this pizza kit, you can be able to make a mouth-watering 10-12 inches pizza anywhere you go!

This contains one serving of the crust, one serving of pizza sauce, and one serving of shredded Mozzarella cheese. You can prepare this pizza in a conventional oven or oven coal.

This pizza kit is freeze-dried, and it has a shelf-life of up to 20 years. The pizza kit contains wheat and milk, which makes it tastier than any other pizza kit brand! Furthermore, the pizza kit does not contain any MSG, and it is non-GMO.

The pizza's crust contains 120 calories, 420 mg of sodium, 3 grams of Protein, and 25 grams of carbohydrates. The sauce's nutritional value contains 20 calories, 280 mg of sodium, 4 grams of carbohydrates, 1 gram of Protein, and 1 gram of sugar.

Meanwhile, the shredded mozzarella cheese consists of 70 calories, 3 grams of fat, 135 mg of sodium, 1 gram of carbohydrate, and 7 grams of Protein.

Survival Shot-Emergency Survival Food Supplement

Apart from food and drinks, the Pantry Supply also offers food supplements our body needs, especially during disasters.

This Survival Shot-Emergency Survival Food Supplement contains a 30-day supply of vitamins and a 10-year shelf life.

The product has 30 servings per container. It is available in chocolate flavor, and you can take it with or without meals. It is a bullet-shaped supplement that is palatable and chewable.

Its nutritional facts include 120 calories, 12 grams of fat, 30 grams of carbohydrates, 6 grams of sugar, and 2 grams of Protein. Meanwhile, the supplement contains the following vitamins:

  • Calcium
  • Folic Acid
  • Iodine
  • Manganese
  • Niacin
  • Phosphorus
  • Pyridoxine
  • Thiamin (B1)
  • Vitamin A
  • B5 (Pantothenic Acid)
  • Vitamin B12
  • Citric Acid, Vitamin C
  • Vitamin D
  • Zinc

Patriot Pantry Special Emergency Food Kit

The Special Emergency Food Kit is an excellent supplementary product for your emergency preparedness food storage. These comfort foods are easy to prepare, non-GMO, no MSG, and has up to 25 years of shelf life.

Fruit, Veggie, and Snack Mix

This product contains 114 servings and one tote. These are composed of fruits and vegetables that you can incorporate into your meals, even during emergencies. Make your meal palatable and nutritious with the Fruit, Veggie, and Snack Mix now. Each meal is freeze-dried to make it last a long time. Check out how the menu is available:
  • Blueberries-8 servings
  • Broccoli-16 servings
  • Chocolate Pudding-10 servings
  • Corn-24 servings
  • Green Beans-24 servings
  • Pineapple-8 servings
  • Strawberries-16 servings
  • Sweetly Coated Banana Chips-8 servings

Hearty Winter Soup Kits

This type of food kit will warm up your body, especially during cold months. It consists of bread, soup, and meat food meals. It is easy to prepare, and you only need to add hot water to it. The Heart Winter Soup Kits contain the following menus:
  • Cheesy Broccoli and Rice Soup (12 servings)
  • Freeze Dried Chicken (8 servings)
  • Granny's Home-Style Potato Soup (16 servings)
  • Honey Wheat Bread (48 servings)
  • Rancher's Black Beans and Rice (12 servings).'
  • Liberty Bell Potato Cheddar Soup (8 servings)

Ultimate Breakfast Kit

The following Special Emergency Food Kit is the Ultimate Breakfast Kit which includes 138 servings and one tote.

Breakfast is the most important meal of the day because this will give you energy for the big day ahead. The following are the menus of the Ultimate Breakfast Kit:

  • Buttermilk Pancakes-18 total servings
  • Maple Grove Oatmeal-16 total servings
  • Orange Energy Drink Mix-16 servings
  • Potatoes O' Brien-16 total servings
  • Scrambled Eggs-24 servings
  • Settler's Whey Powdered Milk-32 servings
  • Strawberry Fields Cream of Wheat-16 servings

Patriot Pantry Meat and Protein Kits

This selection of meat and protein kits can give you and your family enough energy for an extended period of disasters.

Protein is needed by the body to function and continue our day-to-day activities.

Freeze-Dried Chicken and Beef Case Pack

This product is fat-free, and it can give you about 14 grams of Protein which amounts to 25 to 30% of the body's daily protein requirements.

Furthermore, this product comes with six pouches of freeze-dried chicken. You can put this chicken pack on soup, pies, sandwiches, and other food.

To prepare, just remove the chicken from the pouch, mix with cold water, and drain it. Meanwhile, the Freeze-Dried Beef Case Pack is 24 servings, and it includes six-packs of beef.

One serving of beef adds 12 grams of protein to your meal. The preparation is the same as the Freeze-Dried Chicken.

Mega Protein Kit with Real Meat

This Mega Protein Kit will help you keep your body in shape even if there's a crisis. Protein can help build your muscles, bones, joints, and other body parts.

Furthermore, the individual pouches consist of 88 servings, and they can last for up to 25 years if not opened. Here is the food inclusion of the Mega Protein Kit:

  • Black beans-20 servings
  • Freeze Dried Beef and Chicken-16 servings each
  • Pinto beans-20 servings
  • Red beans-16 servings

Scrambled and Whole Egg Case Pack

Both the scrambled and whole egg case pack contains 144 servings, and it includes six-packs each. Eggs are essential even during emergencies.

This product is made of whole eggs, non-fat dry milk, vegetable oil, and salt. To prepare this menu, you just need to open the pouch and add water to it.

Scrambled eggs and whole eggs are a staple food of people around the world. Thus grab this product now!


The protein kit of the Patriot Pantry consists of the following bean products:
  • Beans Trio Case Pack- Pinto Beans, Black Beans, and Red Beans (8 servings, two packs each)
  • Black Bean Burger Mix Case Pack-36 servings, six-packs, and 38 servings
  • Rancher's Black Bean and Rice Soup Case Pack-20 servings, five packs

With this category, one can enjoy their favorite beans in soup, rice, and burger mix. It is easy to prepare: open the pouches, pour them in a mixing bowl, and add water.

Apart from this, the Patriot Pantry also offers sprouting seeds: the Organic Protein Powerhouse Sprouting Blend (8 ounces) and the Organic Bean Salad Mix Sprouting Seeds (4 ounces). This product is perfect for growing salad sprouts even during disasters, and it has high germination.

Gluten-Free Food Kit

My Patriot Supply also offers gluten-free food kits to its customers. It provides 120 servings of food which can last for up to 25 years.

It contains 16 servings of Heartland's Best Mashed Potatoes, 16 servings of Maple Grove Oatmeal, four servings of Creamy Chicken Flavored Rice, 16 servings of Powdered Whey Milk, eight servings of Southwest Savory Rice, ten servings of Long Grain White Rice, eight servings of Banana Chips, 8 Servings of Orange Energy Drink Mix, 10 Servings of Chocolate Puddings, eight servings of Cheesy Broccoli and Rice Soup, eight servings of Black Beans and Rice Soup, and eight servings of Potatoes O'Brien.

Patriot Pantry Bulk # 10 Can Foods

Another way to stock your emergency food is to avail of Bulk #10 Can help Foods seven times bigger than the average food servings. Check out the items below:

Butter Powder Mix

Butter brings flavor to our favorite dishes and makes them unique. This butter powder mix can be dissolved in hot water and create butter in an instant!

It has a 10-year shelf-life when unopened and a 1-year shelf-life when opened. To prepare this, open the Mylar pouch, bring water to a boil, add the butter powder, simmer for five minutes, and refrigerate for 30 minutes.

Butter can be added on several menus may it be breakfast, lunch, dinner, and snacks.

Liberty Bell Cheddar Potato Soup

If you are looking for a soup meal, you should try the Liberty Bell Cheddar Potato Soup. You just need to add water to it and serve it on any meal.

It is available in 35 servings, and it is ideal for off-grid use. This soup is gluten-free, and it contains cheddar cheese, modified food starch, potato slices, whey, blue cheese, chopped onions, sweet dairy, and other healthy and nutritious ingredients.

Mega #10 Can Food Pack

The Mega #10 Can Food Pack is best for preparing your whole family for emergencies, traveling outdoors, or bartering food items in times of crisis. The Can Food Pack includes the following:
  • Blueberry Muffin Mix-40 servings
  • Blue Ribbon Creamy Chicken Rice-24 servings
  • Buttermilk Pancakes-21 servings
  • Cheesy Broccoli and Rice Soup-24 servings
  • Chocolate Pudding Mix-24 servings
  • Granny's Homestyle Potato Soup-32 servings
  • Heartland's Best Mashed Potatoes-32 servings
  • Instant White Rice-47 servings
  • Orange Energy Drink Mix-63 servings
  • Settler's Whey Powdered Milk-93 servings
  • Traveler's Stew-22 servings
  • Quick Rolled Oats-22 servings
Here are the other Bulk #10 Can sell Food products that you can try now:
  • Summer's Best Corn Chowder (28 servings)
  • Independence Hall Chicken Noodle Soup (20 servings)
  • Black Bean Burger (38 servings)
  • Strawberry Fields Cream of Wheat (47 servings)
  • Honey Powder (340 servings)
  • Sweetly Coated Banana Chips (33 servings)
  • Honey Wheat Bread Mix (48 servings)

Nowadays, it is becoming more essential to become prepared. With climate change, artificial, and natural disasters, having an emergency kit with food and other materials will help you survive.

There are many forms of disasters like earthquakes, fires, tornadoes, blizzards, and hurricanes. Any of these accidents may leave you without any food source for a short or long period.

One of the best ways to prevent this catastrophe is through the storage of food at home. Here are some tips on how to maximize your food storage techniques:

How to Choose the Best Emergency Food

Many emergency foods are simple and only require water, even without the need to heat them. If you plan to buy individually, you can create a gourmet pantry.

As such, you can have a various range of meals to prepare. Examples of this are powdered eggs, honey, flour, spices, and others.

Apart from emergencies, these foods are great for trips. This is true if your kitchen is serving large crowds. There are two types of long-term storage food.

These are freeze-dried and dehydrated foods. The freeze-dried products taste better and have longer shelf life than dry foods.

Meanwhile, dehydrated foods have a better texture compared with freeze-dried foods. Opt for foods that are stored in Mylar bags or pouches, such as My Patriot Supply.

It protects the food from oxygen exposure, and it has a longer shelf life. You may think that the prices are a little higher, but you will think twice when calculating the individual meal.

If you have never heard of or tried the brand, you can check the website for free samples, such as the My Patriot Pantry Supply.

Some companies offer this or individual meals at an affordable price. This is indeed a great option before committing yourself to larger orders.

Tips for Food Storage

You will probably die before you consume your Food Storage or Vice Versa

When buying survival or emergency food, remember that you might probably die before you eat it or vice versa.

The product you are buying has a shelf life of around 20 to 25 years. If you invest thousands of dollars in this product, it will be disposed of as garbage if not consumed.

Be Skeptical of Servings

Apart from the quality, one of the challenges in emergency foods is their servings. The serving amount is subjective, and it differs per company.

The food producers are playing hard with their portion size since they control the packaging and marketing. The same is also true with long-term food manufacturers.

Check the Company

If you haven't heard about the company, then there could be a reason for it. Today, there are only a few actual freeze-dried or dehydrated food producers.

The rest are companies that simply white label their brand names by mass dehydrating their food.

These companies are not food companies, but they market theirs as such. They buy their products from the cheapest suppliers and assemble them in Mylar bags.

They usually don't care about the quality of their products. It is best to do some research on who produces the food you are buying.

Indeed, this is still a significant challenge to the system, which needs the attention of the authorities.

Compare the Calories

Calories in food do not lie, but some marketers do. Do not opt for products that do not list the total calories for each package. If there are not enough calories of long-term food storage for the family, you better skip it.

Some of the food packages as advertised contain 400 calories for each serving.

However, the majority of the calories are from desserts and drinks with sugar or fillers. These cheap fillers like butter and shortening will not sustain the members of the family during emergencies.

As such, it is best to opt for calories from actual food. This is nutritious and filled with natural calories.

TVP is not similar to Meat

Some suppliers make their entrees to be vegetarian to make them look attractive to wider consumers.

Then, they offer the freeze-dried meats separately as add-ons to supplement these vegan food entrees.

To make these vegan entrees have the same texture as the real Meat, they use the TVPs or textured vegetable proteins.

The TVPs cost is lesser than the real Meat. However, the nutrients are not the same as the real Meat.

#10 Cans versus the Mylar Pouches or Bags

One of the biggest issues in emergency food packaging is using #10 cans or the Mylar bags inside the buckets.

The difference is that, after 30 years, the food in the Mylar bags can be out of date by five years. If you have no choice but to eat the expired stock, you will wish to have the #10 cans instead.

Meanwhile, if you are into a bug-out situation, you will wish to use the buckets instead. This is for the fact that the buckets can be carried out and stacked easily. The buckets can be stacked vertically versus horizontally.

As such, it can consume the ceiling space more than the real estate. You can also use the buckets to stock water and other essentials.

But if you are not into outdoor activities, you can have the #10 cans.

Final Words: Pros and Cons of Using the Patriot Pantry Food Items

Indeed, the Patriot Panty items have good flavor and a wide variety of menus which people of all ages (even the kids) would surely love to eat!

It is made of natural and nutritious ingredients that will fill your body and your tummy with nutrients. Second, the food items are easy to prepare, and it doesn't require extensive cooking.

You just need to add water to it and eat it directly. Third, it has a shelf-life of 25 years when unopened and 1-year when opened.

With this, you can get the best deal from your money and store the supply at your home for a long time.

Lastly, Patriot Pantry is proudly made in the United States. Thus, you are assured that it is high-quality. In addition, the packaging is informative, air-tight, and secure. On the other hand, there are some cons to using the Patriot Pantry.

Like all other emergency foods, the food items include a filler and may sometimes incorporate tiny remnants of fruits, vegetables, or Meat. Second, if you cook the product in the pan, it might get sticky, and it can cause burning.

It requires constant attention when you wish to cook it, which defeats the purpose of instant and easy food preparation during emergencies.

Overall, the Patriot Pantry items are a must-try emergency food for you and your family!

Gradually start to fill your pantry now with food and drinks, so you'll be ready when disaster comes!

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